How do I book hotel room for birthday party in Delhi

How do I book a hotel room for a birthday party in Delhi?

Birthdays are always an occasion to look forward to. Now your question arises that how do I book a hotel room for a birthday party in Delhi.

Be it your birthday or that of someone you love. They are exciting and a free pass to make all your wishes come true.

There are people who like to celebrate their birthday with just their family and friends while there are some who take the whole club or pub with them to celebrate their big day. There are many people who thinks about how do I book a birthday party in Delhi?

Be it your 8-year old cousin or niece or your 80-year old grandma or grandpa, birthdays are and should be special for everyone.

If you know someone who is the best party, planner. You should take charge and plan a smashing party for them.

Birthday Party Places

The first step is to start looking for birthday party places in Delhi for the kind of person you are throwing the party for and the budget you are looking at.

In Delhi, there is an abundant number of options to choose from when it comes to planning a party.

Birthday party places in Delhi are spread out all over the city and for someone who might not be from the city, it gets pretty confusing.

To make it easier for you, Sloshout divides them into categories based on their location and the kind of party they are perfect for.

You don’t have to look too far from your home or the address that is the most convenient for you and your party entourage.

Choose only that birthday party venue in Delhi that fits your bill and ticks all the boxes perfectly.

If you are looking for a hotel room for a birthday in Delhi. Then let us tell you that you will be spoilt for choices. As there are many options all over the city.

Hotels that fit all and every budget and requirements. It is not for no reason that Delhi is the party lover’s paradise. From super chic and elegant five star hotels to more budget ones, you can find it all.

Our Objective

At Sloshout, the objective is to bring all these hotels right to your screen. So that you can select the ideal party venue. You can select in just a single swipe of your finger.

After all, planning a birthday party is something that should give joy and the only job. It shouldn’t and doesn’t need to be a hassling affair.

At a time and age when everything is becoming super fast and convenient. Why not book your party venue also has a similar experience?

Everyday people from all over the country come to Delhi either for work and business or for fun or pleasure.

What Sloshout Asks You

Sloshout asks you all the relevant questions regarding the purpose, date, budget, and the number of guests in your party so that we can look for and send you highly customized venue options.

Why upset when you have the experts to help you out? Sloshout acts like your local guide in Delhi when you need to find hidden gems for your birthday party celebrations in the city.

Birthday parties differ for everyone. Starting from their age to the kind of people they are and how they like to spend their birthdays. You can never have an identical birthday party anywhere.

While the celebrations, the cake, and best wishes remain constant. There are a hundred other things that you can experiment with at a birthday party.

You need the party to be in such a venue that allows you all the freedom to practice. What freedom, the freedom of your creativity and make your dream party a stellar reality!

Choosing the right venue is, hence, absolutely important and indispensable.

You might have the perfect birthday party plan. But without the right space wherein you can unfold all the surprises either to the person would matter a lot. For whom you are organizing this party or to your friends for whom you have hosted such a party.

We suggest you choose a place that feels and serves as one that is slightly more private than a nightclub or even a restaurant.

While nightclubs are always ferociously crowded, restaurants also tend to tamper with how you would like the party to run out. This is people are now opting to book hotel rooms for birthday parties in Delhi.

The benefits of that are many-if you book the right hotel, it might seem just like your home, except that this one has more space and more amenities and even more visual oomph.

It feels just like being in your own dining room and that is a fantastic thing to have if you want your party to not just look great but also feel great.

The usual suspects when it comes to some of the best hotel rooms in Delhi for a birthday party are Hilton, Sheraton, Marriott, Taj Palace, The Lalit, The Ashok, etc.

What You Get:

You will find these 5-star hotels spread all over the city and even in NCR if you wish to explore out of Delhi.

If you are a Delhiite, you will already your way around Delhi and can tell which will be the best option for you.

From top-notch services to world-class interiors, a look inside any of these hotels is enough to tell you that you have come to the right place.

The staff is known to be extremely welcoming, patient, and cooperative. This means that you can go ahead and make all the demands that you have for making your birthday party a memorable one.

Starting from efficient room service to an on-point view from the balcony, these hotels will have it all and you can trust that with closed eyes.

If not, you can visit sloshout and go through the 100% authentic information and the real imagery we provide to our clients.

Each venue we list is there because we have speculated and looked into its credibility.

You can trust Sloshout to have nothing but the absolute best birthday party venues in Delhi which includes a well-rounded variety of places for people of all kinds.

However, if you are wondering what the benefits of booking a hotel room for a birthday party in Delhi are, you should keep the following in mind:

  • It gives you much more space and comfort, thanks to the many facilities and amenities kept available to guests in hotel rooms.
  • If you book a suite, you will not only have more space for inviting more guests but also extra special treatment by the hotel staff.
  • Let’s admit it, hotel rooms are one of the best ways that save you a lot of money when you are celebrating your birthday in a different city. Especially in Delhi where you have access to multiple options throughout the city.
  • If you choose the room wisely, you can even have a private balcony and a view to kill for!
  • You can have food and beverages ordered from room service and enjoy a meal inside, dance to music, watch a movie, or simply do as you like. Celebrations have no restrictions!


But all these advantages will only fall on your lap if you book the right hotel room, the right way. At Sloshout, we pride ourselves in having thousands of venues, including banquets, restaurants, night clubs, pubs, bars, cafes, lounges, etc. all in one place so that you can choose what you like. It’s a one-stop solution for all your party venue booking queries.

All you have to do is visit sloshout, and either browse through the venues to find your perfect match or tell us your requirements through a simple form on the home page. The experts’ team at Sloshout will send you a customized list of the party venues that fit your budget and purpose and date of the event the best.

We also offer amazing discounts on large group bookings as well as small scale, private parties. You will also find villas, farmhouses, and other house party places in Delhi that will make you want to start planning a party with your family and friends right away.

Hotel rooms are one of the latest additions as they gain popularity amongst party-loving folks.

You can also book a banquet in Delhi for a birthday party in one of these hotels which has amazing facilities for big parties.

Based on the size and budget of your party, you can pick a banquet that fits your requirements the best.

The added bonus of booking a hotel for a birthday party in Delhi is that you don’t have to find comfortable accommodation for your outstation guests. The hotel takes care of it themselves. You and your guests will not only have a memorable party at the banquet hall but will also be able to go back to your comfy rooms in the hotel itself.

You can also book the hotel via MakeMyTrip, OYO (if you want an OYO room), or the hotel website itself. There are various other websites like Trivago, Goibibo, etc. which also have the provision of booking hotel rooms for birthday parties in Delhi.

Sloshout gives you the added leeway of comparing it to the other party-worthy hotels in the city.

Once you have made your pick, remember to let the hotel staff know that you are planning a birthday party for they can help you arrange the same.

Some hotels even have the provision of decorating the hotel room for the party so that it truly feels like you are celebrating your birthday in a home away from home.

How to Plan a Birthday

This is quite interesting for those who are making a search over the web related to How do I book a hotel room for a birthday party in Delhi?

  1. After booking the hotel room in your favorite hotel, you will need to make sure that the guests who will be staying back at the hotel have enough accommodation space and all the necessities they need for a comfortable stay.
  2. You can contact the hotel staff for organizing décor material for the birthday party in a hotel in Delhi to make it look and feel like a party. Some hotel suites have access to a kitchenette, in case you are keen on cooking something for the guests yourself.
  3. You can have the room service deliver the specialties that the hotel kitchen is known for or even have another party at the hotel’s restaurant.
  4. If you have already decided the place where you wish to celebrate your birthday and are now wondering how to plan it perfectly, we have you covered there as well:

Some More Options to Book

  1. Most five star hotels in Delhi have a multi-cuisine restaurant. A café and a lounge, and a patisserie so that you can pick which you like the best.
  2. The best advantage of booking a hotel room for a birthday party in Delhi is the facilities. You will have access to an efficient staff. They will always help you arrange for the best services.
  3. At a banquet, it needs a whole other ball game to have their whole staff on the same page. As you so that they know what your vision is for the party. At hotels, the staff is already aware of what people are expecting. When they book a hotel room for celebrating a birthday.

Best Party Packages

Some hotels even offer special party packages in Delhi for birthday parties. It includes everything that a successful birthday party needs.

If you are celebrating the birthday of a young one. Hotel rooms are one of the best options since it gives you leeway. It is of having space for them to nap and rest should all the excitement tire them out. Now in case of those people who search for How do I book a hotel room for a birthday party in Delhi? In this scenario, people want affordable packages to party which is being offered by Sloshout also.

It is a homely environment and much less overwhelming that a banquet or a restaurant.

Toddlers and infants usually don’t react well to crowds, hence you have to be very mindful of their comfort needs.

In a hotel room, you will not only have one of the best children’s birthday party venues in Delhi. But also the scope of a mini-vacation if you are not from Delhi but are planning their birthday in the city.

A private, intimate party where the child can interact with all their loved ones. It is just what they need at such a young age.

Give hotels in Delhi a shot for your next birthday party. We can assure you that you won’t be disappointed.

So, we hope you may have a great thing about searching How do I book a hotel room for a birthday party in Delhi?