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Top Kitty Party Venues in Pune

Kitty parties are not something new. Since the luxurious times of the 18th and 19th century in Europe, kitty parties have been trending. Its main aim at the time was to find a way for the ‘women of the house’ to get together and discuss fashion, homely affairs and the like. However, as the western tradition has been passed down to the east, in India, its motives have changed dramatically. Kitty parties are now a proper event for the ladies to get together and discuss business opportunities as well, in an informal setting. You can form new friendships and find new acquaintances who share the same interests. Kitty parties also test a person’s organisational skills. The members of your group will pool together a certain amount of money, and give it to a particular person of the group. She will then be responsible for organising a proper kitty party. If this responsibility falls on you, then you don’t need to worry! We have got you covered.

Kitty Party Venues in Pune

As Pune continues to become more modern in every sense of the term, it also gets more influenced by the west. Therefore, middle and upper class people going for a kitty party has become quite common. If you decide to be the organiser for your group’s kitty party, then you need to have options for kitty party restaurants in Pune. For such occasions, you can now choose from a range of pubs, bars and restaurants. You can choose your venue based on the type of party that you want. From an informal party in a pub, to an elegant dinner with classy ambience in a restaurant, Pune now offers you the entire range. Needless to say, if you need any help in choosing venues for kitty party in Pune, Sloshout can help you in every step of the way! 

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