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List of Popular Party Venues / Places in Bangalore

Bangalore lies in the southern part of the country in the state of Karnataka. In the last 10-20 years, Bangalore has acquired the title of being the Silicon Valley, being one of the most important IT and startup hubs of the country.


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Party Places in Bangalore / Bengaluru - Top Party Venues / Places in Bangalore / Bengaluru

Every year, thousands and thousands of young graduates flock to the city in search of well-paying jobs and a high standard of living that is inherent to the city. It is known widely for its abundant park, the good weather, bad traffic, and of course, for the official beer republic of India. We have wide range of party places in Bangalore where you can go and enjoy along with your family. Our party venues in Bangalore are awesome and perfect.

It is no big news that Bangalore is every party lover's dream. It is the hub of everything new and trendy in the world of pubs, cafes, discos, and bars. The microbreweries of Bangalore are absolutely unparalleled too! But, how do you find your way to the ones that are truly out-of-the-world and give you a distinguished experience? Simple! Sloshout's super informative list of party venues in Bangalore will get you sorted. Now, be it an evening out or a massive group party with friends and family, everything will have an apt location! And we will help you find it out.

It offers just as many jobs to the youngsters as it offers a variety of beers to beer-lovers. It is hard to look away from the city's ever-emerging party scene which itself attracts people from all over the country. Some people even visit Bangalore just to go bar-hopping or experience its epic nightlife. These are not your run-of-the-mill bars and clubs. There's much more to them that their impressive collection of alcohols, a lucrative menu, amazingly co-operative and welcoming staff, and of course, the unmissable ambiance that is just so inviting. These are the major cultural meeting points of people from all over the country who share excellent ideas over a humble glass of freshly-brewed beer. This is an identity that Bangalore, of all the states in the country, has a monopoly over. It is welcoming, accommodating, but also very surprising.

If and when looking for party places in Bangalore, you'll be spoilt for choice for they are aplenty. from posh rooftop lounges to bars that are absolute youth-magnets, there won't be a dearth of party venues in Bangalore. In fact, you may run out of time exploring even the best of the lot. The ambiance is electric and welcomes everybody without any discrimination. These are also the keyholes through which you can take a peek at the nightlife of Bangalore that is so talked about. But, if you stay late enough, these peepholes turn into doors to step into some of the best and happening nightlife places in Bangalore which can give even the most expensive ones in your city a run for its money. The places are open late into the night and attract the most crowd during the weekends. that is not to say that Bangaloreans go dry on the drinks during the week. For some, it is a ritual to go to their favorite pub for a quick glass of beer to rewind for the day. Sure, Bangalore works hard. But it also knows how to party hard which is evident from the abundant after party venues in Bangalore which offer as great food as drinks and even music. When in Bangalore, don't even miss one night for you never know where the party might take you.


Bangalore is always emerging, growing, and reinventing itself. With newer and bigger companies setting up their offices in the city, more and more people come in every single week occupying posts in those offices. For more people, it is natural that we also need new places in Bangalore which can cater to not just one or two but different sensibilities and preferences of people. some people like to party on the dance floor by letting their hair loose while some people like it low key with some good music playing, a great glass of wine in hand, and the company of only a few of their closest people. If attending a party in Bangalore with your friends, you will know how each and every person from the city is as welcoming as they are said to be. These party places in Bangalore play a dual role in offering the best places for people to cross their paths, exchange ideas, and maybe even develop special relationships. It all needs just one party in Bangalore for a story to take place.


If planning events, you can also find event venues in Bangalore. A city which exemplifies the modern and progressive idea should never run out of places to accommodate the people in the most friendly manner. this is exactly why Bangalore keeps coming up with new and exciting places that the whole nation looks at with reverence for being fun, filled with life, and extremely envy-worthy. But, if you want to experience the nightlife places in Bangalore, all you have to do is simply wish for the same and Sloshout will make it happen.


At Sloshout, we believe that everyone should have access to the best party places which are apt for the kind of party they are looking for. When it comes refreshment and recreation after a long week's hustle at the office, you shouldn't have to compromise even a bit. All you have to do is fill in your requirements at our home page and our team of experts will follow up by sending you a list of the best party places in Bangalore that suit your requirements. After all, just like no two people are the same, why should their party preferences be, right? After that, you can go ahead and choose the one that you like the most and make your reservations accordingly. Bring your friends and colleagues and your dear ones along for a night of epic parties in Bangalore. You can book various party venues or places like house party places in Bangalore or corporate party places in Bangalore area etc.

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