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Fun Villas

Fun Villas

Sector 135 Noida, Nagli Bahrampur, Uttar Pradesh

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Fun Villas

Sector 135, Noida



Sector 135 Noida, Nagli Bahrampur, Uttar Pradesh

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Are you planning a family gets together soon? Maybe you are planning a prolonged weekend getaway for your child’s birthday party? Do you want to organize a weekend party with all your school friends as a reunion of sorts? All of these plans sound amazing but planning them will be a lot of hassle. Consequently, you have to go through a long and arduous task to manage everything and organize the best party.

First and foremost, you need to find a great venue. Earlier, a lot of people thought their homes, flats or apartments would suffice for any big event. However, they were totally wrong and underestimated how much space a party actually needs. After all, it all depends on your guest list. If it is a somewhat big guest list, then you should ideally get another external venue specifically made for hosting a big party or event. Otherwise, your house will be overcrowded and overstuffed with not enough space for everyone to fit in. In addition to that, elderly people will not get enough space to sit on. If there are children in the party, they will also not have enough space to run around and frolic to their heart’s content.

Consequently, booking a venue seems the best option. Many people book banquet halls in Noida or party halls in Noida nowadays for their parties. However, that is not suitable for all kinds of parties. Those venues are great for one-night kind of events. For a prolonged event, however, a farmhouse would be the best.

Why book a farmhouse?

A farmhouse is a big sprawling space that you can book for the purpose of your party. In addition to that, it will be just for you and your party for the entire duration. Consequently, all of you will have a huge space to truly relax and have fun.

What location are you thinking?

If you are thinking of booking a farmhouse for a party in Noida, then you are in luck. Noida may have its own share of bars, cafes, pubs, and restaurants but it also has other places for partying. Noida has some great farmhouses for partying which are really nice and perfect. Consequently, if you are looking for a farmhouse in Noida sector 135 for a party, Fun Villas is a great option!

Why Fun Villas?

Firstly, Fun Villa is a great farmhouse with a huge list of amenities and facilities that come with it. Why would you book a large table at a restaurant and go through immense hassles if you could just book the luxurious fun villas Noida? Fun Villas is immaculately decorated and furnished to grant your party a really classy and elegant vibe. The interior décor is really aesthetic and pleasing to the eye.

We understand how important it is that your guests are thoroughly impressed from the moment they enter the party venue. Fun Villas will really set your party apart in terms of an absolutely smashing venue.

Thinking of a pool party?

If you are looking for a farmhouse for a pool party in Noida, Fun Villas is there! It has a great pool which is suitable for swimming or even relaxing beside it. For any summertime party, pools are a must. People love swimming during that time or just cooling themselves by putting their feet in. Consequently, kids love to play in a pool and splash water at each other! You can also bring in chairs from the house and laze beside the pool under the sun and get a nice tan. This makes Fun Villas sector 135 even more lucrative in the summer.

Do you want a lawn with the house?

Fun Villas is not just a big house. In addition to that, it also has a great lawn attached to it that can be used for multiple purposes. If it is a family reunion or picnic, games are a must. Consequently, ask the children in your house to carry badminton racquets or volleyball or cricket bats. The lawn is big enough to play any kind of sport without any hindrance! This lawn will provide an amazing opportunity for all of you to explore your inner kids. After all, who does not love a game of badminton or two?

You can also set up a sizzling barbecue station here to serve guests to your food absolutely juicy and hot! In addition to that, if the weather is cool enough, you can just shift your party outside. Set up chairs and tables for everyone to sit under the open air and have a great time. Subsequently, you can decorate the entire lawn with fairy lights or streamers. If you can add a music system with it, that would be even more magical. You can also ask some guests to play some music or sing a song. This would add more magic to the atmosphere and set up a great party environment. In addition to that, everyone can have their food outside and take a breath of fresh air when they feel suffocated or crowded inside.

Best place for your child’s birthday party:

If you are searching for kids’ birthday party places in Noida, Fun Villa is a great venue. There is ample space here so that children can stay inside and play different board games or party games. The outdoor space would also be really appealing to them. Children always love open spaces to run around in and the venue would be great. The parents can also stay inside during that time and talk to each other and relax.

Family reunion or get together with friends?

Fun villas in Noida is one of the best family get together party places in Noida. The big house will be just the place you need to bring all your relatives together in one place without any trouble. All of you can sit all day long and chat with each other in a relaxing environment. Fun Villa is situated amidst a lot of greenery and peace. You do not have to worry about any unnecessary noise of the city attacking you here. After all, we all need a place of quiet to catch up with our loved ones. Fun Villa will give you the opportunity to truly relax and go away from the monotony and daily hustle-bustle of life.

This the farmhouse also comes furnished with every sort of kitchen appliance and amenities you can think of. Cooking in this state-of-the-art modern kitchen will be any cook’s dream. Consequently, all you have to do is bring the ingredients and you can make a picnic right there!

In addition to that, you can also get a cooking crew to come in and prepare their meal. It will be no trouble for them to make great food and even serve it. The farmhouse will be totally suitable for such a huge party.

Throw a theme party!

Farmhouses are really great because you can change their décor as you like and you have full permission to do so. You can totally decorate the entire farmhouse with your child’s favorite colored balloons. In addition to that, you can also stick posters or have cut-outs of their favorite cartoon. Hanging streamers and lights would also be a great touch. The personal touches and eye for details are what will set your party apart and make it amazing. After all, we all want our children to have a fantastic birthday experience that they can forever reminisce about.

The theme party idea would also be great for a kitty party or a bachelorette party. Fun villas can be redecorated by you as you choose just for your party. Consequently, this will make things really easy for you as an organizer. Any theme you set up, just know that the venue will be helpful for all of it. The farmhouse is flexible and you can set up prop pieces or pieces of decoration wherever you like. It is classy and elegant enough to go with any and every kind of look. Consequently, be prepared for your guests wanting to take loads of pictures! After all, they will be enjoying themselves a lot and will want to take pictures at the party for likes on social media.

How do you book it?

Do not be confused about booking Fun Villa. Just go to! The planners and helpers at Sloshout will help you contact the owners of Fun Villa. You can also find out any necessary detail you want to know beforehand from them. Consequently, avoid the hassle of personally going to the venue and booking it. Just book it through Sloshout and be done with it!

After all, you are not just the organizer of the party but also a big part of it. Do not miss out on the fun just because you are too busy managing stuff. Do the managing stuff beforehand so you can have fun at the party in Fun Villa!

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