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List of Conference Venues / Places in Noida

Conference parties are one of the most important forms of events. It is possibly the most crucial event that a person can come across in their professional lives. The importance of corporate events has increased all the more over time due to various reasons.

SS Grand Sector 70


Very Good

Top In Town Sector 29


Very Good

Gaba Corporate Suites Sector 70


Very Good

Hyphen Hotel Sector 62


Very Good

Awadh Greens Greater Noida


Very Good

Expocentre Sector 62


Very Good

Cytrus Clarks Inn Sector 66


Very Good

City Stay Hotel Sector 22


Very Good

Park Ascent Sector 62


Very Good

Stardom Convention Sector 16


Very Good

Cavendish Hotel Sector 104


Very Good

Saffron Sector 51


Very Good


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Conference Venues / Rooms / Halls in Noida

With the perpetual stress in the workplace, these events also serve as a great recess.


These office occasions help the employees and the staff to take a break from work and have a wonderful time with friends and colleagues.


They get to relax and rejuvenate over some good company and aura.


But corporate parties are not just about the traditional form of partying or relaxing.


These events also come with great opportunities to get to know more people.


Professionals from all hierarchies take part in these events.


This not only makes way for a round of introduction amongst various employees and staff but moreover gives way to new business opportunities.


A great section of corporate parties is sometimes a conference.


A conference is a meeting or an event that includes people or experts to discuss and share ideas about a particular subject.


Conferences in corporate environments can last for several days to consult and reach a common and successful objective. These conferences include people coming from all over the world to attend the event.


Moreover, it is not just the company that takes part in the conference.


These conferences generally include two parties, the company, and its client, who meet and discuss in order to finalize and strike a business deal.


Conferences are huge events that are not at all easy to organize. It requires a completely different team to concentrate on every small aspect of the event over a period of time.


Taking every small aspect into proper consideration and making sure that everything turns out to be perfect is all the more crucial when it comes to conferences.


This is because, in some of these assemblies, it is not just the employees that take part but also the clients.


Since these are the clients who are in turn involved in the business deal, it is very important to make sure everything is impeccable.


Reputation management plays a major role in this sector. Even a minor mistake can result in impactful and lasting disrepute.


Therefore, it is quite crucial to plan these conference events in detail with speculation. The venue plays a very important role in determining the success of the conference event.


The venue acts as the backbone that holds the entire event together.


Thus, picking the right venue ensures that the battle has been half won. We know how difficult it can get to pick the right venue for conference events amongst so much other work.


Thus, here we are to make your life a lot easier. We have curated and handpicked for you the best of the conference event venues in Noida that will make your events all the better.


Saffron Banquet:


This venue for the conference party in Noida is one of the most popular and sought after party places in Noida.


This Noida conference party hall is very sophisticated and yet quite easy on the pocket.


In other words, it provides you with a great conference event experience without burning a hole in your pocket.


The place is ideal as a small conference party venue in Noida which can accommodate up to 250 people.


So, go ahead and find the details of Saffron Banquet today to host an incredible conference event.


City Stay Hotel:


If you are looking for a conference room in Noida to organize a small event, this is your place.


The place might be small but it comes with all the amenities that are required to make any simple party, great.


You can opt for your own decorators to amp this place up with your designs and ideas. Thus, stop contemplating and book your dates with City Stay Hotel today!




If there is one Conference party hall in Noida that overrules every other similar conference party places, it has to Ayatti. There is no way that one can even begin to compete with this Noida hall for the conference party. The place epitomizes sophistication and elegance.


With avast space, modern designs, and contemporary service, this place has managed to stand out and make its mark.


The conference event venue in Noida can accommodate up to 1500 people which therefore makes it an ideal place for huge conference parties in Noida. Thus, Ayatti comes with everything that makes a party great.


Our Story Pub:


This conference party place in Noida is quite different from those that we have discussed above.


The ultimate motto behind Our, Story Pub is to provide its customers with a relaxing time.


Thus, this place for a party in Noida is perfect for more casual Noida conference parties.


If your conference party is a small informal affair, you can choose this venue.


This location will not only make your event great but it will also provide a relaxing time for your guests. They will get a chance to rejuvenate and unwind over some great food and drinks.


Our Story Pub, therefore, blends the casual and professional in the best manner possible without sacrificing any.


Spize Nothing Like That:


This venue for conference events in Noida has managed to be the talk of the town for quite some time now.


The staff and management are extremely well trained.


They take every small aspect of your Noida conference party into consideration to make it great. They keep no stone unturned so as to provide you with a wonderful and memorable experience.


The place is perfect for small to medium-sized conference parties as it can easily accommodate a 350 long guest list.


So, stop waiting for any further and book your dates with Spize Nothing Like that today.


To find more such incredible conference venues in Noida, visit the website Slashout.com.


You will find amazing places for the conference parties in Noida that are too good to miss.


All you have to do is let us know about your specifications and we will handpick for you the best party venues that will cater to your demands and preferences. Book your party venue with Sloshout today to get amazing offers and deals.





What are some other conference party venues in Noida?

Some other corporate and conference party venues in Noida are as follows: Iconic club and convention, fork and spoon, Imperfecto and Flaming Kick.

Is Noida a safe place to party?

The city of Noida is a great place for partying. It has a lot of amazing and safe places to party and relax. However, parts of Greater Noida and the outskirts of Noida do not really guarantee safety. These are still developing areas and there have been previous cases of snatching and robbery at these places. But as long as you are partying in the main city, you are good to go.

What are some great party places in Noida for casual outings with friends and family?

Noida is filled with some great party venues where you can relax and hangout with your close ones. Here are some of the best that you must try: Barish Moon bar and brewery, ROOVEZ, Time Machine, Imperfecto, and Noida Bar Exchange.

What are some budget party places in Noida?

Some budget party options in Noida are Silver Leaf and Iconic Club and convention.

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