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Are you extremely confused about the first birthday party venues in South Delhi?

Do you want to book a banquet hall for a birthday party in South Delhi? Are you of the opinion that the party packages in South Delhi have considerably been on the increase? If you want to plan an extravagant birthday party in South Delhi, you have just come to the right place. Sloshout exercises expertise in party planning and organizing. The organization has spread its functioning far and wide across Delhi NCR and to the other cities in the country. Thus, you can now plan your party anywhere in the country with great ease and affordability with Sloshout’s help.

If you want to party, why not go the extra mile to make it extra grand? Are you clueless about partying larger than life? Do not worry; banquet halls in South Delhi are there to make your life easier. Among these banquets in South Delhi, Kanak Banquet Hall Mathura Road deserves a special mention. This banquet hall in Mathura Road is one of the most loved banquet halls in Delhi for engagement parties. Kanak Banquet Mathura Road is the last word for majestic party places in Delhi. This banquet hall in Mohan Cooperative is all things lavish and regal. The venue has all the makings to make your wedding or birthday party the most lavish one in the town.

Why would you choose a banquet hall for your party or a get-together?

Banquet halls exclusively serve the purpose of parties and get-togethers. While people do plan their parties in restaurants, pubs, bars, cafés, banquet halls give you the ultimate independence to party. You can book an entire venue for an entire day for your party, without any restrictions. Although the other party venues like restaurants, lounges, pubs, bars, cafés, etc. are conducive for parties, banquets come loaded with all the amenities required exclusively in a party.

You can easily plan your Roka ceremony, pre-wedding and wedding parties, reception parties, and birthday and anniversary parties in banquets. That is not all. Banquets now also host big family get-togethers and friends get-together or reunion parties. Banquet halls are now the new hot destinations of parties. They give you the advantage of exclusivity, space, luxury, and scope for great hospitality. You can also add a tinge of elegance and splendor to your party in the banquet halls.

If you want to entertain your guests to the fullest extent, you ought to serve dishes from multiple cuisines. Banquets organize a buffet system for your guests and will have food items from Indian and global cuisines. The refreshments section has a dedicated starters section, main course meal section, and a dessert section. Thus, you can flatter your guests with not just multiple cuisines but with also ample choices in each meal course. You can also bring your own favored caterer from the outside to a banquet hall if they allow it. Some banquets in Delhi allow food from outside places or from your own favored caterers. You can, therefore, fulfill the requirements of the guests as per your own liking too.

The refreshments do not just end there. The maximum numbers of banquet halls in Delhi allow and serves alcohol. There is a fully stocked bar at least in each one of the banquet halls in Delhi NCR. What is more, a few of them also have provisions to allow you to bring your own booze. You can thus, keep the spirits of your party flying high all evening with exquisite beverages and alcohol.

The amenities extend to 24 hours electricity backup, complimentary changing rooms for both the bride and the groom and wifi. A few banquet halls also have rooms in the venue itself for the comfortable stay of your guests. Along with all the lights and shiz, the banquet halls in Delhi NCR also have dance floors and a DJ. Make sure you have all the cameras ready when all your relatives and your friends hit the dance floor.  A few banquets halls in South Delhi also give you access to their magnificent lawns and terraces. You can now party under the moonlit and the starry sky and even at the crack of the dawn. Take your pick wisely to choose the one which best suits your requirements and your budget.

Kanak Banquet Hall Mathura Road:

If you want to have a cozy party with just your close friends and relatives, then Kanak Banquet is just the ideal place for you. This banquet hall in Mohan Estate is one of the best small party halls in South Delhi. Kanak Banquet Hall Delhi is the epitome of luxury banquet halls in South Delhi. The venue has the right mix of quirk and luxury to keep your guests interested in the party. Kanak Banquet Mathura Road is elegance and grandeur redefined.

Kanak Banquet Faridabad will totally captivate your guests the moment they walk in. The first impression of this banquet hall in Mohan Cooperative is sure to win all of your guests. The big and grand chandeliers, the elaborate lighting, and the exquisite décor give a royal feel to Kanak Banquet. Luxury is the first word that will come to your mind the moment you enter the venue. If you are looking to break the monotony of partying in confined spaces, Kanak Banquet Mohan Cooperative will sweep you off your feet. The banquet has all the amenities to make your party a memorable one.

Located at A-38, Mohan Estate, Metro Pillar 303, Next to Skoda Showroom, Mathura Road, the Kanak Banquet Address says that the banquet is sweetly placed in the heart of South Delhi. Your guests will, therefore, have no difficulties in reaching Kanak Banquet. It is situated in close proximity to Sarita Vihar Metro Depot. If you want to party in the most picturesque community of South Delhi, opt for Kanak Banquet for your next get-together. But make sure you have your best friend ready to capture all those beautiful moments at your party.

Refreshments at the Kanak Banquet Mathura Road:

Kanak Banquet Vikas Nagar offers an enviable collection of food and beverages for your guests. This spacious banquet hall in Mohan Cooperative will flood you and your guests with a slew of dishes and cuisines. Your guests can then feast themselves in the extravagance of the cuisines and in the delicacy of the dishes. Kanak Banquets New Delhi has a buffet system for your guests so that they can eat to their heart’s desire. Besides all of these, the banquet also serves starters, beverages, and desserts as well. Your guests will thus be entertained with food from all sections from the starters to the desserts.

The banquet hall in Mathura Road has an in-house catering service to pay heed to all your needs. Kanak Banquet does not allow food or catering services from the outside. Catering services are solely restricted to the in-house team. However, this restriction does not stunt your chance to feed your guests with flavorsome dishes. With the offering of vegetarian and non-vegetarian food, the chefs in the banquet will leave your guests licking their fingers. The food on offer in Kanak Banquets New Delhi, Delhi is famous among all the banquets in South Delhi. The in-house catering service makes sure that the important aspect of the party, i.e., the food, is looked after well.

There are different packages in Kanak Banquet Vikas Nagar to make it easier for you to manage your budget. You can also customize a package to choose the one which you think will suffice for you. The vegetarian packages start at 1200 INR per plate whereas the non-vegetarian ones start at 1400 INR per plate. You will also have to pay an extra tax of 18% on the food and beverages at the venue. This is in accordance with the rule levied by the central government.

The refreshments in Kanak Banquet Mathura Road also includes alcohol and other beverages. The venue allows alcohol at the venue. The banquet hall in Mohan Estate has a dedicated bar for your guests. This ensures that your guests indulge in the experience of the venue and celebrate the occasion in the right spirit. They also permit outside alcohol for your gatherings and parties. Thus, flatter your guests the right way with an exquisite range of beverages and drinks in the venue.

The décor at the Kanak Banquet Mathura Road:

The décor is undoubtedly the best attraction in this banquet hall in Mathura Road. With tall ceilings, white walls and bright ceiling and wall lights, the venue is the paragon of elegance and grandeur. The venue won’t disappoint if you host your people in one of the coolest birthday party venues in South Delhi. The people heading the decor have perfectly decorated the inside space of the venue with rich golden paint on the walls and mirrors. This gives the venue a richer look and feels to it. If you want to host a themed party, there is no other place like Kanak Banquet.

This richness lends a character to the venue which is evident from the photos of Kanak Banquet Hall Mathura Road. This is also the reason why it is one of the most loved banquets in South Delhi. The venue is extremely flexible as it can be molded to host any kind of party. Kanak Banquet Hall Delhi also features in the list of the top first birthday party venues in South Delhi. There are neon lights in the venue too if you choose to quirk up your party. Thus, you can utilize and adorn the venue as per your own requirements. Whether it is the birthday party of your little one or your own wedding, Kanak Banquet can cater to all. The venue is undoubtedly in the running to become the most sought after banquet halls in Delhi for engagement.

The seating arrangement is resplendent with luxury. The tables and the chairs at the venue pay an ode to the reminiscent era of the maharajas of India. They present a perfect contrast with the floor carpets which break the white and gold monotony with psychedelic prints. The buffet tables and the food counters resemble the front portion of a truck. Thus, the décor team at the Kanak Banquets is well-versed with the interplay of quirk and elegance.

You can also decorate the venue further for your party. You can get in touch with the venue’s décor team who has the reputation of designing the venue for celebrities. They have an impressive bio-data of producing the most intricate and classy décor to adorn the place. They will listen minutely to your décor preferences and carve up a finished product which will be a perfect amalgamation of art and sophistication. However, the venue does not just restrict you to opt for the services of the in-house team. You can also bring in your own preferred decorator at the venue. The team at Kanak Banquet Hall Delhi does not believe in restricting your freedom in planning your dream party. Thus, you can have the venue embellished as per your liking for your party.

Other amenities at Kanak Banquet Hall Mathura Road:

The list of offerings and amenities do not just stop at the refreshments and décor. The staff at the venue makes sure that they cater to you and your guests with the utmost care. The staff at the venue is extremely cordial and courteous. They will make your guests feel extremely comfortable and warm with their hospitality. Along with the super friendly staff, the venue can accommodate a maximum of 500 guests in seating and 750 guests in floating.

Besides the spacious interiors, Kanak Banquet also has ample parking space to accommodate guests in full capacity. Kanak Banquet Mathura Road can comfortably fit in 250 cars at the same time in its parking space. There is also a valet service provided by the venue. There are also 2 properly air-conditioned changing rooms for the bride and the groom for your wedding party. You can also perform havan, welcome the baraat with grand hospitality and also organize a fireworks show at your party. Thus, Kanak Banquet makes sure that you can perform the nuptials and the rituals without much hassle at your wedding.

The venue has 24 hours of electricity back up facility to make sure that there is not a single moment of awkwardness in your party. This banquet hall in Mohan Cooperative remains open till 12 in the night. Thus, head to Kanak Banquets New Delhi for those late-night muhurats and celebrations. The venue has a sprawling area of over 6225 square feet. This means that that 6225 sq. ft. area is entirely for your services and to make you feel completely at ease.

Make your guests feel special with all these amenities of Kanak Banquet Hall Mathura Road. Opt for Kanak Banquet to celebrate togetherness and quality time with your people.

How would Sloshout help you with venue booking?

Sloshout is the prime online booking platform in the entire country. This means that Sloshout has extremely skilled people for providing you with all services related to partying. Sloshout will not only help you in scouting for the best banquet hall for a birthday party in South Delhi but also provide you with ample assistance to book party places with the most affordable party packages in South Delhi.

Once you are sure of the venue you want to party in, the manager will get in touch with you. He will learn about all your requirements for the day and will arrange for a meeting. You can then discuss your preferences with the décor and the catering team of the venue. Let them know of all the things you hope to have at the party and they will arrange for them accordingly. Finally, you can let the manager will conduct everything to plan the day ahead. Once he prepares the plan of the proceedings of the day, you can supervise the arrangements.

If you think you are totally content with the plans and arrangements for the day, you can finalize the venue. You can finalize your assistance with us by making the advanced payment. Here lies the main catch of the deal. You can pre-book a venue for the entire day by just paying 15% of the total party package. Sloshout has mandatorily kept advanced payment to be this low so that expenditure does not mar the spirit of partying. You can pay the rest of the money after the party as per your convenience. It is because of this user-friendliness and affordability that Sloshout has become renowned among party lovers in the country. Just get in touch with one of our executives today to know more about the availability of the venue.

Our team will not only help you with the arrangements for your party but also will bargain to get the best deal for you. This kind of assistance is rare among the other party organizers in India. So, plan your perfect wedding party or birthday party with the best in the business and make tons of memories.




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