The Best Places In Gurgaon To Experience Its Nightlife

The Best Places In Gurgaon To Experience Its Nightlife

With our circadian rhythms working differently due to changed working hours in our professional lives, the nightlife culture in India is now a huge rage! After the lights go out at the offices, these hard-working, mostly young professionals do not give in to the tiredness of the day. They head straight to the clubs, pubs, lounges, and nightclubs that keep their doors open to guests till dawn! There are always surprises to be expected and it is only after sundown that the true nightlife of a city truly shows. Gurgaon, the hub of young IT professionals from all over the country who are acing their professional careers, is rapidly becoming the king of nightlife destinations in the whole country, competing with Mumbai.

Gurgaon is that place which, even though it isn’t geographically a part of Delhi, has become a very crucial part of its nightlife. People travel from Delhi to Gurgaon all the time because of the very cool and amazing new places that have opened their doors to guests in Gurgaon. There is no end of the number of opportunities you can explore if you are visiting Gurgaon for a night out, a party, or even a good meal. However, if you’re a newbie, this list of some of Gurgaon’s best party places will get you going in the right direction.

1. Soi 7 Pub and Brewery, DLF Cyber City

Right in the heart of the bustling Cyber City lies the much happening and in-demand microbrewery-cum-bar, Soi 7 Pub and Brewery. Soi 7 is known for its beer which can easily give even the best international beers a run for their money. The crowd that comes here ranges from both newbies to local residents of Gurgaon. After the endless hustling of the week, Soi 7 is the perfect space for every youngster to catch up with their friends and enjoy a tall glass of freshly-brewed beer. The wide range of cuisines which include Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Asian, Pizza cuisines adds a lot of variety in their menu. The rooftop seating facility, A quality drinks, and live sports drinking make it one of the best nightlife destinations in Gurgaon that you must try out!

2. Big Boyz Lounge Air Bar, Sector 29

Unarguably one of the top-rated nightlife destinations that Gurgaon has on offer, this place has single-handedly upped the ante. With posh interiors and a vibe that makes chilling with your friends over a glass of your favourite drink super awesome. The rooftop seating facility doubles the awesomeness of this place. Big Boyz Lounge has everything on offer that the youth of Gurgaon wants to enjoy their after-work hours. That includes live music and a dance floor, completing the party experience here. They offer a wide variety of top-notch drinks that are not exclusive but also exquisite. To go with your drinks are cuisines from all over the world which include continental, North Indian, Chinese, and Italian.

3. Vapour Bar exchange, Sector 29

vapour bar exchange

Another bar which has aced the nightlife game is Vapour Bar Exchange at Sector 29. This is one of the finest outdoor seating bars in Gurgaon which have some of the most amazing drinks on offer which includes both the conventional and the unconventional. This microbrewery offers freshly-brewed beer which you can enjoy with your gang of friends while you chill and relax with them in the outdoor seating area. The Continental, Finger Food, Chinese, North Indian cuisines are a delight to every foodie who visits Vapour Bar Exchange and is forced to come back again for this unique and fun experience.

4. Prankster, Sector 29

If you want to ease your way into the partying scene of Gurgaon, we suggest you give Prankster a shot. It’s calm ambience and dainty decor will prove to be the perfect start to your nightlife journey in Gurgaon. The place has a very picturesque setting. Its service is at par with its decor with courteous and friendly staff. This microbrewery only allows guests aged above 18. The outdoor seating area here is the perfect place to enjoy your drinks and food in your company of friends or even your partner. Enjoy cuisines that range from Modern Indian to traditional North Indian. To go with it are sumptuous freshly-brewed beers which are a signature of this place. Besides, there is quite a variety of other drinks as well.

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5. Ministry of Beer, Sector 29

It is impossible to not mention Ministry of Beer when one is talking about pubs and bars in Gurgaon. This place has been a constant hit amongst youngsters who like to have their privacy while partying and enjoy a relatively quiet ambience. The place is beautifully lit and decorated and instantly sets you in the mood to chill and get rid of all the work stress. The live music and the private dining area available here highlight the fact that Ministry of Beer gives primary importance to the vibe of the place and the needs of its guests as well. When you don’t want to be intervened while enjoying your meal, opt for the private dining area. Like many other outstanding party places in Gurgaon, Ministry of Beer also offers an outdoor seating area where you can enjoy Continental, Italian, North Indian, Seafood delicacies under the stars.

6. Downtown – Diners & Living Beer Cafe, Sector 29

There is no end to the number of opportunities that Gurgaon offers when it comes to nightlife. Downtown – Diners & Living Beer Cafe is a case in point. This microbrewery not only offers some of the best freshly-brewed beers in Gurgaon but also offer global cuisines which are an absolute necessity when you party out. There is a rooftop seating area where you can chill with your friends or all by yourself and still have a gala time. They offer cuisines like North Indian, Chinese, Italian, Continental which can be enjoyed with their signature drinks. The whole place is a party lover’s paradise and is designed to be so. One look at this pub and you’ll know what we are talking about -warmly lit with minimal yet highly impressive decor make for the amazing ambience of this place.

7. Boombox Brewstreet, Sector 29

Even if you are a newbie in Gurgaon, it is possible that you have already heard of this place. After all, it is one of the most bustling nightlife destinations in Gurgaon which caters to hundreds of youngsters every day who throng this place looking for a good time post-work. After all, what Boombox Brewstreet offers is a deadly combination that every individual will absolutely love. They offer a wide variety of cuisines which include North Indian, Italian, Chinese, American that are absolute favourites of the innumerable foodies who visit this place. Their drinks are top-notch and offer refreshment in a glass. The live sports screening facility here definitely ups the ante and makes it an even more inviting nightlife destination that you must experience in Gurgaon.

8. Raasta, DLF Cyber City

Raasta at DLF Cyber City is every party lover’s heaven, no matter if you are new to Gurgaon or not. This place has a lot of facilities on offer which makes it a must-visit place for every person who wants to experience the nightlife of Gurgaon in its full glory. They not only have a fantastic outdoor seating facility but also live entertainment and live music. The cuisines offered here include Continental, Italian, and Salad and they also offer Keto options for those who are watching their weight. As for the drinks, there is no end to the number and the variety of drinks that you can enjoy here. The live entertainment and karaoke are like two added cherries on the cake.

9. I-Kandy, Le Meridien, MG Road

I-Kandy at Le Meridien is one of the poshest nightlife destinations which has perfected the art of catering to youngsters who seek nothing but great drinks, equally great food, and the best time. After the office hours, youngsters throng this place with their colleagues and friends to reap the facilities that I-Kandy offers. This 4-star Lounge is not your run-of-the-mill party place. The sophistication and luxury of this place speak for itself in volumes. There is an outdoor seating area as well where guests can enjoy their drinks and food which are, again, world-class, They offer quite a variety of finger food to complement the drinks from the full bar. The live music heightens the lavish experience of I-Kandy.

10. STORY Club and Lounge, The Westin, Sector 29

Yet another high-end lounge and club that the youngsters of Gurgaon can’t seem to get enough of is STORY Club and Lounge at Westin Gurgaon. The first thing that strikes you about this place is there ornate decor and the innovative lighting. The energy here is very positive and absolutely calming. There is a rooftop seating area for everyone who likes to enjoy their drinks under the stars. You can enjoy the company of your friends in this soothing ambience while enjoying the live music in the background. They have a variety of finger food options on offer which is hand-picked to complement the exquisite drinks from their full bar. You have to visit STORY Club and Lounge in order to truly know what this place has on offer for everyone who wishes to witness Gurgaon’s nightlife.

This list features a limited number of party destinations in Gurgaon which you need to keep on your list for whenever you wish to party. However, in order to explore the vast plethora of party places that Gurgaon has on offer, Sloshout can be your saviour. It has all the best of the best party destinations listed along with all the necessary information that you will need before zeroing in on a place. So, go ahead and put your party shoes on and get ready to experience the Gurgaon nightlife. This list features a limited number of party destinations in Gurgaon which you need to keep on your list for whenever you wish to party. However, in order to explore the vast plethora of party places that Gurgaon has on offer, Sloshout can be your saviour. It has all the best of the best party destinations listed along with all the necessary information that you will need before zeroing in on a place. So, go ahead and put your party shoes on and get ready to experience the Gurgaon nightlife.