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List of Party Halls in Connaught Place

Check out the list of small party halls in Connaught place online at top-notch cost below:

Ardor 2.1 Connaught Place


Very Good

Ardor 2.1

Connaught Place, Delhi

Non-Alcoholic Package
Hotel The Royal Plaza Connaught Place


Very Good

Emarald Hotel Connaught Place



Emarald Hotel

Connaught Place, Delhi

Hotel Aagami Connaught Place



Hotel Aagami

Connaught Place, Delhi

Get Your Venue Connaught Place


Very Good

NM Centre Connaught Place


Very Good

NM Centre

Connaught Place, Delhi

The Metropolitan Hotel and Spa Connaught Place


Very Good

The Hans Connaught Place


Very Good

The Hans

Connaught Place, Delhi

Shangri-La's - Eros Connaught Place


Very Good

The Park Hotel Connaught Place


Very Good


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Party halls in Connaught Place - Book at 80% off Now

Are you looking for a great place to party in Delhi? Is the party that you are aiming to host includes a small number of guests? If there was something that you could relate yourself asking to in the previous two questions, you have definitely come to the right place.


If you have been a resident of Delhi and have not really explored the options of partying here, you are not really experiencing Delhi in its whole. When it comes to organizing parties or being a part of a party, there is the rest of the country and then there is Delhi.


Parties might have a definition that is recognized all throughout the world but when it comes to defining parties in Delhi, the definition somehow gets broken down only to get revamped. Delhi takes full responsibility for altering the concept of parties in the best manner possible. Thus, it is entirely credible that partying in Delhi is precisely very different from partying in the rest of the world.


The kind of aura and ambiance that Delhi and its people create for party goers is something that stands out and makes it extremely noticeable. People of Delhi or as the world likes to call them, Delhiites, are one of the most fun group of people you can ever come across.


Parties, for them, do not really have to come with a reason for celebration. They believe in celebrating every small celebration in the grandest manner possible and have the real capability to turn even a casual event into an incredible one.


There are various party places in Delhi that are great for all kinds of parties and functions. There are major and highly popular areas in Delhi that concentrate majorly on party venues. There is, however, a new addition to the realm of the party world and it has greatly influenced how Delhi's partying and entertainment sector works. This new addition is the onset of party halls.


Party halls are small party venues that can cater to a small number of guests. These venues are very similar to that of banquet halls but they are only smaller in size and consequently, the price range for these small places for small parties is also less. Other than the factor of size and price, these party halls are pretty much the same.


Just because these party halls are economical, does not mean that they are not well equipped with crucial facilities. These party halls come in different shapes and sizes with beautiful interior decor, amazing catering services, and great feasibility. 


In Delhi, the best place to have an awesome small party is Connaught Place. Connaught Place in Delhi does not really need a new introduction. It is without a doubt one of the most important and popular places in the entire country. Connaught place is a great party place and people all over Delhi look forward to fulfilling all their party goals here.


But the reason that makes Connaught place so very popular amongst the crowd goes back to take a peek at this place's history. For decades, this party place with a notable Georgian architecture has been the largest financial, commercial and social structure of the country. Right from the days of British Rule, Connaught place has continued to be one of the most important parts of the National Capital Region.


There are several small party halls in Connaught Place that are great for occasions like birthday parties, Roka and Engagement ceremonies, and even Anniversary parties. To find the best party hall in Connaught Place that goes with your taste and idea of partying, scroll down to read about more such wonderful small party places in Delhi.


1. 38 Barracks:

This party hall for small parties in Connaught Place Delhi is the appropriate party venue for a family to get together. They have the perfect ambiance for hosting a beautiful ceremony where the atmosphere is filled with all the positive vibes. The interior decoration of this place comes with a very comfortable seating area.

 The seating arrangement of this party hall in CP is organized in such a way that it gives you the opportunity to be in close proximity to your loved ones and allows you to have. a great time as a group. The place can accommodate a maximum of 24 people and therefore focuses on private and small parties.

 2.  The Breakfree Bar:

This party hall in Connaught Place for small parties is one of the most highly rated joints for small parties in Delhi. The warm comfortable lights, the wooden furnishings, and the vintage vibe make this place filled with a lot of warmth and tenderness. This is the kind of small party place in Connaught Place where you can relax and hang out for a long period of time over some great food and drinks. Party halls in Delhi are aesthetic and reliable.

Thus, The Breakfree Bar is the most relaxing party hall in Connaught place where you can unwind and indulge in some great conversations with your dear ones. The place can hold up to 60 people at a time and it is, therefore, perfect for small occasions.

3.  Tafree Cafe:

Are you someone who wants to experience the traditional definition of exciting parties but only with the people that are extremely close to you? Clubs and pubs are such places where you can enjoy some great food and drinks and have a gala time with your friends. But these places also come with a strange crowd.

However, Tafree Cafe gives you the opportunity to experience the vibrant ambiance of a club in the company of your favorite people. The place is extremely beautiful and quirky with psychedelic lights, a wonderful well-stocked bar, and an extraordinary vibe that will keep you excited all through the night.

So, do not contemplate any further and set your dates with this incredible party hall in central Delhi to have one of the best times of your lives.

 Those were some of the best and most popular choices for party halls in Connaught Place Delhi that you should definitely consider. To find more such wonder venues for small parties in Connaught Place, visit the Sloshout website and book your venue today to get awesome deals and offers.

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