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Top Kitty Party Places in Mumbai

Kitty parties have picked up steam in the Indian households. It was actually a concept brought over by the west, especially Britain, when it colonised India. Now, kitty parties have taken a different, Indian twist. The word ‘kitty’ refers to the amount of money that each member of the group has saved. The amount is then collected together, and a party is organized by one particular member of the group. Everything, from the venue to the food and drinks, are organized by that one member. Kitty parties had a reputation in the past for being an excuse to gossip. However, that notion has been changed, with the members of the group now discussing business opportunities, current affairs, and the like. If you are a member of a group, and the responsibility to organize a kitty party is on you, then there are a few factors that you have to keep in mind. This includes the theme of the party, and the type of setting that you are going for.

Kitty party venues in Mumbai

Mumbai, as it is moving ahead with the times, has also caught on with the trend of kitty parties. Multiple kitty party places in Mumbai offer specific ladies’ night options, in which the drinks are either very nominally priced or free. With such an advantage, you need to ensure that you think fast and act faster when organising a kitty party for your group. Ladies’ nights often see the venues packed to the brim with kitty party groups. Of course, Mumbai also offers a range of venues for you to choose from. You can choose a place based on your theme, budget, and agenda for discussion. The experts at Sloshout often handpick the best options for your budget and agenda, and would gladly help you. Do contact them for more assistance.

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