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Manaktala Farm

Manaktala Farm

119, Adjacent to Bharat Petrol Pump, Bijwasan Road, Kapashera, Delhi.

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Manaktala Farm

Kapashera, Delhi


119, Adjacent to Bharat Petrol Pump, Bijwasan Road, Kapashera, Delhi.

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Manaktala Farms

We all love to party, don't we? After all, times such as Holi, Christmas and New Year give us the best time to let loose after a long time at work. No matter how much we try, the hustle life does lead to burnout. We often feel like we're spending too much time at work when we should be spending time with family. Sometimes, you don't even want to go to pubs and clubs. After all, you hardly get any privacy in such places.


You can join in, but there would be lots of unknown people around. You may not be in the mood to mingle either. In fact, you might be in the mood for a party only when you've got your close ones with you. A private party, maybe? Pubs can often be very expensive when you want to rent a space. So what's the solution? Farmhouses, of course!


Where would you want a farmhouse, you might ask! Why, there's nothing better in farmhouses for parties in Delhi than the ones found in Manaktala farms Kapashera. Manaktala Farm Houses tend to be of the best quality, in all aspects.


Why Should I book a farmhouse in Delhi for a party?


When's the best time to party? Most of us here would agree that it's on the weekends. You get off work slightly earlier than usual, and there's a nice feeling of freedom for a couple of days.


All of us leave work on Fridays with a slight smile on our faces, don't we? Basically, we know that weekends signal a couple of days of rest, and possibly, parties! Moreover, places like Delhi have some of the best cafes and pubs.


In fact, there are so many that you'd take a long time to cover them all. Each of them offers different experiences. However, what if you don't want a pub, cafe, restaurant or club?


Maybe you want to try something a bit different. Manaktala Farm in Kapashera gives you this chance. Farmhouses in Manaktala Farm have everything that you would ever need!


These farmhouses in Manaktala Farms often have stewards who could help you with every need. If they don't have stewards, you can always arrange for one through the management. Of course, this might cost you a bit more than you expected. Farmhouses offer a chance for you to party the entire night.


You will not have to worry about going back home late. Why? Because the Manaktala Farm Houses have huge bedrooms and bathrooms. That's right! Even if the sizes of the bedrooms are smaller, there will be a large number of bedrooms to compensate. You'll get clean washrooms and bathrooms, with all the latest amenities.


Most of the farmhouses in Manaktala Farm Kapashera also have huge lawns. Basically, this means that your kids can play around. They'll get plenty of exercise in, and also a chance to breathe in fresher and healthier air.

In the words of the millennials of today isn't that absolutely lit?!


How to book a farmhouse in Delhi for a party?


Just like choosing a venue for a marriage ceremony or for a banquet hall for wedding receptions, it is a difficult task to choose. Basically, Delhi has a large number of farmhouses everywhere. Moreover, there are lots of farmhouses in Manaktala Farms as well. Farmhouse for parties in Delhi tends to be quite lavish as well.


This means that you need to do a lot of research before choosing any. Fortunately for you, we've cut out all the effort needed. Sloshout affiliates with only the best and verified farmhouses for parties in South Delhi. This means that you do not actually need to go to the farmhouses physically in order to check what works for you.


You can just go to our website and give us your details. Then, a Sloshout agent will call you for more information. Most importantly, the call will be about specific requirements and the budget.


Once that is out of the way, you will receive a shortlist of the best farmhouse near Delhi for a party. You can even ask for a cheap farmhouse in Delhi for a party. We can provide you with anything that you need in regards to a farmhouse. Now, to rent a farmhouse in Delhi for a party, you don't need to bust your body.


We even provide you with the most authentic prices for these venues. You can book online. However, if you're still skeptical, you can check the farmhouse in Delhi for a party yourself, with the help of our shortlist.


For a farmhouse in Delhi NCR for parties, your best bet remains Manaktala Farms Kapashera! Don't you forget it!


What kind of parties can be organized?


Now, this is totally up to you. There is no such limitation on the kind of event that you can organize in Manaktala Farmhouses. However, we do recommend that if it's a birthday party or a corporate party, you go for the really classy farmhouses.


Although these farmhouses tend to look absolutely gorgeous, they look even better with unique decorations. All of it is based on the theme you choose for the party you want to organize. Basically, you've got complete free reign here!


Any ideas on farmhouse for parties in Delhi NCR?


Manaktala Farms Kapashera has the capacity for birthday parties, corporate parties as well. Wedding receptions and marriage anniversary parties have also been done here before. However, it is best if you talk to management.


They would know what works best in whichever farmhouse you choose. After all, they've been working there for years and are highly experienced.


If you have any idea of your own, don't hesitate to float it by the management. If it is possible, you can definitely do it! From Halloween themed parties to smart casual parties, there's a chance for everything.


If you want to try something completely different, then make people wear their ethnic clothing. It would also create a very multicultural effect! Make sure that you book a house for a party only in Manaktala Farm Kapashera!


Since Christmas Eve is coming up, what are the ideas in mind?


Christmas parties in Delhi NCR tend to be quite eventful.


You can find plenty of places which are taking registrations for people. Most of these places, however, get filled very fast. Otherwise, for the very last few seats, you have to pay really high prices. Instead of this, you can book a farmhouse in Delhi for a party.


The farmhouses in Manaktala Farms Kapashera are excellent for such occasions. This is why you should take advantage and use it to the fullest!


Since many people don't know of it, the lines will be smaller. You would be able to book a place of your choice. In addition, you will be able to get a more private area for yourself and your friends or family. We at Sloshout care a lot about our customers.


We understand that the festive season around the corner includes the Christmas and New Year's Eve week.


This is when people are at their best. It feels great to end the year on a bang. It also sets off a nice tone for the beginning of the year. Choose Manaktala Farm Houses for this reason, as it will provide you with the best Christmas time and New Year's as well.


You can do plenty of things in Manaktala Farms during Christmas especially. Due to the large open spaces that are available on the farms, you can easily conduct a barbecue session!


All you have to do is arrange for a grill. In fact, some of the Manaktala Farmhouses tend to have grills in their backyards. With this, you can host a grand feast during the festive season. Needless to say, your guests will have a gala time!


If you have kids attending the parties, then you can show something cultural as well. You can set up a beautiful cultural session in which kids can get to know religion. There is a lot of history steeped into the culture behind Christmas.


Although there's nothing wrong with just celebrating the time period, it would be great knowledge for kids as well! The backdrop of Manaktala farms is perfect for the atmosphere that they can create! Moreover, the kids would also get to learn something new, about a completely different culture.


A rare educational opportunity mingles with a great festive season! Manaktala Farms Kapashera is one of the few places in Delhi which can provide us with this opportunity!


What about the New Year's time period?


As you are done with the Christmas celebrations, New Year's Eve rolls by. People gear up for the last week of work and wait patiently to go back to their friends and family. After all, they are usually planning for the best time of the year!


This is one of the major reasons why farmhouses in Delhi NCR for parties, at this time, are almost impossible to book. You need to book them before the Christmas time period.


If you don't, then it becomes difficult to book for the final week. Manaktala Farms Kapashera should be available, however.


For New Year's, it takes on a different form altogether. The Christmas festivities are taken together with the coming of the new year. You can set up the farmhouse in Delhi for a party, based on what you prefer.


If you prefer a somber party or a wilder one, you can manage both here. The only thing you need to worry about is the booking itself. People love an occasion to celebrate and catch a break.


Such breaks are only complete with food and drinks. You can make things a bit more interesting in Manaktala Farms Kapashera for everyone with a few party ideas. For example, why not make it a BYOA affair? Here, BYOA stands for Bring Your Own Appetizers.


Basically, everyone brings something different as an appetizer, in order to be shared. This reduces the monotony of cooking and adds different dishes. Secondly, you can find a rather obscure and different type of alcohol for opening at midnight! An expensive variety of champagne or whiskey should do the trick!


How do I find the Manaktala Farms Kapashera?


Finding the Manaktala farms for farmhouses in Delhi NCR for a party should not be too difficult. Manaktala farms are situated in great places and landmarks.


Areas such as Bijwasan Road and Kapas Hera Extension are near the main farmhouse area. Once you find either of these roads, it becomes really easy to find the farmhouse. Once you are there, you can inspect different farmhouses without any hassle. Another important point is that you should take the time out to inspect each place before booking them. If you are nearby, a physical inspection is possible.


However, in the case of Sloshout and Manaktala Farms in New Delhi, it is secondary. Sloshout only affiliates itself with the best areas and places. We run a strict check on each of the farmhouses that we affiliate with. We are proud to state that Manaktala Farms passes that test with flying colors.


Another thing that you could do is actually make an appointment with the manager of the specific farmhouse in Delhi for parties. That way, you can get to know about the area and the different parts and places of the farmhouse.


This would be tremendously helpful in your decision-making process. In fact, this is an absolute necessity these days. Since so many people will be attending any event, it becomes important to know everything you can about the area.


That way, emergency cases can be handled more easily. Regardless, Manaktala Farm Houses near Bijwasan Road and Kapas Hera Extension has been given the green light for safety as well. What more can you ask in such a case, right? You get the absolute best that money can buy, well under your budget, and in a very small time frame!


Crockery Crockery

Air Conditioning Air Conditioning

Lawn Lawn

Parking Available Parking Available

Pool Pool

Living Area / Lobby Living Area / Lobby

Wifi Wifi

Refrigerator Refrigerator

4 Bedrooms 4 Bedrooms

Air Conditioning Air Conditioning

Snooker Table Snooker Table

House Rules

ID Proof
Govt. approved Id for all guests
Music Limit
Outdoor : 11 pm Indoor : No Limit
Security Deposit
Refundable Security Deposit Of Rs 5000
Illegal Substances / Drugs
Drugs not allowed
Check in
Check in post 2 pm
Check out
Check out before 11 am
Cleaning Charges
Rs 1000 cleaning charges if something is broken
Additional Guest
Every additional guest will be charged Rs 1000 extra
Smoking Allowed
Outside Food
Outside Food and Delivery not allowed
Check out
Check out before 11 am

Package Detail

Veg Menu


Per Plate

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Non Veg Menu


Per Plate

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Best Suitable For

Birthday Party

House Party

Bachelor Party

Christmas Party

Bachelorette Party

Diwali Party

Cards Party

New Year's Party

Group Party

Private Party

Cocktail Party

Anniversary Party

Freshers Party

Farewell Party

Family Function Party

First Birthday Party

Employee Farewell Party

25th Anniversary Party

50th Anniversary Party

Wedding Anniversary Party

Office Annual Party

Lohri Party

Pre-wedding Celebrations

College Farewell Party

Farmhouse Party

Pool Party

Team Outing

Team Building


Sangeet Ceremony

Pre Wedding Mehendi Party

Corporate Training

Farmhouse for Wedding

Engagement Ceremony

Roka Ceremony

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Ram Mandil

The rooms are actually better than the photos. Superb place and nearby to metro station. No hassle and easy booking.


It is a big house and has good quality beds with clean and maintained interiors. Amazing to have found such a lit place. Had my by brothers reception after party here and the place outside is good for those 3AM talks you know. Very peaceful area too. Must have a party here.


Nice beds good showers beautiful veranda nice garden with shade and spots in the sun and a nice pool.The kitchen is really well equipped nice big hob and large fridge.


Above expectations I have to say. A truly lovely place and exactly as we wanted it. Highly recommended.


The house was neat clean and lived up to the description on your website. You people on site were very friendly and gave us some great tips for restaurants. We will be back thanks


-Nice hospitality and a big appreciation to everyone who works there as they are very friendly making the stay special. Must visit
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