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List of Popular Birthday Party Venues / Places in North Delhi

Are you looking for Birthday party venues in North Delhi? Did you get a chance to browse through our handpicked restaurants for birthday parties in North Delhi? For your convenience, we have shortlisted only the best birthday party restaurants in North Delhi located at famous party places like GTB Nagar, Civil Lines, Model Town, Rohini, Pitampura, etc.

Xpose Lounge Netaji Subhash Place



Xpose Lounge

Netaji Subhash Place, Delhi

Cafe Desire Netaji Subhash Place



Cafe Desire

Netaji Subhash Place, Delhi

Boa Village Civil Lines


Very Good

Themis Barbecue House Netaji Subhash Place


Very Good

Themis Barbecue House

Netaji Subhash Place, Delhi

736 A.D. Vijay Nagar


Very Good

Box Office Cafe Vijay Nagar


Very Good

Sinciti Netaji Subhash Place


Very Good


Netaji Subhash Place, Delhi

Urban Hub Kamla Nagar



Great Wall Model Town 2




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Best Places / Venues to Celebrate Birthday Party In North Delhi

Significance of a Birthday Celebration

A birthday celebration is something that is common across all cultures. Whether you are Hindu, Christian, Muslim, Parsi, or anything else, everybody celebrates birthdays. This is something which is just to show someone how much you love and care for them. It is a day when you can feel like a king or queen because everything is about you.


For children, it is a fun day for them to hang out with their friends and eat delicious food. In fact, as you grow up, this is a celebration that stays mostly the same. You might like different things as an adult and have different friends, but at its core, it is the same. It is an excuse for all the people in your life to show you what you mean to them. The birthday party venues in North Delhi would make the awesome difference in selecting the venues and places to go ahead.


A birthday celebration is something that not everybody enjoys. However, everybody does likes to feel special. What is special for you may not be special for someone else? Some people like having big parties with all their friends while others prefer a more intimate celebration. However, luckily, the birthday party places in North Delhi are all of all types.


Finding the right venue


Whether you prefer a small occasion with a few friends or a large blowout, they have a venue for you. From amazing restaurants to have lunch in, to wonderful clubs to party in at night, they have it all. There are a few things you need to keep in mind when you are trying to find the right venue. How many guests will you have, what is the guest of honor’s favorite food, etcetera? Finding the birthday party halls in North Delhi is the toughest task because it requires a lot of time.


The first thing you need to consider is whether it is a daytime celebration or a night time party. It could actually be a great idea to start the celebrations right from the morning. You could go to a place that serves a wonderful breakfast or brunch. This is a great option for those who prefer something small and intimate. If the birthday girl or boy loves breakfast food this is the best idea.


If you are planning a celebration with both family and friends, it may be a good idea to go for lunch. With family, it is always a better ideal to go for lunch rather than dinner. It is a more wholesome environment and you can simply binge on great food. It creates the perfect opportunity for some light fun and conversations.


On the other hand, you should definitely end the night at a club with all your friends. With friends, if you are an adult, of course, a drink is a must. You can dance your heart out and show off all your moves. If you love to party then this is the best way to spend your birthday. On your birthday you are allowed to be the drunken person in the room and no one will judge you. So the birthday party places in Delhi to celebrate the adult's bday or child's bday or anyone's bday can be booked here.


Celebrating Milestones


Just as the first birthday party is extremely special, there are many more special birthdays throughout your life. The thirteenth birthday is quite special for example. It is your transition from being a child to being a teenager. It is your first opportunity to have a party that feels more grown-up. Instead of having just balloons and streamers as decoration you can go for a more adult look. Small birthday party halls in North Delhi exclusively opened for your child's bday party.



Another very important birthday is the eighteenth birthday. It is your entry into adulthood. You can finally vote and have a driving license. It is important to find a special way to celebrate it. You can go out with all your friends for dinner at a great rooftop restaurant for example. Many other places to celebrate birthday in north Delhi also available.


Of course, adulthood is nothing without alcohol, which is why the twenty-first is a birthday that everyone waits for. If you are looking for birthday celebration places in North Delhi for your 21st, there are many to choose from. There are many restaurants that serve amazing cocktails; these would be a great choice. It's better to select the birthday party restaurants in North Delhi with top-notch party packages in North Delhi zone of New Delhi.


Here on our website, you’ll find all kinds of nightlife restaurants in North Delhi like bars, clubs, lounges, rooftop venues, outdoor venues, venues with private dining areas, bistros, cafes, etc. that you can book at discounted prices for your birthday party. We have a great list of birthday party places in North Delhi area.

Get in touch with our venues experts today to book one of our birthday party venues in North Delhi (listed above), and get amazing discounts on your party packages. We offer unlimited food and drink packages both alcoholic and non-alcoholic at affordable prices. If you are interested in getting one such deal, fill this inquiry form right away to get a call from our experts.


Every decade you hit becomes an important milestone from this point. Be it your 30th, 40th, or 50th birthday, it becomes important to celebrate it with your loved ones. As you grow old, your 80th or 100th birthday will most likely be spent with your family. There are many family-friendly restaurants in North Delhi to choose from as well. Your birthday comes only once a year so you may as well go all out. The birthday celebration places in North Delhi, especially in this season, gives you a lot of offers, discounts, and deals to celebrate your birthday or your child's bday. 

Banquet hall for birthday party in north Delhi is also available.



What are the best birthday party places in North Delhi?

North Delhi is one of those regions in India that is home to an unimaginable variety of wonderful party venues that are not only great for the occasion of birthday parties but also for other major and small occasions. But there exist some wonderful birthday party venues in North Delhi that have been able to beat all the others and reach the top. Some of these great party venues for birthday celebrations in North Delhi are as follows: 1>The Reset, 2> Chaska, 3> Tivoli Grand, 4> Atlantis, 5> Lotus Leaf

What are some of the best regions in North Delhi for birthday parties?

We all know how North Delhi is one of the greatest birthday party destinations of all time. But there are areas and regions in North Delhi that make it what it is. There are incredible party venues for birthdays in North Delhi that together make this place an amazing place to party. Places like Wazirpur, GT Karnal Road, Pitampura, and Rohini are some of the most prominent destinations for partying in North Delhi.

What are the facilities that are available for birthday parties in the North Delhi party venues?

The birthday party venues in North Delhi come with a series of amenities that make it possible for the host to have a hassle-free birthday experience. Facilities like catering, decorators, valet parking, DJ are some of the few and the most common add ons that come with the venue itself for providing the client with a great experience.

What is the payment method in these North Delhi birthday party venues?

This aspect of hosting a party in North Delhi depends on the requirement and the payment policies. The policies of these North Delhi birthday party venues vary from one place to another. But usually, a certain percentage of the total amount has to be given while booking the venue and the rest after or in the course of the function.

How many guests can these North Delhi birthday party venues accommodate?

You will find party places to celebrate birthdays In North Delhi in all sorts of shapes and sizes. It does not matter if you have a huge guest list or if you are looking for a small party hall, North Delhi has everything for you. From a minimum of 20 guests to a maximum of 1500 guests, you will find a range of places for birthday parties in North Delhi.

Can I book an external catering or decoration services?


This aspect of hosting a North Delhi birthday party again depends on the management of the venue and its policies. Mostly, there is a package that the client has to book which comes with catering facilities but some venues also allow external catering.

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