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Barish Moon Bar and Brewery

Barish Moon Bar and Brewery

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As an up and coming city, Noida has captured the limelight in the northern part of the country. Basically, India's economic growth helped cities such as Noida and Gurgaon. After business started and money started coming in, Noida also expanded. In this growth, Noida became what it is today. We all love Noida for all the things that it has to offer. From the best parties to the biggest highrise buildings. You name it, and the modern city of Noida has it. Moreover, the roads are cleaner, and there's a lot of greenery as well. Also, the air is a lot cleaner than that of Delhi. Basically, there are a lot of things to love about Noida. Another thing which has taken Noida by storm is pub hopping and bar hopping. These things have become quite common among youngsters.

With all the success of Uttar Pradesh and its economy, Noida is now one of the top cities in the country. With the youngsters, the idea of pub-hopping sounds amazing. Since there are so many shopping centers, tourist spaces, and offices, pubs and bars have come up. They're present in every corner of the city. You'll find super eccentric and eclectic bars everywhere. Moreover, they're of all different kinds. No matter your preference, you'll find something for everyone here. Isn't that great? We definitely think that it is. With pub or bar hopping, the patrons go to different pubs and bars to try out their food, drinks, and ambiance. All in all, it counts for a night of extreme fun and frolic for everyone involved!

What's a pub crawl?

Pub crawling is basically pub hopping. But, there's a twist to the idea. Basically, pub crawling is organized pub hopping. In this day and age, with social media being so pervasive, pub crawling is a thing! People now meet up at a specific point, with complete strangers that too. They then go and try different food and drinks, and dance at different pubs throughout the night. These events are actually organized by a lot of other pubs as well. Some of these events start off in the lesser-known pubs around town. The people then slowly go towards the bigger pubs in Noida. In the end, the best pubs are always the finishers of the pub crawling! One such a pub is Barish Moon Bar and Brewery. You'll find this gem in Sector 38, Noida! It's a proper reunion party place in Noida!

Tell me the basics about Barish Moon Bar and Brewery.

What's not to say about Barish Moon Bar & Brewery? It also goes by the name of Barish Moon Bar and Cafe, just in case you need to know. So, the first thing about this brewery is that it is relatively new. Moreover, it is in Sector 38 of Noida. In case you want to visit it, mark the venue and get out of your house accordingly! Even though it's relatively new, it's already creating a certain buzz and hype around town! Barish Moon Bar definitely deserves all this attention for a number of reasons. If you look at the pictures, you realize that it deserves all the hype that's been surrounding it. It looks absolutely gorgeous!

Once you enter the Barish Moon Bar and Brewery, you'll notice the decor immediately. It works well with the ambiance that they've wanted to create. They've tried to mingle a casual look with that of a modern art studio. We must say, it does look quite chic! The plush chairs, the beautiful setups, and most importantly, the huge amount of sunlight that streams through on a daily basis! All of this works in tandem to create a wonderful atmosphere. Each and every patron will feel like they've made the right choice by choosing this bar.

The specialty of Barish Moon Bar and Cafe?

The biggest selling point of Barish Moon The bar is the fact that it is the biggest rooftop pub/cafe in the entirety of Noida! That's right! We all know that Noida is quite a large city, with tall buildings and highrises. Basically, once you're up there on the rooftop seating, you can see the entire city go by during the evening. The lights will slowly start being lit, which will show the city's nightlife in the best way possible. It's a beautiful view up there; we guarantee it! It also has lip-smacking Chinese, Italian and North Indian dishes for you to savor. Their drinks are top-notch and the best you'll find anywhere in the city! On weekends, make sure to head to the bar for the best live music you'll hear for a long, long time!

What can I celebrate here?

The best part about the Barish Moon Bar and Brewery is the fact that you can book it for almost any event! That's right! If you're searching for first birthday party places in Noida, this is a great place to host it. What if it's your birthday and you want to celebrate it? Birthday party places in Noida don't get any better than this! It’s the best bday celebration place in Noida! Make sure that your birthday party in Noida is one which nobody will forget for a while. Are you also on the lookout for some kitty party places in Noida? What are you waiting for? Book this beautiful bar right now! It’s an excellent small birthday party venue in Noida. Is there any reason to wait any longer? We don't think there is.

If you want to book this venue, do it through Sloshout. We are the number one party booking site in the country. Just give us your details and requirements, and our agents will book the venue. It'll be done at the most nominal price. Therefore, you're bound to have the best time at Barish Moon Bar and Brewery! Make sure that you hurry! Since it's new and happening, seats are bound to be booked at a very early rate. This is why you need to act fast here! Have a great time at the pub!

This is the prime place for reunion parties. The reunion party places in Noida would be considered here. If we say that this is the best bday celebration places in Noida to celebrate the perfect birthday. Small birthday party venues in Noida can be searched here.


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