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First Marriage Anniversary – 5 Most Romantic Ideas to Celebrate!

People say that marriage is the most sacred bond. While there are many relationships, precious ones, which deserve to be celebrated, many special bonds that we share with our parents, sisters or brothers, friends, relatives, marriage definitely has a special place among them. Brides and grooms vow to love, adore, respect, and value each other throughout their wedded life. On your first marriage anniversary, plan for a party or a romantic night out –  a great way to spend quality time together.

Hence, anniversaries definitely are a great opportunity for us to take the time and the effort to show our appreciation, our love, and our affection to our loved ones. After all, it isn’t for no reason that husbands and wives go to such great lengths to plan their first, fifth, tenth, twenty-fifth, and even fiftieth anniversaries, marking the beautiful time they have spent with one another. It celebrates companionship, it celebrates togetherness, and most importantly, it celebrates the love you have for your significant other.

Isn’t it only natural that you should invest some time and effort in planning your very first anniversary celebrations? But, instead of going for the generic anniversary plans, organize something new and unique which will make your husband/wife feel extra special.

Read on to find out 5 interesting ways to celebrate your very first anniversary:

1. A Private Picnic

outdoor picnic plan

No, not just a usual picnic, but a picnic at a place that you both hold very dear to yourself. Say, the place where you met for the first time, or the place where he/she proposed marriage to you. This way, you can go down the memory lane and ponder on the wonderful moments you have shared with each other.

2. Do It The ‘P.S. I Love You’ Way

first marriage anniversary ps i love you

Remember how Gerry left Holly a trail of letters for her to find after he’ll be gone? Well, you can adopt the idea and improvise it a little. Kind of a treasure hunt, but, much more romantic. Leave a trail of letters along with hints, leading to, say, a destination dinner, or a very grand boat ride.

3. Get Couple Tattoos

first marriage anniversary couple-tatoos-ideas

Mark your first year of togetherness with something that will stay with you forever. You can make a day out of this. Get all glam, go for a lovely brunch, visit your favourite spots in/around the city, and end the day at a tattoo parlour getting a set of couple tattoos, like n infinity symbol, or the date when you went on your first date, a star and a sun, etc.

4. Plan A trip

first marriage anniversary plan a trip

Okay, this may sound generic at first, but, there are so many things you could do to make this trip memorable and very, very romantic. This option is especially feasible for those who couldn’t go on a honeymoon together. So, a planned trip to a destination you both love would serve as your honeymoon as well as mark your first year of togetherness.

5. Dinner Amongst the Stars

first marriage anniversary dinner party

You can wine and dine with your loved one, literally amongst the stars. Hire a hot air balloon and mark your anniversary with extreme exclusivity and romance. Hot air balloon services are available in Karnataka, Maharashtra, and Rajasthan.

This is your most special day.  Whatever you do, don’t allow financial challenges to get in the way of celebrating the wonderful union you share.  Set aside the time and get creative! What creative date ideas do you have for celebrating anniversaries? Share in comments bellow!

How to Celebrate First Marriage Anniversary

Anniversaries are without a doubt one of the most beautiful occasions that you get to celebrate with your beloved.

In a world where weddings are given so much importance, anniversaries have started to lose their charm.

Weddings surely are the dates when the couple starts their journey together for a wonderful future. It is the day when two souls unite in matrimony to vow to love and grow old with each other.

Weddings are certainly one of the most special days in a couple’s life but anniversaries do not lag a lot behind.

Weddings are the shiny and festive veneer whereas anniversaries are truly the test of time. It is through anniversaries, through time spent together for days and months that a wedding finally gets successful.

Marriages are not easy. It is not a cakewalk to completely let go of one’s individual life and share it with another.

Why Celebrate Marriage Anniversary

There are hurdles, difficulties and a lot of dilemmas that the couple has to go through to reach that point of time when they get to achieve an anniversary. A couple celebrates the marriage anniversary because it is the memory of two loving people.

Thus, anniversaries celebrate the journey that a couple goes through together to commemorate their love and togetherness.

The occasion of anniversaries gets all the more special when it comes to the celebration of the first anniversary. Anniversaries itself are very unique occasions and it turns out to be even more unique when the couple just completed a year of togetherness. It is especially all the more crucial to spend some time together as a couple on this day. This is to entirely comprehend the milestone that they have achieved together.

How Special is First Anniversary

The first anniversary is very much important. First Anniversary parties come in different forms for different types of couples. Some couples like to spend some alone time while some would definitely like to throw a huge party with family and friends. Some like to stay indoors and some would be up for a great anniversary trip. Thus, it all depends on the kind of preference and habits that the couple practices. We know how difficult it can get to choose the perfect way to spend the first anniversary with your beloved.

The day has got to be special to impress your partner on your first anniversary. A little effort, a little patience, love, and dedication are all it takes to turn a usual day into the best first anniversaries of your life. It does not matter how much money you spend or how expensive your gift for your partner is if it is not from your heart, it would not be worth it. Therefore, here we are to support you, to make your first anniversary with partner a memorable experience.

Here is a list of all the things that you can do to organize the best first anniversary of your entire lives. These ideas will help you showcase how much you love your partner.

These occasions like anniversaries give you a chance to make your partner understand how valuable their very presence in your lives is.

Give back to a cause:

In the everyday turmoil called life, at the end of the day, we often forget to acknowledge the fact as to how privileged we are. There is a completely different part of the society that does not and cannot get even a small fraction of what we get quite easily. What we usually consider as usual and the basic are mostly a kind of privilege to them.

Aspects like shelter, proper healthcare, education, food, and clothing are some of the very few options that everyone should be entitled to. So, this anniversary, try and do something to give back to a cause that you would prefer.

These acts not only help the ones who are in need but also make you feel good as a person. You can choose to visit an NGO, a veterinary care unit of an old age home to meet the residents and have a great time with them. You can meet children and teach them or take them out on a picnic. Similarly, with the senior citizens, you can spend some time chatting.

This way, you are spending a lot of time with people who really yearn for it. By the end of the day, you and your partner are sure to feel at peace and good about yourselves. This might not be a very party-like scenario to celebrate your first anniversary but it sure is the most beautiful method.

Adopt a pet:

what better way to complete a year together than to adopt a pet? If you have always been that person who always hoped to adopt a puppy or a kitten or anything for that matter, there cannot be a better time than this.

If you and your partner are into animals, this is possibly one of the best decisions that you will ever take in your lives.

Now that you are an adult and have a life of your own, you get to have the full responsibility for this new addition to your lives.

Life changes completely and for good after you have adopted a pet. It is wonderful to think as to how an animal can turn around your entire lives.

They are cute, lovable and the best friends that you can ever get. Thus, finalize on that name with your beloved and go ahead adopt a pet today!

Revisit your first date:

Do you remember the first date that both of you had? The place? The kind of clothes you were wearing and how you spent your time with each other? It sure has been some time since that day.

Post that day, you have been a part of a whirlwind of a journey that has presently led you into having an anniversary. Struggles, hurdles and a chain of difficulties were only a part of the journey that you both overcame. There sure is a great of a difference in the past vs the present.

Things may have drastically changed but there has been one thing common between the two times.

That common thing, the very base of your relationship with your partner, is love. Thus, it is always great to revisit the place that has seen you both together in love.

It is wonderful to revisit and, moreover, recreate the first date. Go to the same place, wear similar clothes and spend the day together as you had done for the first time.

Who knew that the first date would only be the start of a lifetime of dates?

This method of celebration for your 1st anniversary not only takes you back in time but also helps you reflect as to how far you have come. There might be a number of great first marriage anniversary party places where you can spend the entire day and have fun but none can compete this.

Try an adventure Sport:

When was the last time that you two spent some thrilling time together? In the 21st century busy life of yours, it is hardly possible to dedicate a huge amount of time to outdoor sports or vacationing in general. So it is always a great idea to club special occasions like your first anniversary and vacation together.

This way you not only get to take some time off from your daily routine but will also be able to celebrate your first marriage anniversary in the grandest manner possible.

The adrenaline rush that you feel while attempting an adventure sport is incomparable. They are scary, bold and once in a lifetime experience. Therefore, it is always great to take part in these with the person you love. On your first anniversary, you can face your fears together and do something that you have never thought about before. Adventure sports like skydiving, river rafting, bungee jumping, and deep-sea diving are only a few options that you can try to incorporate with your anniversary celebrations.

Be at Home:

There can be an innumerable number of first marriage anniversary party ideas available but there can nothing be like staying back at home.

We know what you are thinking and find this completely absurd but hear us out.

In recent times, young professionals hardly get the time to spend quality time with either their partners or their families.

Regular functions and occasions like that of the first anniversary parties are very crucial. They act as the breath of fresh air in the midst of the daily monotonous routines.

These occasions not only help you to spend such an important day with the others. But also to maintain proper work and personal life balance. Sometimes all your mind and body want is a little peace. So what better way to be at peace than to be in your own house. It is on in the most comfortable place on earth?

There is nothing like home and you can, therefore, plan out a great day. You can be concentrating on yourselves and the people close to your heart.

So go ahead and pick the best first marriage anniversary celebration idea and experience one of the happiest memories of your lives.

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How Can a Person Book a Marriage Anniversary Place in Delhi NCR

There are so many authentic places to celebrate the marriage anniversary in Delhi. Buddha Garden, India Gate are top places.

If we talk about the NCR regions like Noida and Gurgaon then booking an anniversary party places in Noida can be easily booked via Sloshout.

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