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Rajmahal Banquet

Rajmahal Banquet

2nd Floor Aggarwal Fun City Mall, CBD Shahdara, Karkardooma, Delhi.

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Rajmahal Banquet

Karkardooma, Delhi



2nd Floor Aggarwal Fun City Mall, CBD Shahdara, Karkardooma, Delhi.

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Rajmahal Banquet Hall Karkardooma


As a new decade dawns upon us, we have quite a few weddings and banquets in store. This is especially true for the Northern part of India.


In areas such as Rajasthan, Delhi, and Uttar Pradesh, weddings during this time of the year are fairly common.


Lots of people try to book destination weddings in areas of Rajasthan. As for Delhi and Uttar Pradesh, you could find some of the biggest and best banquet halls.


Of course, booking them becomes a tremendous hassle due to the fact that the wedding season is on full swing.


Due to this, you might feel that your dream wedding banquet and reception might not happen.


If all the best banquet halls are taken up, how would you manage?


Fear not, because we've got a treat for you! Rajmahal Banquet Hall in Noida Uttar Pradesh will blow your minds!


Rajmahal Banquet Karkardooma is a hidden gem in the areas of Noida. Very few people know about how amazing it truly is.


It is understandable if you are slightly skeptical at first. However, this banquet hall has everything that you would want an elite, modern banquet hall to have. Rajamahal Banquet Hall is not available just for weddings.


You can also avail of its features and amenities for birthday parties. For a birthday party in East Delhi, this place works wonders. Are you a working professional and aren't sure of where to host a corporate party in East Delhi?


Then banquet halls in Delhi don't get much better than Rajmahal Banquet Karkardooma. Although we understand that you may have a lot of questions about this banquet hall, there are a few basic things which all of us need to know.


There are a few basic ideas that need to be implemented when searching for a banquet hall. Below we have listed down a few of these ideas. Please do go through them thoroughly and try to use these ideas when booking a banquet hall in East Delhi.


What are the basic things that I should look out for when booking a banquet hall in East Delhi?


There are a huge number of banquet halls in Delhi. In East Delhi, which is quite a popular area for weddings and such events, the number of halls is more.


Obviously, with this in mind, you can understand that booking a banquet hall in east Delhi is a huge hassle.


You have to put aside everything in your immediate life and have to go through the banquet halls physically, one by one.


Of course, we understand that this is not always possible. We at Sloshout have made it much easier, about which we shall talk about in detail after a while. Nonetheless, there are a few things which you need to be concerned about when choosing a birthday party place in East Delhi.




Security is of utmost importance due to the fact that most of the corporate and birthday parties last well into the night.


Moreover, banquets and reception parties also last for quite a long time. This is why you need to choose a place that has proper security. There must be dedicated and designated guards in and around the area.


Moreover, it must be well lit during the night. This would greatly lower the chances of anti-social elements creating problems.


After all, safety and security are no small measures. They deserve every bit of care and attention as the party itself. Small party halls in East Delhi may not have proper security measures at the outset. You must make it a priority for arranging some form of security measures during the night time.




Another important fact which goes hand in hand with security is location. Firstly, the location of the banquet hall for a birthday party in East Delhi must be good enough, with a nearby landmark. If a landmark does not exist, then it will be difficult for people to locate the banquet hall. Rajmahal Banquet Hall does work well in this regard due to the location. There are many local landmarks near it, and the banquet hall itself often acts as a landmark. In such situations, things get much easier for everyone around them.




Basic amenities must include safety measures and first aid care. The banquet halls in East Delhi for birthday parties in East Delhi must have an extra room. This extra room should have a few basic first aid kit measures. One never knows when you might need a basic medicine or if something untoward happens. In such cases, it is better to be well prepared. Also, there must be a fire extinguisher kept handy for any case. In addition to this, it would be great if there was an emergency staircase or exit for people to access. These are often very basic but can be overlooked in a hurry.




Most banquet halls in Delhi tend to provide catering. However, for those that don't, you will have to talk to the manager of the banquet hall. You will also have to talk to the caterer so that both of them can reach a deal. Moreover, if you have another caterer in mind who can replace the present caterer, you must discuss and settle the costs beforehand. Lastly, make sure to have a tasting session before the party starts, to make sure that the menu works wonders!





Parking is an important aspect these days. There are many people who may wish to drive their cars to the venue. Moreover, after everyone is dressed up, nobody wishes to put their outfits to danger through public transport. So, people tend to take their cars. Do try to ensure that the parking lot is available for the banquet hall. Even if it isn't, try to find out if there is a parking lot near to the venue. Book that, if possible. Your guests would not like to be inconvenienced when walking to the venue, especially if it's too far away from their vehicles.


How do I book banquet halls in Delhi online?


We understand that you have a lot of different commitments throughout the day. You have your own personal and social life. Sometimes, it becomes almost impossible to leave everything behind to check numerous venues. So, this is where Sloshout comes in. We have affiliated ourselves with the very best venues, such as Rajmahal Banquet Hall Karkardooma. We can help you choose different venues based on what you prefer. All you have to do is visit our website and fill in your basic details. After a while, a Sloshout agent will call you to get all the details regarding your requirements. This includes the budget for the venue as well. They will then shortlist a few venues. You can then book them directly through Sloshout or you can visit the venues first.


If you book them directly through Sloshout, then you can avail of the most authentic prices available.


How many events spaces are there in this venue?

The event space is large enough for two or three different events. Each event can be quite big in size. If you want to combine the spaces, do contact the event manager.

Is this a good venue for a destination wedding, family event?

Yes, this can act both as a destination wedding or family event venue. In fact, it is more preferred for family events.

Is this a good venue for residential corporate events/dealers to meet?

Yes, this is a good venue for corporate events and dealer meets. It adds another extra touch of elegance and class to such events.

What is the starting price per plate for a vegetarian menu?

Considering the current rates in the market for catering, it can be around 650 to 700 rupees per plate. You shall have to confirm this with the venue manager.

What is the starting price per plate for the non-vegetarian menu?

Considering the current rates in the market for catering, it can start at around 950 rupees.

What are the restrictions for usage of venue, if any?

Although there are no restrictions as such, it would be wise to contact the event and venue managers beforehand.

Is there a time limit for the celebration?

Most parties in the area end by 1 AM or so. This also depends on the type of celebration. If it's a wedding, then they usually last based on the time of the wedding. Otherwise, 1 AM is usually the limit.

What is the catering policy?

Catering rates and policies need to be talked over with the caterer and venue manager.

What is the alcohol policy?

Alcohol does not pose a problem to the caterers or the venue managers. Many events have alcohol as an important part of the celebrations. The only thing that needs to be kept in mind is that the rates need to be discussed by the caterer, as the drinks will be slightly higher than the market price.

As you can see, Rajmahal Banquet Hall can fulfill all the requirements that you possibly need. It has space, the elegance and the beauty that is required for any sort of celebration. Wedding venues in Delhi, and banquet halls in Karkardooma, especially, do not get any better than this. However, if you still have any doubts regarding the venue, do feel free to contact us at Sloshout. After all, customer satisfaction is what we aim for all the time. If you need any party ideas for the corporate party or the birthday party, we can help you there as well. After all, we try to bring in a more holistic approach to party planning, and not just provide venues.

For example, there are various things that you can do when you're organizing a birthday party. Once you find a birthday party place in East Delhi, you can take up various themes in the party. If you want to make it slightly different, we have a few ideas.

Young 'AF'

Well, despite the fact that we grow older each passing day, sometimes it's nice to feel young again. Make sure that the person you're preparing a birthday party forgets to understand how young they are. Gone are the days of putting a number of candles as the cake tops. Gone also are the days of simple birthday cakes. What you can do now is put a 'Young AF' cake topper and light it on fire. you can get a cake in the shape of 'Young AF'. We tell you, it's a small detail, but it looks great!

Mimosas, anyone?

Who doesn't love mimosas? Moreover, who doesn't love mimosas right in the afternoon? A little forbidden fruit effect goes a long way! We will recommend you to get the best of fruits, bubblies, and juices in order to make the best mimosas. Just construct a mimosa bar and make sure that everyone gets their fill!

Tacos for us all!

Tacos tend to have a love and hate relationship with most people. They tend to be deceptively simple, but also taste great. So why not just let people make tacos with whatever they please? Just put in all the fresh ingredients and let people choose their taco toppings. That way, everyone will love their tacos!

Brunch is all the hype!

Brunch sounds so elegant, so classy. Why not make it a bit more down to earth and have the brunch with the most basic food ever? Junk food, cans of cola and more food; that's all that's required. This would be the best brunch birthday party ever!


Web series a themed party, everyone?


What's your favorite web series? With all the great advancements in technology, we now have access to streaming services with great shows.


We're sure that almost everyone loves a common web series.


Why not create a themed party based on the web series? Different food, clothing and even songs playing in the background!


There are so many things to do here! We just need to explore!


Well, this is it from us at Sloshout.


If you need any more help regarding this venue or with event ideas, do contact us through the website. We'd be glad to help you out in any way possible.

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