Destination wedding venues in Delhi NCR

Destination Wedding Venues in Delhi NCR

Destination Wedding Venues in Delhi NCR

Weddings are without a doubt one of the most important days of anyone’s lives. It is the day when not only the couple but also their parents and families wait for their entire lives. This day makes the grownups realize that their children are now adults and that they are all set to start their new lives.

It is, therefore, a very emotional yet happy day where two people venture into new lives with their significant others. It is the occasion in which two loved souls unite to each other to promise to love and be with each other for the rest of their lives. It is one of those special days when the couple deserves all the attention of the world.

Hence, wedding preparations are important not only to follow the customary traditions but also to enhance how the couple feels on this special day. Here, at Sloshout, we present to you a textual episode of the best Destination wedding venues in Delhi NCR.

Best Wedding Venues in Delhi NCR

Wedding preparations are something that starts way ahead from the actual day of the wedding. It is a common tradition that families save up small ideas and thoughts from a long time before the wedding and in some cases from an early age.

This only shows how excited and hopeful they are for their children’s weddings. Weddings are thus, not just any other occasion but a day where the culmination of age-old wishes and ideas come into play.

Amongst all other wedding preparations that you have been possibly working for months, venues are the most important. Venues might appear to be a very easy decision but the truth is, a number of things depend on it.

One might think that it is just another banquet hall or a lawn, it is not. We know how you might have considered every little décor detail for your wedding.

But it is really important for you to also consider the compatibility of your moods and preferences to the venue. Venue acts as the blank canvas on which you can paint in your desirable style.

But it is also important for you to understand that the true essence of your designs only magnify when they come across the venue. It is important to look into the location, amenities and other necessities before finalizing.


Marriage Halls in Delhi

Delhi, the national capital of India is a type of place that has over the years successfully redefined the meaning of occasions. Events like weddings, engagements, and parties are something that every Delhiite looks forward to.

These occasions not only make them super excited but they also believe in partying in style. Delhiites, all over the world, are reputed to be very vibrant and colorful. They keep no stone unturned when it comes to partying and make all the wishes and demands come true.

This gives them a lot of scopes to make the party grand and also make the couple feel special. It is their wedding day; the couple ought to feel cared for. They deserve a happy, hassle-free time where they can finally concentrate on themselves.

They should be getting the opportunity to focus on that particular important day that they are going to cherish for the rest of their lives. Couples or the bride and groom to be deserve nothing less than a dream wedding that they had always hoped for.

This is not only to mark this important day but also to show how in the end, love wins.

How many times has it been that you have drooled over a destination wedding ceremony in a movie? How many times has it been that you have wanted yourself and your partner in the place of the actors? And has it ever occurred to you that you too can have a dreamy destination wedding?

Wedding occasions taking place in a banquet in your city sure is convenient. But special ceremonies like weddings should not just be to be just convenient.

Wedding Venues

Wedding venues should be to be beautiful along with all the essentials that one can possibly need.

Delhi is a great location for organizing a destination wedding. The beautiful locations and the varied choices make it a great option for special occasions like these.

Apart from the great choices, with the very entrance into the union territory, you have got to feel a change in your attitude.

The streets, the people and the very vibe make you want to fall in love with the place. Consequently, the national capital lends you an energetic and vibrant mood so that you too can have a great time there.

The vigor and the spirit of this place are almost contagious which will, in turn, make you want to celebrate like a true Delhite.

We know how picking the right venue matters. We also know how difficult and tedious the job can be.

So don’t worry, we have got you covered. We did our detailed research and found some of the best Destination wedding venues in Delhi NCR.

These venues are not only convenient with their list of amenities but also beautiful. So stop worrying, and scroll on:

Jaypee Green Golf and Spa Resort

You know how Indians are associated with using a common phrase when it comes to festivities and celebration. The phrase, “big fat Indian Wedding” is sometimes taken into consideration to be a myth but on most occasions, it is the truth. Indians, in general, like to have their parties big and their celebrations even bigger. And if the occasion includes a wedding in the family, the sky becomes the only limit.

Therefore, not inviting the whole family is often considered to be disrespectful and demeaning. Jaypee Green Golf and Spa Resort is one such wedding venue in Delhi NCR that is perfect for such occasions. This 5-star wedding venue in Delhi NCR is spread across an area as huge as 2430 sq meters.

The wedding venue has the capability to host an event that has a guest list of almost 20000 people and space can have 170 rooms to accommodate guests. The place is therefore vast and that is not just what it is about. The place is gorgeous with its beautiful setting, green lawn, and the magnificent architecture.

The lush green golf course at this site is India’s first 18 holes Championship golf course that was designed by the very famous Greg Norman. The place is therefore perfect for various events like corporate events, bachelor parties, and weddings which make it one of the most sought after venues in Delhi.

Jaypee Green Golf and Spa Resort
Jaypee Green Golf and Spa Resort

The Atrio

If your idea of a wedding does not involve a lot of loud noises and clamor, this wedding venue in Delhi NCR is definitely the place for you. It is situated at the Gurgaon and Delhi border and therefore it is located at a site that is away from the main city. This allows you to be a part of a getaway and celebrate the occasion.

This not only gives you the opportunity to get away from the city crowd but also to spend a wonderful and peaceful time. Wedding preparations can get difficult. It does not matter how early you had started planning and if everything is just perfect, there are times when you just need to relax. This wedding venue is just for that purpose.

They have a beautiful outdoorsy pool area, glamorous banquet halls and lush green lawns that will make this venue perfect. Space is great for a destination wedding in Delhi NCR. It not only provides you with exquisite locations for the ceremony but adds a vacation vibe to it. If that was not enough, the place is also one of the most affordable destination wedding venues in Delhi NCR.

So if you are looking for budget wedding venues in Delhi NCR and also do not want to compromise on the quality of service, this is the best choice. So go ahead, stop contemplating and book the destination wedding venue today!

The Atrio
The Atrio

The woods

Marriages are one of the most special days of our lives. It is therefore important to not only make this about the bride and the groom but also to make them feel really special. Instead of concentrating on the guest list and the number of activities on the occasion, it is important to focus on the couple. The wedding preparations can get so overwhelming that it usually tires the couple at the end of the day.

This wedding venue, The Woods takes just this into consideration to make the day a lot about the couple. The place is easily accessible because of its location at an important part of the city. But the more important thing is that it acts as an oasis to the couple. This wedding venue in Delhi NCR has the potential to transport the couple and their guests to a beautiful space.

The sports and leisure area and the open-air and tavern-style banquets make this place stand out from the rest of the wedding venues. Just because the place has an earthy ambiance and a rustic vibe, does not mean that it lacks in amenities. Space is a beautiful combination of modernity and vintage that blends with the mood of the celebration perfectly.

The place also happens to be one of the best budget-friendly wedding venues in Delhi NCR. It provides you with a great experience in celebrating your wedding day without burning a hole in your pocket. To opt for this beautiful location, you can book a wedding venue online by heading over to the Sloshout website.

The Woods
The Woods

Wedding Venues in Delhi NCR

Four Points by Sheraton: If the kind of wedding celebration that you always hoped to include a lot of glamour to it; this wedding venue is just the right place for you. This destination wedding venue in Delhi NCR is one of the most exquisite places in Delhi to organize your wedding. It is not only beautiful but excels in all the necessary amenities that you can possibly wish for. The staff and the management take every small demand of yours into consideration to make everything perfect. They keep no stones unturned to provide you with an experience that will cater to your mood and preferences.

They are ready to go that extra mile in order to provided maximum satisfaction to their customers. The beautiful lawns, the great accommodation, and the brilliant service make this wedding venue in Delhi absolutely perfect.

The place is a dream come true for any bride and groom who always wanted to have a dreamy wedding. The place is homely yet sophisticated; it is rustic yet modern and therefore checks all the boxes that define perfection.

If we consider all the services that this wedding venue provides, the place is quite an affordable wedding venue in Delhi NCR. 

To book a wedding venue online, you can visit the Sloshout website where you can find all other details that you might need.

Maidens Hotel

Maidens Hotel in Delhi has been one of the most famous wedding venues in Delhi NCR. If there has been a time when you really dreamt of a royal wedding, this is your chance. Maiden hotel in Delhi will give you the opportunity to turn your dreams into reality.

The beautiful European architecture, the driveway, and the grand façade make it impossible for you to resist this place. Everything about this wedding venue is exquisite and glamorous with a touch of history.

This destination wedding venue in Delhi NCR has the potential to transport you to the 1900s and give a taste of a regal time. The place has been experts in hospitality in 1903 and it was a heritage hotel since 1994.

The wedding venue is, therefore, one of the most beautiful wedding venues in Delhi NCR. It is not just perfect to organize a wedding ceremony but it adds the cultural and princely charm to it. The place is majestic and can, therefore, turn any usual wedding ceremony to a grand affair.

To book the destination wedding venue online, head over to the Sloshout website to make your bookings now!

Maidens Hotel Wedding Venues in Delhi NCR
Maidens Hotel Wedding Venues in Delhi NCR

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