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Gravity Mantra

Gravity Mantra

2nd & 3rd Floor, J-56, Sector 18, Noida

 +91 8588826881

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Gravity Mantra

Sector 18, Noida


Very Good

2nd & 3rd Floor, J-56, Sector 18, Noida

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Gravity Noida Sector 18


Parties in the 21st century are an integral part of life. In these modern days when we hardly get any time for ourselves to balance personal and work life, parties are the ultimate saviors. You can book the best corporate party places in sector 18 Noida with exclusive prices.


Gravity is the prime location for organizing the corporate event venues in Noida with all breweries.


Yes, you heard it right Gravity Noida which is located in sector 18 is perfect for all parties. Those people who are nearby to sector 18 usually search for the birthday party places in Noida for organizing the bday parties.


They are like a breath of fresh air that relaxes us and gives us some time off from the daily drudgery of life.


They give us the opportunity not only to have an awesome time over good food and drinks but also catch up with family and friends to spend some quality time with them.


Sector 18 Noida is possibly one of the most popular party destinations in the whole of the town.


Party Venues in Sector 18


This space gives an entirely new definition to the idea of parties. If you are someone who loves partying and has never really explored the partying places in sector 18, you are surely missing out.


There is an innumerable range of party venues in sector 18 that are absolutely gorgeous. But that one party venue that has almost set a benchmark for similar other party places in Sector 18 is the Gravity Mantra.


Gravity Mantra Noida is without a doubt one of the most happening places in the sector 18. This restaurant has the potential to transform any casual everyday party into a grand affair.


The staff and the management take every small detail into consideration to make sure that their clients are having a wonderful time.


They keep no stone unturned in order to achieve the best possible party experience for their customers.

Gravity Mantra sector 18 Noida looks like it has been taken straight out of a high-end magazine. The architectural design, the interesting color 1palette and the entire vibe of the place are absolutely electric.


The place comes in multiple party backdrops and each space has an essence of its own.


The white monochromatic decor on one hand and the rustic woody space on the other give this place a unique twist. The blend of modern contemporary designs with that of the traditional vintage lends this place with a sense of drama. Gravity Mantra Noida Uttar Pradesh, therefore, offers various backdrops and moods for partying.

Gravity Mantra Sector 18 Noida Menu & Reviews

Gravity Mantra Noida Sector 18 is not just about looks. As a restaurant, it has been the talk of the town for quite some time now. It is a food lover's paradise and the Gravity Mantra reviews have been nothing short of breathtaking.


The Gravity Mantra menu offers a delectable variety of mouth-watering dishes ranging from Indian to Chinese. The chefs work their magic to achieve the perfect blend that satiates your taste buds and make you want more.


This party venue in sector 18 is spread across three different floors that come with their own themes.


The second level of the restaurant is called the Music Factory and as the name suggests, it mostly concentrates on live music and drinks. Artists from all over the country come to perform and deliver a magical experience to the clients.


It is a free smoking floor where guests can enjoy a delicious range of drinks.


The mixologists play with just the right flavors to reach that perfect blend. This not only satiates your taste buds but also sets the mood for the party. The third section in this party space is called the Ocean’s paradise.


As the very name of this party, section suggests, the spot is ocean themed. The Noida sector 18 party venues have been decorated with different shades of the ocean to give the guests a serene and peaceful ambiance. The place also comes with a live kitchen that holds the major attraction of the place.


Apart from that space specializes in great food, drinks, and an amazing vibe through which guests can have a great time with their close ones.


Now we finally reach the end of the massive Noida Sector 18 party venue where the terrace meets the sky. The terrace floor is popularly known as Heaven’s touch because of its very setting. Space is mesmerizing and absolutely nothing can beat an ambiance that brings one close to nature.


Space comes with various interesting amenities but above all, it helps one to unwind and relax after a long hard day. The open-air setting consists of various attractions like the terrace bar, barbeque, a lounge music space, and even beautiful waterfalls.


Therefore, Gravity Mantra Noida does not fail to necessarily provide their customers with the best of services. The party hall in Noida sector 18 has something for everyone and it never seems to disappoint.


The place is perfect for all kinds of parties and events in sector 18 Noida. Parties like the fresher’s parties are one of the most important events that take place at the onset of a student’s life.


It is a great opportunity for students to not only meet new people but also to start their new lives with a bang. Gravity Mantra happens to be one of the most popular fresher party venues in Noida sector 18.


Not just fresher’s parties but the venue is also quite great if you are looking for farewell party places in sector 18. Space acts as a beautiful backdrop to these events that make these important memories all the more special and unique.


The Gravity Mantra party venue in Noida Sector 18 is definitely a jack of all trades.


It has the capability to organize even important functions like birthdays. The age group of the person in question does not matter as this birthday party venue in sector 18 is just enough.


From a friend’s birthday celebration to even finalizing a space for first birthday party places in sector 18, this venue works ideally. Space is also a good choice for someone who is looking for kitty party venues in Noida sector 18. So, book the kitty party restaurants in Noida at an unbeatable price.


Therefore Gravity Mantra is without a doubt one of the most stunning places to organize your event in.


Celebrating or conducting your event here will not only make it special but will also give you a reason to remember it with its uniqueness. To find more such similar event venues, visit


All you have to do is visit the site and let us know about your venue requirements for the event. Our team of experienced and skilled researchers will help you find the best venue for your party.


So do not wait up anymore and go and do your booking now. Get amazing deals and best offers today!

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