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Best Roka Ceremony Venues / Places in Delhi NCR

To bring around this unison, the marriage ceremony of Hindus is an elaborate affair with both pre-wedding and post-wedding ceremonies.  So, your search for Roka ceremony party places, venues, banquets, party halls, restaurant ends here. Check out the below list of popular venues:

Divine Lounge & Bar Netaji Subhash Place


Divine Lounge & Bar

Netaji Subhash Place, Delhi

Mocktails Package
Kushi Banquet Rajouri Garden


Raunak Karol Bagh



Karol Bagh, Delhi

Rockland Hotel Chittaranjan Park


Rockland Hotel

Chittaranjan Park, Delhi

RG's House GT Karnal Road


RG's House

GT Karnal Road, Delhi

Tivoli Pushpanjali Dwarka Link Road


Regal Palace GT Karnal Road


Regal Palace

GT Karnal Road, Delhi


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Roka Ceremony Party Places / Venues / Restaurants / Banquet Halls Near Me

As per the Hindu tradition, marriage is the most auspicious event in the lives of the bride and the groom. The Hindu culture has the belief that matches are made in heaven. Once married, the couple then shares a bond with each other throughout their lives for their seven births.

What is the Roka Ceremony?

A Roka ceremony is one of the first formal events that a couple about to be married attend together. It is an Indian version of the engagement ceremony. We all know about the ditz and glamour surrounding Punjabi weddings.

A Roka Ceremony is one of the first steps in a Punjabi wedding. Traditionally a Roka ceremony is supposed to be a small ceremony along with all the close friends and relatives of the bride and the groom. But of late the ceremony has turned into a major and elaborate affair and is one of the most anticipated events of a Punjabi wedding ceremony. 

The Roka ceremony is a pre-wedding ceremony in the Indian tradition. The ceremony brings together families of the bride and the groom together to welcome the new relationships. 

Roka ceremony is considered to be one of the most vital and sacred rituals before the day of the wedding. The ceremony is a social announcement of the man and the woman agreeing to be bound by marriage. 

The Roka ceremony in India is thus the desi version of the western pre-wedding ritual of engagement. 

What happens in a Roka Ceremony?

In a Roka Ceremony, the families of both the bride and the groom come together for the first time. A priest conducts the ritual by offering pujas and by blessing the couple. The priest recites holy verses and hymns in the presence of the family members. After the priest conducts the rituals, the families of both the parties exchanges gifts, sweets, dry fruits, clothes, etc.

Things to take care of while organizing a Roka ceremony

The best way to go about the Roka ceremony is to go about it as a test run of the wedding. To handle all problems accordingly.

  • Invites: In this digital age more and more people are turning to e-invites. So much so that they have turned into the norm. These digital invites range from creating an entire website to a simple GIF. Whatever may be the case, it certainly isn’t wrong. But if you want a more personal touch, then get ready to run around, because you should ideally invite everybody for more than two weeks in advance.
  • Guest list: Sit with your beau and figure this one out. Who would you want by your side on your special occasion and who would you rather not meet on a special day, decide everything. And do not forget to take inputs from your family.
  • Venue: Traditionally Roka ceremonies are small gatherings that are held at either of the spouse's houses. But nowadays with the increase in the scope of the ceremony, it is imperative to get a good venue to host that large number of people. So you should search for Roka ceremony places in Delhi NCR and book your venue in advance.
  • Activities to indulge in a Roka ceremony
  • A Roka ceremony is the first official meeting between the two families. So there are a lot of activities that can be planned to help the families get to know each other better.
  • Couple’s dance: The Roka ceremony is the first opportunity for the couple to dance together in public. You can make the dance choreographed or free for all. But if you do go for a choreographed dance make sure to choose the playlist in advance and put a lot of thought into it as your chemistry is going to be judged based on it. If it is free for all dance floor then try and bring your families into its fold and make them dance together as it would be a good bonding experience for both of the families.
  • Engage in ice breaker: Before the event decide on a number of ice breakers for the occasion. As it would be the first time the two families are spending time together, so things might get a bit awkward at times, so make sure that you have enough ice breakers handy to keep the conversation flowing.
  • Pre- wedding shoots: These were a novelty some time back. But in this digital age, it has almost become a mandatory tradition. The pre-wedding shoot can be used to disclose the engagement news on social media. It can also be used to do a photo montage during the Roka ceremony. 

How to plan a Roka Ceremony?

Traditionally the Roka ceremony was primarily a private affair that was observed between the close relatives of both the families.

But the ceremony now is an elaborate celebration as it marks the official acceptance of the couple as each other’s wedded partner. 

The Roka ceremony marks the celebrations of the marriage of the couple and hence, no stones should be left unturned. However, there are quite a few things that are to be kept in mind while planning the Roka ceremony. 

1. Invitations:

Courtesy the social media platforms and digital technology, sending invites have now become a fuss-free affair. You can craft a creative and a fun message and send it to all your guests via Whatsapp or Face book to notify them all. You can further decorate the message with well-designed posters and visuals, audio-visuals, GIFs, and fun typeface. However, if you are willing to put in an extra effort, you can also create a website for your wedding. The website will then have a periodic update of the rituals, ceremonies, and news from the wedding.

2. The Guest List:

The Roka ceremony could be a good starting point to decide on the number of people attending your wedding. Deciding a guest list could turn out to be a Herculean task especially if you have quite a few friends. You can consider the Roka ceremony to be your practice ground for the guest list of your d-day. The last thing you would want in your wedding ceremony is to have a chaotic aggregate of people. Sit down with your beau and decide on the guest list of the Roka ceremony. Don’t forget to consult with your parents too.

3. Places to organize roka party:

The Roka ceremony in India is traditionally observed in the bride’s house. However, roka parties are now a grand ceremony with a huge turn-out. Organizing a Roka ceremony in the house then becomes a hectic work. There will be a shortage of space as well as people to help out in the ceremony. Therefore, looking for venues for the Roka ceremony is the only sound way out to have a successful Roka ceremony. Roka party places also give you the independence of planning the ceremony as per the requirements of your guests. Have a gala party and entertain your guests to the fullest extent in any one of the roka party places.

4. Catering Services:

Though featuring last on the list, catering is the most important thing to look after at a party. No matter how grand you plan your party to be, no party is complete without good food. Make sure you give the consignment to only the trusted and reputed catering service in the city. The last thing you would want in the Roka party is people complaining about bad food or even worse, stale food. So, book the best catering service well ahead of the Roka ceremony to avoid any mishap. As they say, the way to people’s hearts, and here, well-wishes is indeed throughout their stomachs.

Roka ceremony in Delhi NCR


A lot of Punjabis reside in the national capital territory of Delhi. So Roka ceremonies are a very common occurrence in Delhi. This is why come the marriage season there is a lot of demand for Roka ceremony venues in Delhi. Due to the preference of most people to hold their weddings in the winter months, there is usually a high demand for Roka ceremony places in Delhi at around this time. So if you wish to entertain a large contingent of people, it is wise to book a venue as early as possible. 

Why choose Sloshout for your Roka Party?

If you have already figured out the rest of the things other than the venue, you can worry less now. All the searches of ‘Roka ceremony places near me’ have absolutely brought you to the right place. Sloshout is the best online party booking platform in the entire country. We will give you exclusive access to premium roka party venues in your city in the best possible deal. 

Not only is Sloshout the mausoleum of places for the Roka ceremony but it also bargains to give you an affordable package. Sloshout has saved you from the pain of going through hundreds of catalogs and websites to learn about their facilities. You are now just a click away from the best roka party places and can find them on our website.

How to book places for the roka party?

There are so many nice ways to book the roka party. And that is not all. Sloshout gives you the guarantee of finding the most affordable rates of the Roka ceremony places in the entire country. You can also avail of the help of our venue experts in looking for venues for the roka party. They will do all the background research for you based on your criteria for the party. And hand you a list of Roka ceremony venues that conform to your idea of the ceremony.

Choosing a venue then becomes a matter of a couple of minutes. You can then quickly glance through all the listed places for the Roka party and zero in on one. The concerned venue manager will then reach out to you to learn closely about all the arrangements for the event. After having sorted out the arrangements, you can then book the venue with just 15% of the total party package. 

How to book the perfect venue for your Roka ceremony?

Having the perfect venue is really important for Roka, as it is the first official event where the bride and the groom’s family meet each other for the first time. So there shouldn’t be anything about that venue which is off-putting. Because it is an auspicious occasion for both the families. This is where can Sloshout can help you. All you need to do is go to our website and put in your requirements. You would then find a list of all the venues that suit your choice. After that, you can choose to talk to our experts for guidance and then proceed to book your venue. To pre-book the venue, you need to pay an advance of 15%. If you book through our website, we can guarantee you the best price in the market and assure you that the discounts and offers which we offer, you would not be able to find those anywhere else in the market. 

Roka party places near me

By paying us this advanced payment, you are booking the venue and also confirming the arrangements simultaneously. You can worry about the rest later and pay us as per your convenience. Marriage is the most special event in your life. You should, therefore, plan your marriage and your Roka ceremony in the style of the maharajas. You can now enjoy as grand a Roka ceremony as your heart desires with the easy payment option of Sloshout. Money should be the last thing stopping you from having the dream wedding that you always wanted.

So, the next time you see anyone looking for ‘Roka ceremony places near me ‘recommend Sloshout to them. Sloshout gives you the promise of not only clinching the best deals but also of planning a mind-blowing Roka ceremony.


FAQs on Roka Venues in Delhi NCR

Is Roka same as engagement?

Although the Roka ceremony includes engagement, it is the not the same. In Roka both the families meet each other for the first time officially while in engagement ceremony, only the bride and the groom exchange rings.

What happens in a Punjabi Roka?

The families of the bride and groom meet for the first time and exchange gifts among each other. It is essentially an occasion for the families to get to know each other.

What do you wear a Roka?

Traditionally the bride and the groom opt for Indian outfits. Women can choose to wear anything from a saree, anarkali, lehnga or a salwar-suit. Men have sherwani, angrakhas, bandhgalas and salwar kameez to choose from.

What is the difference between Roka and Sagai?

Roka is a ceremony whose primary goal is to get the two sets of families to meet each other. Whereas a Sagai is an engagement ceremony where the bride and the groom exchange rings and declare their engagement.

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