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TFR Villa

TFR Villa

Marble Market Road, Near Subhash Chowk, Sector 72A, Near, Sector 33, Gurgaon

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TFR Villa

Sector 33, Gurgaon


Marble Market Road, Near Subhash Chowk, Sector 72A, Near, Sector 33, Gurgaon

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Located at Sector 72A on Sohna Road, Gurgaon, The Friends Republic Villa a.k.a. TFR Villa is one of the most popular BYOB pubs amongst other such restaurants. Do you know anything about BYOB restaurants? Yes, those Bring Your Own Bottle (BYOB) restaurants which have given a new direction to the party scenes in Gurgaon. Don't you think they are great?


This beautifully decorated BYOB pub has a charming ambiance with both indoor and outdoor seating arrangements. Its menu is a mix of North Indian, Italian, Chinese, and Continental cuisines that’ll go perfectly with whatever drinks you bring with you.


TFR Villa is ideal for celebrating an office dinner party, corporate lunch, get-togethers, birthday party, etc. Do you want to book this place at affordable prices? Well, you can book it with the help of our venue experts, and get this mind-blasting place at negotiated prices without breaking a sweat.


You can give us your party requirement, and our venue experts will provide you with a list of best-bargained party packages. So, what do you think about booking your venue via us?

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TFR Villa, Sector 33, Gurgaon

Tired of the age-old restaurants to plan your party? Are you hunting down a happening restaurant in Gurgaon? Have you ever come across a restaurant that allows you to bring your own booze? If the last question has left you surprised, you can check out TFR Gurgaon. TFR Villa Gurugram Haryana is a party venue that is famous as a BYOB restaurant. If you are too tired of the clichéd way of ordering booze, this is sure to catch your fancy.

Why choose TFR Villa Gurgaon for your party?

TFR Gurgaon is one of the most favorite destinations for enjoying the nightlife in Delhi NCR. And with its special amenity of ‘bring your own booze’, its popularity has only soared over the years. TFR Villa, otherwise known as ‘The Friends Republic Villa’, sits prettily on Marble Market Road, Near Subhash Chowk, Sector 33, Gurgaon. The venue offers remarkable services and amenities. People love visiting TFR NH8, so much so that TFR mostly receives regular guests now. And rightfully so, as the venue has the advantage of flooding its diners with quirky and out-of-the-box services.

Refreshments at TFR Gurgaon Subhash Chowk:

TFR Gurgaon NH8 venue serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes from the multitude of cuisines. Thus, the TFR Villa Gurgaon menu is filled with delicacies from the North Indian, Chinese and Continental cuisines. Furthermore, TFR Villa Subhash Chowk also serves a plethora of fast food dishes to please its guests. Thus, the one thing that you can be assured of while partying at TFR Villa Gurgaon Sector 33 is that you will never run out of food options. As a result, most people to choose TFR NH8 as their party venue to pamper their guests. Additionally, you can also make sure that your guests have a grand feast by opting to party here.

One of the best BYOB restaurants in the city:

You can take the hospitality a notch here at your party with booze. TFR Villa Gurugram Haryana has the unique feature of allowing guests to bring their own booze. As a result, they have been receiving more guests ever since and has consolidated its position among the other restaurants in Sector 33. This has created a unique marketing strategy to draw more attention to the services of the restaurant. Consequently, the restaurant or the bar has attained the status of being one of the best BYOB restaurants in Delhi NCR.

As for the diners, this means that they can now save a few precious bucks at their own party. We all know that ordering drinks at a restaurant or a bar can be a tad bit expensive. Bringing your own booze from the outside lets you enjoy drinking with your buddies at much cheaper rates. Alternatively, to cut down on costs further, you can also ask them to bring their own bottle to the party. You can thus save quite a hefty sum at your own party without cutting down the fun factor. As a result, TFR Gurgaon is one of the most sought after reunion party places in Cyber City.

However, if you are in the mood for some exotic cocktails and exquisite beverages, TFR Gurgaon can serve you the same. The venue has a venue dedicated bar for its diners. As a result, you can choose not to bring your own booze. Instead, you can enjoy the pleasure of having the most uplifting drinks in the good company of your friends. TFR Villa Gurgaon Sector 33 is flexible that way. And because of this flexibility, you can choose to opt for drinks at one party and bring your own in the next. Thus, TFR Gurgaon will host you when the going is a bit tough (BYOB) and even when you are in the mood for some splurging but in an affordable way. This is the reason why the venue is famous as one of the most exciting kitty party places in Gurgaon. At the same time, it can also play host to your corporate party in Gurgaon.

The decor and the ambiance of TFR Villa Gurgram Haryana:

The decor of TFR Gurgaon NH8 is as pretty as it can get. Beautiful lights mark the entrance to the venue. There is a curated garden area which serves as the outside seating area. The place lights up to be one of the prettiest eateries in the city after sundown. The outside seating area is cozily lighted up at nights and offers a spectacular view of the night sky. The dusk is a sight to behold from TFR Villa Subhash Chowk. Thus, the dash of greenery along with the warm lights makes the venue an ideal gateway for de-stressing with your guests.

It is because of this cozy ambiance, that the venue is one of the most visited first birthday party places in Gurgaon. The kids enjoy playing around in the outside seating area which is dolled up for kids’ birthday parties in Gurgaon. Along with the promise of space and mobility, the venue is also fit for a themed birthday party. That is to say, the insides of the TFR Gurgaon is as attractive as the outside area. The walls of the venue are completely whitewashed and have the texture of bricks. The whitewashed walls are the perfect backdrops for a themed party or a birthday party as, with the help of the staff, you can deck up the venue as per your wish. The venue is majorly lighted up with the golden ceiling lights which render an aura to the place.

Besides the minimalist decor, the seating arrangement inside the venue is luxurious, to say the least. Therefore, keeping all things aside, the venue has ensured that the luxury is never thrown out of the question. The interior space has a chilled out and a cozy ambiance along with having ample space to accommodate all your guests comfortably. The chilled-out ambiance is thus ideal for hangouts and get-togethers. As a result, TFR Villa Gurgaon Sector 33 is one of the best birthday party places in Gurgaon. In fact, the venue is capable enough to host casual get-together parties too. Thus, if you are looking to hang out in one of the best party venues in Gurgaon, TFR Gurgaon is just the place to be.

Live entertainment amenities at TFR Gurgaon Subhash Chowk:

Because of the minimalism in the interior space of TFR Gurgaon NH8, the acoustics of the venue is remarkable. Consequently, a ton of musicians and DJs throng this place. TFR Gurgaon Subhash Chowk is their favorite venue to perform live for people. So much so that people make special bookings for their parties which they plan as per the schedule of their favorite musicians. If you too are planning a reunion party in Gurgaon with your friends or cousins or a casual get-together party or even a Sunday brunch party, check in with the venue to know about the artists performing live that day.

Thus, sway to the live tunes and melodies of the live artists in the company of your near ones at the party. You can also request your favorite song to the musicians and go down the memory lane with your friends of the golden days of your childhood. So, have an enriching and enjoyable time with your friends at the TFR Gurgaon at your next party.

Apart from the live band and artists’ performances, TFR Villa Gurgaon also has an in-house DJ. Thus, if you want to dial up the fun factor at your party a notch higher, shake a leg with your guests. You can have a gala time with your guests while dancing to the tunes and the beats of the DJ. Thus, witness the DJ set the stage for your party while your guests dance their hearts out. The venue receives famous artists almost every day and consequently, remains full for most of the day. So, to watch your favorite artist live, book the venue well ahead. Another reason why you should book the venue for the party is its popularity. The venue remains jam-packed for most of the days, and to avoid a mishap at the last minute, it is advisable to make the bookings way ahead of time.

Besides this, the venue also has wide and big screens for live sports screens. Thus, catch a glimpse of the live updates of the match while you are partying with your buddies. Above all, you can also enjoy your game nights with your friends at TFR Gurgaon NH8. You can refill yourself with your own booze or the booze from the bar counter and with the delicacies of the venue while you cheer the loudest for your favorite team. Thus, TFR Villa Gurugram Haryana also makes your game nights fun and memorable to your friends.

How will Sloshout help you with booking TFR Villa Gurgaon for your next party?

Sloshout will give you the best deals on TFR Gurgaon NH8. Yes, the venue experts at Sloshout will bargain with the concerned venue manager so that you can book the venue at the cheapest possible rate. Other than this, if you book through Sloshout, you can book the venue with the payment of a meager amount. The payment of just 15% of the total party package lets you book a venue for your party. Nowhere will you get a deal that is so affordable and accessible. In short, Sloshout only helps you save money every time you plan a party. Sloshout offers the most affordable party packages in Gurgaon.


So the next time you look for party venues in Golf Course Road or even party places in MG Road, consider TFR Gurgaon. The venue is close to both these places and you can efficiently plan your party at TFR Villa Subhash Chowk. So, contact one of us today to know more about the availability of the venue and our booking policy. Therefore, plan your next party immediately so that you don’t miss out on the chance to party at one of the most happening party venues in Gurgaon.


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Recent Reviews for TFR Villa


Visited this restaurant for the first time at my friend's birthday party last year. Since then, I have become a fan of this restaurant. A superb place for hanging out and partying with friends. All the staffs are friendly and helpful.


The best thing about this restaurant is its service. Always quick and prompt. The wait time never crosses 30 minutes on any given day, no matter, how much is the rush. And they never compromise on quality.


They made our 4th anniversary very very special. From candlelight dinner to complimentary eggless cake, everything was arranged with utmost care and professionalism. They took care of everything we needed. I would return to this place for their outstanding customer service.


The finger foods and the dips and sauces. Oh my God! They would make you fall in love with this place. I attended the high tea thrown by one of my clients, and I was bowled over by the sheer variety of the dips and sauces they served. Simply outstanding.


This restaurant has the right kind of setting and arrangement for organizing lavish birthday parties. It has the capacity to accommodate up to a hundred guests on a seating basis. Food is yum. Staffs are friendly. A great place to organize your son's or daughter's birthday party or any other private occasion.


This restaurant was on my target list for quite a long time. But I got a chance to explore this place only last year with one of our business partners throwing a party here. The food was predominantly tandoor-based and tasted out-of-the-world. The kebab platter was unbelievably delicious. The assortment of spices and herbs used on the tandoor dishes had some heavenly aroma. Simply exotic.
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