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Have you been planning to throw a grand party for your friends and your family but are clueless about the venue of your next party? Is your judgment clouded by way too many suggestions and recommendation from your friends about the party venues in Pune? Well, you can rest your anxieties to rest as all your searches have led you to the best party booking platform in the entire country


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Top Party Places in Pune, India

Sloshout, has devised an extremely easy approach for people to book venues and plan parties. By associating itself with all the renowned names in the hospitality and entertainment industry, Sloshout has made venue hunting and booking a matter of minutes. No longer are you required to browse through tens of hundreds of websites looking for insightful reviews or to collect information on the venues to find the right places for you to party. Sloshout only merges with the most trustworthy and the best names in the business, thus saving you the time and the effort in the most hectic task of planning a party, that is, hunting down the ideal venue.

You can, therefore, browse through all the empanelled party places in Pune and weigh their pros and cons to decide the one which suits your requirements for the party the best. In case if you are caught up with work and don’t have the time to look through each and every party place in Pune, you need not worry. Our venue experts will then act on your behalf by curating a list of venues which closely agree to your description of the party and your budget. Choosing a venue then becomes a matter of a few seconds as you will then have a quick glance at the handful few and take your final call. The concerned venue manager will then reach out to you shortly after to discuss the event and the arrangement of the party in details with you, following which you are required to make a payment of just 15% of the total party package to reserve the venue and to confirm all your arrangements with us.

When booking a venue is made as easy as abc and this affordableplanning a party is no longer a grave concern or a thing for the affluent people in the city. Sloshout has worked tirelessly all these years to make partying a rave thing among people regardless of their status, class and socio-economic condition and has thus brought an array of party venues in Pune under its name such as lounges, rooftop restaurants, cafés, pubs, clubs, bars, resto-bars, bistros, microbreweries, themed bars and cafés, outdoor party venues, house party venues, farmhouses and other such budget friendly options. At Sloshout, we have consciously maintained amenities and resources for partying for people of all kinds and backgrounds. So, whether you are looking for a nice and cozy party under the starry, moonlit night or are looking for the lively and rocking night out with friends, we have you all covered.

And this is not all. The party places in Pune offer a range of mouth-watering dishes and delectable dishes from cuisines across the globe along with live entertainment amenities, in the likes of live sports screening, live band acts and a residential DJ, which are sure to keep you and your guests entertained and hooked to the party at each and every moment. 
Are you charmed already? Get in touch with one of our executives and learn more about the availability of the venues, the deals and the discounts on offer to plan your dream get-together or party today and have the time of your life with your loved ones.

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