Best Birthday Celebration Places in Noida

Best Birthday Celebration Places in Noida

Do you want to throw a grand party on your birthday this year? Have you been looking for happening birthday party places in Noida? You can see the best birthday celebration places in Noida

Has the thought of expenses bothered you way too much to plan your birthday party with your friends?

Gone are the days when you had to wait until your next paycheque to celebrate your birthday. There are quite a few places to celebrate birthday in Noida where you can have a budget birthday party in Noida.

Among all the party venues in Delhi NCR, Noida fares well. There are many small birthday party venues in Noida as well as budget birthday party places.

Thus you don’t have to travel to faraway places to have a memorable birthday with your people. You are just a click away from booking one of the best birthday celebration places in Noida.

Places to Celebrate Birthday in Noida

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If you are wondering about where to party in Noida, we are listing below a few birthday celebration venues in Noida for your convenience:

1. Cheenos, Sector 18: Top Birthday Celebration Places in Noida

Are you a big fan of Italian cuisine? Then why not dive into Italian delicacies on your birthday itself? Treat yourself and your guests to sumptuous delicacies from the Italian and the American cuisines on your birthday at Cheenos.

Cheenos gathers its popularity from its engrossing experience. As a result, the lounge remains jam-packed for almost all the days of the week. Cheenos is widely acclaimed for its engrossing and groovy ambiance.

For instance, the lounge has wooden interiors that make the lounge a den for live musicians. This is because the acoustics are well-balanced inside Cheenos, thus giving a rich timbre to the live sounds of the artists.

Because the venue remains open till 1 AM, Cheenos is also a nightlife den in Noida. This is what makes Cheenos one of the ideal birthday celebration venues in Noida.

The venue also has a dedicated bar to churn out one exotic drink after the other. So, the party in the right ‘spirits’ with your friends on your birthday. Imagine partying your heart out with your gang while chugging on your favorite drink and listening to live melodies! Sounds absolutely surreal, right? You too can have this experience on your birthday. Pre-book Cheenos, Sector 18 today for a surreal birthday party.

2. Jokers, Sector 38:

Situated at FB 103, Ground Floor, Gardens Galleria, Sector 38, Jokers is a foodie’s delight. Whether you like pasta, desserts or even soups, Jokers will not let you down.

The venue serves a plethora of dishes which will leave your guests asking for more. The dishes from Italian, North Indian, Chinese and Continental cuisines will be served on a platter. These are not all. Jokers serve a hearty portion of momos too to your guests.

The delicacies just do not stop at these dishes. You can charm your guests with a range of vodkas, gins, tequilas, beers, wines and quirky cocktails.

Thus if you want to have a cocktail party in Noida for your birthday, choose Jokers. Furthermore, Jokers doesn’t let you stop just at food. The in-house DJ and the dance floor of this lounge are extremely popular among the party lovers in the NCR.

Additionally, the inside space of the lounge is brightly lit up with neon lights and has a luxurious seating arrangement.

Additionally, the venue has a rooftop seating arrangement too if you want to party under the open sky. So, dance your heart out with your guests with air on your hair and make a memorable night out of your birthday.

3. Noida Bar Exchange, Sector 18:

Do you want to keep your glasses full at your birthday party? Has the thought of partying in a bar in Noida been hovering in your head for a while? If that is the case, then there is no other place than Noida Bar Exchange. Though Noida has no dearth of party venues this bar is one of the best birthday party venues in Noida.

The venue serves a slew of North Indian and Italian dishes and has a full bar.

You can thus treat your guests the right way at Noida Bar Exchange. Since the venue is open till midnight, Noida Bar Exchange is a hideout for nightlife lovers.

The mindblowing live music of the venue has just the right amount of charm to lure your guests in immediately. Noida Bar Exchange features the best live artists from the country.

Imagine swaying to the trippy tunes of the musicians while you sing along with your loved ones.

The walls of the bar are decked up with quirky wall art and are well complemented with the bright lights. The attractions don’t just stop there.

The bar has a dedicated area to play games such as arcade games and VR games. All of these fun elements combine together to give an engrossing ambiance to the Noida Bar Exchange.

4. Sparkle Restro-Bar, Greater Noida

Located in Jagat Farm, Gamma 1, Greater Noida, Sparkle Restro-Bar packs a punch. This is one of the best birthday celebration places in Greater Noida.

Since the venue offers a ton of amenities in a budget, Sparkle Restro-Bar is the most dependable option for birthday parties on a tight budget.

Sparkle Restro Bar  - Skyhouse Sector 32 - Birthday Celebration Places in Noida
Sparkle Restro Bar – Skyhouse Sector 32 – Birthday Celebration Places in Noida

The venue has a luxurious seating arrangement with warm, wooden décor thus giving your party a cozy feel. It is brightly lit and the interior of the venue is amply spacious.

The interior decoration is kept simple and minimal so that the venue can be adorned according to the party’s theme. Sparkle Restro-Bar serves a number of North Indian and Chinese dishes along with truckloads of exotic drinks. Thus cocktail parties in a budget are now a raging reality. The live entertainment amenities in the venue are also an added attraction in the venue.

Furthermore, there are big and wide screens to keep your guests entertained by broadcasting live matches on the screens. There is a provision of watching live band music too in Sparkle Resto-Bar.

You just need to place your bookings early to give us ample time to organize a grand live show.

However, if you want to go on full throttle mode at your birthday party, there is an in-house DJ too. Thus shake a leg with your buddies and go live on Facebook and Instagram on your birthday this time. Show the world how you can party king size without burning a hole in your pocket.

So, have a gala time with your gang in one of the coolest places to celebrate birthday in Greater Noida.

5. SkyHouse, Sector 31:

Do you want to throw a trippy and a moody birthday party? How about having the company of the full moon or the sky full of stars at your party? As much poetic as it sounds, the SkyHouse is definitely one of the best bday celebration places in Noida.

The lounge has a rooftop seating area that is adorned with warm fairy lights, lamps, and plants. As a result, the venue gives a cozy ambiance even in the open space.

The birthday party places in Noida as you can see are best to go ahead to book an awesome party.

As is suggested by the name, the best attraction of the SkyHouse is its ceiling. Additionally, the interior seating arrangement is as dazzling as the rooftop area. The ceiling of the bar is decked up with a diligent network of warm lights. As a result, the place exudes an enchanting enigma while coupled with the ceiling lights.

The ceiling lights are nothing short of captivating as well. A diligent network of lights not only embellish the ceiling but light up the whole interior space.

Thus party with the view of the night sky and the city at the Skyhouse, Sector 31. The perks of partying at one of the premier birthday party places in Noida don’t just stop at these.

Skyhouse Sector 32 - Birthday Celebration Places in Noida
Skyhouse Sector 32 – Birthday Celebration Places in Noida

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The venue serves a multitude of dishes from North Indian, Chinese, Mughlai and Continental cuisines.

And if you happen to be a health-conscious person, you need not lose all your discipline on your birthday.

To clarify, the SkyHouse serves a plethora of healthy food dishes too.

The dedicated bar has all kinds of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages stacked up at all hours of the day. Thus party non-stop at the SkyHouse on your birthday to make a bagful of memories with your close ones.

The list of birthday celebration venues in Noida doesn’t just stop at the above 5 venues.

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Yes, by paying us just an advanced payment of 15% of the total sum, you can throw a grand birthday party in Noida. You can pay the rest of the amount later at your own pace.

There is nothing like partying with your loved ones without carrying around the worry of expenses.

To conclude, Sloshout has made planning parties this easy and affordable!

Therefore, get in touch with one of us today to plan your birthday party right away. So, partner with Sloshout and plan a rocking birthday party with your friends to be the subject of envy for many.