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Amaara Farms

Amaara Farms

A-12, Amaara Farms, Main, Chattarpur Mandir Rd, Bhatti Kalan, New Delhi

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If you happen to hail from Chattarpur or Delhi, you would know how difficult it is to get a good venue at a good price, especially during the season. And if you wish to get good venue chances are that you have to pay way over the top to secure it and it’d understandably lead to a huge hole in your pocket. But how would you feel if we say that not only it is possible for you to obtain a party venue in Chattarpur, but get it at a price which would make your jaw drop? Well, believe us, because Amaara Farms Chattarpur has top-notch venues in and around Chattarpur which would not only amaze you with their prices but would also leave you immensely satisfied with the quality and comfort on offer at the venues. And if you are looking for a farmhouse for marriage in Chattarpur then you should definitely try out Amaara farmhouses in Chattarpur.

About Amaara Farms

The head office of Amaara Farms is situated in the national capital territory on Delhi NCR. And its only other sub venue is situated at Chattarpur which is a short distance away from New Delhi. And the company claims to have the means to provide a wedding venue in Delhi worthy of ‘Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous’. Now, this might come across as an immensely bold claim but if you have one look at the sprawling venues on offer from Amaara Farms, you would change your mind in a heartbeat. From being amused to be amazed would take a mere heartbeat. With a sprawling 360-degree skyline and beautiful greenery on all sides, the Amaara Farms Chattarpur Delhi provides the best wedding venue in Chattarpur and Delhi.


The Amaara Farms venue in Chattarpur is situated right on the main road leading to Chattarpur. It is located amidst lush greenery and open expansive natural beauty. The close proximity to the Chattarpur metro station makes it easily accessible for one and all and increases its value as a perfect venue for marriage in Chattarpur. Moreover, the easily accessible location means that it is easy to reach all seasons, irrespective of the climate. So if you like rains and wish to have your wedding during the rainy season amidst the dark clouds and rainfall, then this is the venue for you.

Available space

The Amaara farmhouse location is quite spacious and having the privilege of being set in a scenic backdrop makes it appear all the more spacious and expansive. The beautiful fact about this location is that it offers both indoor and outdoor locations for marriage ceremonies. For indoors there is the banquet hall. Outdoor ceremonies are held in sprawling lawns which are integral parts of the farmhouse. The banquet hall has an approximate capacity of seating two hundred people and an added space for three hundred and fifty floating guests. This makes it one of the largest indoor marriage venues in Delhi. The outdoor lawn has the capacity to seat approximately five hundred guests while another one thousand could have available floating space. So if you are organizing a party of more than a thousand guests in attendance, this venue is the perfect fit for you. The banquet hall is an all-glass compound that is spaced out on an area of roughly seven thousand square feet. The glass walls of the banquet hall offer a magnificent view of the adjacent lawns which are sprawled across a riveting fifty-five thousand square feet. The shimmering greenery of the surroundings makes the days magical while the nights are beautifully illuminated by the numerous Buddha statues on display.


  • The facilities and amnesties on offer at Amaara Farms are bound to leave you spellbound as you embark on a magical time throughout the duration of your ceremony.
  • The property has adequate facilities to facilitate a contemporary pre-function assembly. So if you wish to dance and sing to your heart’s content before the procession enters the venue but cannot do so because of the intense traffic jams it would inevitably cause on the busy Delhi roads, this is a godsend for you.
  • There are a number of venues in and around Delhi which do not provide a separate bridal room, which is why most brides have to put on the ornaments, jewelry, make-up and everything that comes along hours in advance. Then they have to arrive at the venue by transport. This is a terrible ordeal; especially during the hot climates as the heaving makeover tends to make people feel very suffocated. But Amaara farms have a separate and well-furnished bridal room for your use which would ease a lot of problems faced by brides in other venues.
  • The indoor celebration area is an all-glass banquet hall that has ample space to host a large function. The beautiful interiors, extensive attention to detail and earnestness of the staff are bound to please you. Moreover, the venue in itself boasts of some of the best decorations in the business which would surely mesmerize you if you like art.
  • There is a parking area with full valet service enabled which spans over an estimated area of two acres. This gives ample space for parking to all your guests. And we all know the terrible space crunch in Delhi. So most of the venues cannot offer much in the name of parking space. So in this market, such abundant parking space for your guests is a big facility which Amaara farms have on offer.
  • The venue offers a full entertainment package that includes DJ, full bar, catering, and decoration. It has a designated dance area to bust some moves while all your floral arrangements and decorations will be taken care of by experts. The catering service offers both veg and non-veg cuisine at an exemplary rate. The food is absolutely delightful as is the catering crew who are extremely polite and well behaved.
  • Alcohol is allowed at the venue, so if you are worried that the marriage ceremony held there would be mellow then rest assured that that would not be the case. Firecrackers and hawan are also allowed which means that if you want you can organize the most happening of weddings at the venue.

What should you take care of before choosing a party venue at Chattarpur?

Every venue that you choose must fulfill a set of pre-requisites for it to be even considered by you to be chosen. Let us look at the factors that you should definitely take into account while choosing a venue.

Safety and security:

This is one of the primary necessities of any venue. A marriage ceremony attracts a lot of people at their flashiest best. Almost everybody wears expensive watches, jewelry, etc. as they come together to celebrate the marriage of their closed ones. As usual, marriage ceremonies are usually targeted by lowlifes for pickpocketing and robbing of unaware people. If a venue cannot offer proper safety and security then it should be chalked off from the list in the very beginning. Amaara farms are located in a very safe and secure locality where you do not have to worry about your security at all and enjoy the ceremony freely.


Be sure to compare your venue capacity with your social circle. If you are organizing a major event and plan to invite a number of people then it is better to choose a venue that has the capacity to fit a large number of people. The capacity of Amaara farms is one of the largest in Delhi.


When you are looking for a venue in a city that is as populated as Delhi, it is very hard to find the venue of your dreams and proper privacy. Say that your favorite venue is a park or a natural location; you cannot stop passers-by from taking a peek. Amaara farms are situated in the heart of nature which gives you ample privacy to organize your wedding in perfect fashion.


Because of its subtle nature, most people do not even check for acoustics while choosing a venue. But if you plan on having music at your ceremony, then it is advisable to get a venue which isn’t too echoey or too full. You need the perfect kind of halls to get the music flowing. Amaara farms have great acoustics which makes it the perfect place to hold a party celebration.

Proper restroom facilities:

Restrooms are an essential part of human sustenance. So whenever you want to book a venue is sure to check all the restroom facilities so that you are not in for a rough surprise later on.


Make sure that your venue has ample parking facilities. If not, most guests would not be able to make it as many do not prefer traveling by public transports while being dressed up. Amaara farms would provide you with over two acres of parking space so that your guests can all arrive at their own comfort.

How can Sloshout help you

Sloshout only affiliates with venues after getting a thorough inspection done of the venue. Amaara farms are available at a wide variety of price ranges on various websites. But we can assure you that we can provide you with the best price for the venue in the market. And on top of that amazing discounts are rolled out throughout the year. So next time you wish to book Amaara farms for your party occasion.

In conclusion

All that we can say at the end is that Amaara farms guarantee a memorable celebration and is bound to please you. It is the perfect venue for anybody who wishes to have a grand and memorable party. And the best part is that Amaara farms cater to all kinds of social celebrations. They rent out for birthday parties, bachelor parties, marriage anniversary parties and all other kinds of parties. It is one of the busiest party places in Chattarpur as it is in demand throughout the year. And Sloshout offers you the best price available at the venue. So next time you have a party at Chattarpur of any sort be sure to consider Sloshout and be sure to look for Amaara farms.


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