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Apsara Grand

Apsara Grand

A-1/20 B, Paschim Vihar, Rohtak Road, Near Metro Station Paschim Vihar, Delhi.

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Apsara Grand

Paschim Vihar, Delhi



A-1/20 B, Paschim Vihar, Rohtak Road, Near Metro Station Paschim Vihar, Delhi.

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Do you want to throw a grand wedding party in West Delhi to make your wedding day the most memorable? Have you been checking out the banquets in West Delhi but are being overwhelmed with your choices?


We can understand that choosing the ultimate venue for your wedding can be quite a hectic task. That is why; Sloshout recommends the star of all the banquets on Rohtak Road, Apsara Grand banquet Paschim Vihar.


Why would you go for Apsara Grand banquets Paschim Vihar Delhi for your next party?


Apsara Grand can leave you dazzled with its beauty and splendor. The venue exercises the capability of excellent flexibility as it can be a host to any party. Whether you choose to opt for the services of the decorators at the venue or not, the surreal look and feel of the venue raise awe from guests.


The space inside the venue, the hospitality, the services, the amenities, and the grandeur of Apsara Grand Banquet Hall Paschim Vihar is unparalleled and beyond comparison. With all the above, Apsara Grand Paschim Vihar sure knows how to be a show-stealer among the other West Delhi banquets. Overall these years, Apsara Grand Rohtak Road Delhi has managed to keep its signature style intact. This is the reason why people prefer Apasara Grand Paschim Vihar Delhi for their parties and get-togethers.


Above all, the venue is one of the most affordable banquets among all banquet halls in West Delhi especially for celebrating a birthday party. Although it specializes in delivering you with the warmest of services, Apsara Grand never robs you blind with its charges. The venue has always maintained affordability to be its main feature so that people from all classes can party grand without a worry.


Apsara Grand Banquets, Block A, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi, Delhi, do not ever cut down on the lavishness factor of a party. Thus, if you want to party in a 5-star style banquet without having to burn your pockets, Apsara Grand banquet hall Paschim Vihar is the party destination for you.


Why would you party in a banquet hall?


As per popular belief, banquet halls are hosts for a wedding party, an engagement party, a roka ceremony or even a corporate party. But people hesitate a bit when they are told that they can host any other kind of party in banquets as well. There is no harm in making your party a bit more grand the next time.  That is to say, by planning a party at a banquet hall, you can enjoy yourself at your party thoroughly with your friends and family without worry or two.



If grandeur is what excites you to party frequently, then surely villas or farmhouses in Delhi is also an option. You will be able to party at a villa for an entire day with your closest buddies. Partying at a farmhouse of a villa gives you the exclusive access to the entire house. Be it a pool, a terrace, a lawn, you can party at multiple places at different times of the day. Thus, if you have been looking for small party halls in West Delhi or small banquets in West Delhi for planning a party, villas in Delhi can easily suffice.



However, farmhouses in Delhi are devoid of the catering and decorating facilities. Additionally, villas/ apartments for rent/ farmhouses are great for close-knit parties. If you want to have a party where you want to invite all your guests, farmhouses are not that feasible an option. Wedding banquets in West Delhi does take reservations for birthdays, anniversaries, bachelor/ bachelorette parties, and even reunion parties. So with these many options, partying at the banquet in West Delhi can be the wisest and the most affordable option.


Amenities at Apsara Grand banquet Paschim Vihar New Delhi:


Decoration at the Apsara Grand Banquet Hall Paschim Vihar:


The Apsara Grand Banquet Hall Paschim Vihar can easily accommodate 250 guests in the floating and 150 guests seating. This means the venue can be a host to intimate parties. Among all the banquets near Peeragarhi, Apsara Grand banquet Paschim Vihar is known to be the most affluent one. Bright lights, warm, wooden décor, and elaborate gestures welcome the guests at the venue. That is to say, the venue is brilliantly lighted with grand ceiling lights, chandeliers, and wall and floor lights. The tall ceilings along with the magnificent chandeliers add the extra oomph to the venue.


Besides the lighting, the venue has the most luxurious seating arrangements. This makes sure that your guests are always served the right way at your party. The entire banquet area is air-conditioned properly to make sure that your guests can enjoy the party with ease. In fact, Apsara Grand banquets have a central air-conditioning system. Along with this, there are generators and backup systems in the venue too which are compatible with the electrical appliances. Additionally, the dining area is spacious enough to host a buffet at your party. The rich lighting and the pleasant color palette along with the indoor plants give the dining area a soothing environment. There is also a dedicated outdoor area at the venue where you can host a birthday party or cut your birthday or anniversary cake.


The look and feel of Apsara Grand Banquets:


Furthermore, Apsara Grand Paschim Vihar dons a sophisticated and classy look and feel. The walls are done with relaxing wooden colors which give the venue an inviting ambiance. The inside space of the venue is seldom accompanied by indoor plants in crafty pottery which add further to the earthy and intimate feel to the place. Apart from the chandeliers, lights and the seating arrangement, the venue has a minimalist décor. This is kept in mind to make sure that you can easily host a themed party at the venue. Whether it is your kid’s birthday party or your corporate event, the venue can easily adapt itself to these. Thus, the Apsara Grand Banquet Paschim Vihar is also one of the best kids’ birthday celebration party venues in Delhi.


The decorators at the Apsara Grand Banquet Hall West Delhi:


The decorators at the venue can also come in handy if you wish to decorate the venue for your party. You can give the briefing for the party to the concerned venue manager. He/ she will coordinate your requirements to the team. They will then accordingly come up with a plan of the proceedings of the day. The manager along the decorators will work together to come up with a design which both respects your requirements and also is a living testament of their craft. Apsara Grand Banquets does not allow outside decorators inside the venue. And meaningfully so. Hiring an outside decorator for a party that will only have 150 to 250 guests can be an expensive affair. Thus Apsara Grand Paschim Vihar only wishes to help you manage your expenses better.


Refreshments at Apsara Grand banquets Paschim Vihar Delhi:


Apsara Grand banquets will leave you pleasantly surprised with the number of cuisines it can churn out. The venue has expert chefs to make the most delicious food for your guests at the party. Be it snacks, starters, different dishes that constitute the main course or the desserts, the food is at par with the 5-star restaurants in Delhi. Your guests will be flattered the moment they walk into the venue as the caterers will spoil them with food from the very first moment. The snacks are served throughout the length of the party. Furthermore, some of them are the products of the creativity of our very own chefs. Thus, your guests will be in for a treat at the Apsara Grand Paschim Vihar.


The Apsara Banquet menu:


For the main course, the venue serves a multitude of dishes from Indian, Chinese, Continental, Italian, Mughlai, etc. cuisines. The venue serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes and has separate kitchens for cooking them. However, it might so happen that you are looking for other cuisines to be served at your party. The catering team at the venue has got you covered there as well. You can let them know about the specific kinds of food or the cuisines that you are looking for. The chefs will serve those dishes at the party as well. Thus, all your fooding requirements will be taken care of minutely at the Apsara Grand Banquet Paschim Vihar.


To make sure that you don’t end up splurging at your party, you can opt for food packages for your guests. This majorly aids in keeping a close check at the expenses per plate per person and prevents the wastage of food as well. Thus, not only can you customize the cuisines for your party but also the entire food package as well. For similar reasons for saving money at your party, Apsara Grand does not allow outside caterers at the venue. Thus, the venue saves you from the extra hassle of arranging for a caterer for your close-knit party.


Beverages and alcohol served at Apsara Grand Paschim Vihar:


Honestly speaking, parties appear a bit dry without alcohol. The venue thus allows alcohol inside the premises. In fact, there is a fully loaded bar inside the venue. The bartenders at the Apsara Grand banquet will provide your guests with the most exquisite spirits. The venue also arranges for non-alcoholic drinks for those guests who prefer to have fun without getting sloshed. The mixologists at the venue have all the expertise to churn out exotic cocktails at your party. This makes Apsara Grand banquet hall Paschim Vihar one of the best cocktail party venues in Delhi NCR. Thus, keep your guests hooked to the party at all hours courtesy the bar at the wedding venue in West Delhi.


Apart from the alcohol served at the venue, you can also bring your own booze from the outside. Yes, Apsara Grand West Delhi is one of those rare BYOB party venues in West Delhi. We all can agree that ordering drinks inside party venues can get a tad bit expensive. Therefore, this feature in the Apsara Grand banquet will help you save a considerable amount of money at your party. However, if you are fond of cocktails and mocktails, Apsara Grand banquets Paschim Vihar Delhi can then spoil you with choices.


Miscellaneous amenities at Apsara Grand Banquet Hall Paschim Vihar:


The venue offers ample parking for all your guests. The parking space can accommodate 100 cars comfortably and has the service of valet parking as well. The venue has complimentary changing rooms for the bride and the groom as well. Additionally, the venue remains functional till 12 in the night. So, you can party till midnight without a worry at the Apsara Grand Banquets, Block A, Paschim Vihar, New Delhi, Delhi.


Other than this, the venue also allows humans to be performed inside the venue. Thus, you can easily have your puja along with the celebrations at Apsara Grand banquets. Additionally, you can also take the pheras at your wedding if you are hosting your wedding party here. Talking of weddings, the venue also gives you the provisions to welcome the baaratis at the venue. So, no longer do you have to receive the baarat outside the party venue. You can now welcome them warmly with a firecrackers show at the Apsara Grand banquet as it allows fireworks at the venue too. In fact, this opens up a lot of possibilities at the venue. You can now cut your birthday or anniversary cake or welcome the New Year with a grand fireworks show at the Apsara Grand banquet hall.


Therefore, Apsara Grand banquets are also a conducive party venue in West Delhi to celebrate Christmas, Eid, Diwali, New Year or a Lohri party. The venue also has a dance floor so that you can shake a leg with your guests. Thus, dial the spirits of your party a notch higher to the beats of the DJ.


So, the next time you plan a family get-together party in West Delhi thinks of Apsara Grand Paschim Vihar.


How will Sloshout help you to plan your party at the Apsara Grand Paschim Vihar New Delhi?


Sloshout will help you to give you the most lucrative deal on all banquet halls in Paschim Vihar. Speaking of Apsara Grand banquets Paschim Vihar Delhi, Sloshout will aid you in getting the venue at the cheapest possible rates. Additionally, Sloshout will also help you design your party at Apsara Grand banquet hall Paschim Vihar.


Furthermore, Sloshout will also get the concerned venue manager in touch with you to discuss the event in detail. Thus, Sloshout will be beside you from the very first day and will act as the mediator to make sure that you have the grandest party in West Delhi.


Above all, Sloshout has a policy where you can book the venue with just 15% of the total package. Yes, you read that right. You can now have an entire party venue to yourself with a payment of a meager 15% of the party package. With this step, Sloshout has made partying a reasonable and affordable affair for people. This explains why Sloshout is the best online party booking platform in the entire country.


Thus along with affordability, Sloshout has made partying an accessible and hassle-free experience. Make sure that you bring ample photographers in the party to capture all those priceless fun moments. So the next time you party, choose the pioneers in the party planning business to have a complete partying experience.

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