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List of Party Halls in Bhikaji Cama Place

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Bistro 360

Bhikaji Cama Place, Delhi

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Party Halls in Bhikaji Cama Place

Parties are a part of a culture that makes your life more happy and fun. As the old adage goes, work hard and party harder, therefore you need some great party spots to do so. Parties can be of many kinds and for a variety of reasons. You can have a party for no reason at all, you can have a party to celebrate or even a party to drown your sorrows. The possibilities are endless; however, the main goal of any party is to have an awesome time. Therefore you need some amazing venues to host a party in. There are many amazing party halls in Bhikaji Cama Place to choose from for every occasion.


Types of a hall for each occasion


1. Birthday parties


When it comes to birthday parties there is a wide variety of halls to choose from. For example, if you are celebrating with your family, then you could simply go to a great restaurant. However, if you are celebrating with friends, going to a club or bar would be ideal. You could book a pub party area for the night and go all out with all your friends. A dance party is always a great option for celebrating a birthday. However, if you want to take it to the next level you could also try booking a party hall. You could go to a small party hall in Delhi since you won’t have enough guests as a wedding.


However, you would still have ample space to have the party of your dreams and customize it. Therefore you can work with the decorators to make the hall look exactly how you want. In fact, you can even have a theme and have a dress code so everyone fits the theme. Furthermore, you can have a chat with the caterer and ensure that all your favorite food is served during the party. You can go for a single cuisine or you can mix and match, anything goes.


2. Cocktail party


When it comes to a cocktail party in Delhi NCR, booking a banquet hall is the way to go. You could book a hall or you could rent out an outdoor space like a lawn. However, hosting a cocktail party at a restaurant or bar is not ideal, a hall is a must. This is because with a cocktail party things get a lot more specific. Everybody comes dressed to the nines; there is, of course, cocktails to go around and great food. You want to host such a party in a controlled environment so you can make the party exactly how you want it. You can specifically pre-design the menu and ensure that everything is up to the mark.


Furthermore, you can collaborate with the decorator to make for the perfect evening. If you want to set up a stage, you can do so in a banquet hall as well. Therefore, given the number of requirements and specifics, it is best to go to a party hall. There are many great places for a cocktail party in Delhi in Bhikaji Cama Place. Through websites like Sloshout, you can also find great discounts on party halls.


3. Anniversary party


If you are looking for venues for 25th anniversary parties, look no further. Bhikaji Cama Place has some great restaurants and lavish banquet halls to choose from. When it comes to an anniversary party, especially a 25th-anniversary party, everything must be perfect. The ambiance needs to be romantic and beautiful and the food needs to be spectacular. Additionally, if you are serving alcohol then they need to have a fully stocked bar as well. Of course, any party hall that you book for an event like this one needs to have an exceptional staff. For 25 anniversary parties, people usually invite all their family and friends.


Therefore you need spacious party halls to host a party like this one. It is almost as big of an event as your wedding; therefore everything needs to be well planned. You can look for party halls near me on Sloshout and see the options available in your preferred locality. This way you can see the options available and make an informed decision when you book a party hall. Anniversary parties are special occasions; therefore hiring a venue expert like Sloshout would be great. Since they can help you pull off the anniversary party of your dreams.


4. Wedding events


If you are looking for party halls for wedding functions such as the roka ceremony, look no further. Bhikaji Cama place has some luxurious party halls that are perfect for wedding functions. For the roka ceremony, you need an average-sized hall. That is, not as big as a wedding but not as small as a regular party. However, apart from the size, the main focus is, of course, the decor. For wedding functions, it is best to book a party hall that has experience with these types of events. This is because the decor and catering are quite similar for most weddings. Therefore if a party hall has experience in hosting such events you know that they can deliver a certain standard.


5. Corporate parties


Corporate parties vary from company to company depending on what the policy is. However, typically at corporate parties, people want colleagues to let loose and have fun. Therefore you could book a club for a party to put everyone at ease and tell them that they don’t need to be formal. With a club party, you know that there will be free-flowing alcohol which is all that anyone needs. Once you have enough liquor in your system, even colleagues start to seem like fun people. That is after all the goal of any corporate party. However, if you do want to maintain a level of professionalism, you can book a party hall. Therefore the employees would be in a more controlled environment and won’t go too crazy.


There are many awesome party halls in South Delhi to choose from for any occasion. And Bhikaji Cama place is definitely a locality which has great venue options.


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