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I Sacked Newton

I Sacked Newton

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I Sacked Newton

Sector 32, Noida


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Parties are something that everyone enjoys. Parties too in the 21st century have a number of definitions. Gone are the days when partying only meant dancing all through the night over loud music and fascinating disco lights. There are various forms of parties and with time we have only come to realize how important these gatherings can turn out to be. In recent times when people are extremely busy with lives and work, they hardly get any time to spend with themselves or with their friends and family.



This results in the deterioration of their mental and physical health due to a pile of stress. The workplace pressure and burden starts affecting our everyday life in general which eventually brings in chaos. This stressful life often leads us to a melting point where everything seems to fall apart. Therefore, breaks and recesses are one of the most important days to day activities that we must consider taking. It gives us time for ourselves and also the opportunity to spend some quality time with friends and family. It relieves us from the everyday monotonous routines which have the tendency to get tedious after a while if gone without a break. In a recent study, the research work found that certain number of breaks from work life increases the efficiency of the workers and the employees. Therefore it is not just the staff that gets to have a good time; the company in general to gets a lot of efficiency from their employees by providing them with breaks. Parties are therefore a great way through which you can have a wonderful time with friends and family over some great conversations, food, and drinks.



Parties are of different types and there are different ways in which people like to party. There are several categories to party lovers and it ranges from the various styles and the way someone wants to spend time. Some people like to stick to the old way where they can have a crazy time dancing all through the night over some great beats and adrenaline rush. There are other party lovers who like to take down a notch and have some fun and a great time with friends and family by hanging out with them. Some believe in partying with delicious food and some who likes their time in solitary where they read a book or stream on some binge-watching drive over Netflix.



We know-how difficult it can get to pick the right place for partying amongst all the wonderful party places in sector 32 Noida. There are several party venues in sector 32 Noida but the place that we are going to talk about here is something that has managed to stand out from the other party places.



I sacked Newton Noida is without a doubt one of the best party places that exist in Noida. Then I sacked Newton reviews and ratings are very positive and it is one of those places that have overtime been a crowd magnet. It has been very successful at maintaining their quality of service and standards for quite some time now and has therefore been a people’s favorite.


I sacked Newton sector 32 Noida is the perfect place to catch up with friends and family and have a wonderful and memorable time with them. The place is absolutely beautiful and there is no way that you can visit this restaurant only once. With your very entrance into I sacked Newton restaurant, you are bound to be mesmerized with the whole setting and vibe of the place. The place is huge and very spacious and it is, therefore, a great space for partying. It can accommodate a lot of people that too comfortably making it very easy to work with.



Space has both an indoor and outdoor seating arrangement and both the spaces are as beautiful as they get. The color palette of the interiors is on the darker side while the outdoor seating area is very summery. The interior décor includes wooden floors, huge old school windows and color-coordinated chesterfield couches in blue and red. This gives the space a sense of drama and mystery with an overall rustic and vintage vibe to the interiors.



There are various antique pieces and huge and beautiful well-stacked bar where you can get just the right concussions with the perfect balance and taste. The outdoor seating area, on the other hand, is very breezy and great if you want to spend some time in a little garden-like area. The green panels of the restaurant, the elegant black and white checkered floor, and the comfortable white seating arrangements give this space a very pretty and elegant look.


I sacked Newton menu is also very popular for its beautiful array of delectable flavors that are so good that you cannot miss. The chef works their magic on simple flavors and makes something extremely exquisite that will make you want to order endlessly. The right spices and acidity are mixed to achieve the perfect balance that will make your mouths water even at the sight and smell of it. With regard to serving some of the most wonderful tasting dishes, the I sacked Newton price, is comparatively quite affordable. You do not have to spend a lot of money to have a great time with your close ones here. The overall experience at this place, therefore, makes it a people’s favorite which makes one visit this place again and again. They provide some amazing I sacked Newton deals that will make your party even more exquisite and amazing that it already was.



If you are someone who is looking for birthday party venues in Noida, I sacked Newton Noida Uttar Pradesh is without a doubt one of the best and cheap birthday party places. The staff is very courteous and well trained and they take every need of yours into consideration to provide you with their best services. The entire vibe, ambiance and the experience at this restaurant in Noida has the potential to make your birthday even more special.



Therefore, if you would like to spend some amazing time with your close ones, you must visit this place and have a gala time with them.

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Corporate Party

Birthday Party


Rooftop Party

Bachelor Party

Kitty Party

Freshers Party

Farewell Party

Ladies Kitty Party

Couple Kitty Party

Christmas Party

New Year's Party

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Reunion Party

College Farewell Party

Recent Reviews for I Sacked Newton

The butter chicken served here was the best in . This was the first time I visited this restaurant, and honestly saying, I am thoroughly impressed.
Whenever I visit this place, I just sit and relax first, soak up the amazing ambience and then order my food. And by the time the food is served on the table I am totally refreshed. The choice of background music is unbelievable here and it matches perfectly with décor and ambience of the place. Visit this place if you want to experience fine dining at its best.
Awesome food. Warm and cosy ambience. Had a wonderful time here last New Year's Eve. The gala dinner and New Year party is worth trying.
The best North Indian dishes are prepared in traditional clay ovens. I organized a small business party for my business associates here. And the restaurant truly lived up to its reputation. All the food I selected from the menu was super delicious and the welcome drinks were really refreshing. I am happy because my guests loved the food and the service.
Fantastic place. Great service. Yummy food and reasonable prices. Spacious enough for small parties like birthday celebrations with friends. Homely atmosphere. No pre-booking is required for a normal dinner.
Finest North Indian dishes are served in a relaxed yet cheery modern restaurant. Elegantly decorated, clean and hygienic place. The food served here is a typical mix of modern and traditional, and they taste amazing. Not big enough for parties but ideal for the celebration of special occasions or events with a few friends and colleagues. Friendly atmosphere. So, no formal booking is required.
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