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List of Popular Birthday Party Venues / Places in South Delhi

South Delhi is one such place that never ceases amaze us with its wide range of nightlife restaurants. Here, you just have to name the occasion and type of venue you want to celebrate it, and you’ll find it right here nestled in South Delhi. You can check out below a popular list of birthday party venues in South Delhi:

High 5 Cafe & Bar Hauz Khas



High 5 Cafe & Bar

Hauz Khas, Delhi

700 / Person

The Frat House Hauz Khas



The Frat House

Hauz Khas, Delhi

900 / Person

Masha Hauz Khas


Very Good


Hauz Khas, Delhi

1000 / Person

Fork You Hauz Khas


Very Good

Fork You

Hauz Khas, Delhi

900 / Person

Moonshine Cafe & Bar Hauz Khas



Moonshine Cafe & Bar

Hauz Khas, Delhi

1000 / Person

My Bar Cafe Greater Kailash 1



My Bar Cafe

Greater Kailash 1, Delhi

1000 / Person

Elation Cafe Greater Kailash 1



Elation Cafe

Greater Kailash 1, Delhi

900 / Person

Raasta Green Park


Very Good


Green Park, Delhi

1350 / Person

The Bottleyard Cafe Saket


Very Good

The Bottleyard Cafe

Saket, Delhi

900 / Person

Club London Saket



Club London

Saket, Delhi

700 / Person

Boheme Bar & Grill Saket


Very Good

Boheme Bar & Grill

Saket, Delhi

750 / Person

The Flying Saucer Cafe Nehru Place



The Flying Saucer Cafe

Nehru Place, Delhi

2000 / Person


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Best Celebration Places / Venues For Birthday Party In South Delhi

Birthday Party Celebration Places in South Delhi


South Delhi, as we all know it, is full of the best birthday party places in which every nearby person is searching for it. However, there are so many people who have a desire to celebrate their birthday near their location.


So, we bring the top birthday party places near you. Our best birthday party places in South Delhi would only work efficiently well for you if you book in a systematic manner via Sloshout.


From birthday party venues in Saket to the best places to host birthday parties even for adults, there is no dearth of options when it comes to the south of Delhi.


All you have to do is keep your eyes and ears open for new places opening, which happens almost every other day.


After all, these birthday party venues in Delhi are fighting to be the best of the lot in order to get the attention of the party-loving South Delhi crowd. 


Popular party hubs like Hauz Khas Village, Green Park, Vasant Kunj, Defence Colony, Saket, Greater Kailash 1, Amar Colony, etc. all fall into the South Delhi region, that makes this part of Delhi all the more awesome and happening.


Are you looking for birthday party restaurants in South Delhi for your special day? We can help you with booking one at super discounted prices (If you’re born on 29th February then, special discounts from our side for you).


To get in-depth assistance from our team fill this requirement form, and our venue experts will get in touch with you at the earliest possible.


We’ll mail you a curated list of all the Birthday party venues in South Delhi that are listed on our website with their final discounted prices. We assure the guarantee of top services for selecting the birthday celebration venues in the South Delhi region.


You can pick, and book any of our suggested pubs, rooftops, bars, lounges, venues with private dining areas, bistros, resto-bars, etc. in that mail at great prices.


Birthday comes only once in a year, so it should be celebrated in the grandiose way possible, isn’t so?


While there’s no denying that the party fever is high in North and central and all other parts of Delhi as well, there is something about South Delhi that sort of makes it the epicenter.


Not only does south Delhi have a beaming party and café culture but also pubs, nightclubs, and even concept party places which are a big hit amongst all age groups.


People come in both during the weekdays and the weekends, when it is particularly more crowded.


With places like Saket, Hauz Khas, Malviya Nagar, Green Park, etc. which are known to be hubs of youngsters coming from all over the country for better education and career options, there is no way you can’t find a satisfactory birthday party place in South Delhi.

And it is not only about birthday parties, but there are also the amazing cocktail party venues in South Delhi which are just as amazing. The best part is that these party places vary from each other and bring something new to the table.


While party venues ace their vibe and décor, some are known for their music and drinks, some may have the best Continental food while some may be known for its location- finding the best one out is never an easy job.


But knowing where the best party places in South Delhi is can minimize a lot of time waste in browsing and searching. Sloshout can lay out the whole list of the absolute best cocktail party venues in South Delhi or any kind of party venue, for that matter.


The best services, as per your requirements, no questions asked-that is how the expert team at Sloshout works.


If it is your little one’s birthday you are planning, then also you can turn to South Delhi as it has some of the absolute best kids birthday party places.


There are a lot of things that parents or guardians have to keep in mind while organizing a kid’s birthday party.


There are a lot of arrangements that differ from that of an adult’s birthday party.


For example, the place should be baby-proofed if the party is for an infant or a toddler, the staff should be extremely co-operative, there should ideally be no alcoholic beverages in the venue, etc.


When you look for the best kids birthday party places in South Delhi, you can turn to Sloshout to select the best of the lot.


We provide our clients with the most authentic information, reviews, and images so that you can make a well-informed decision.


Be it an infant, a toddler, a pre-teenager, or a teenager, in South Delhi, you can find a birthday party the venue that will be suited to every age group.


A few things you should lookouts for when looking for kids birthday party places in South Delhi and in general planning a smashing birthday party for they are:


Organizing the Party from Scratch:


Like we mentioned before, we understand it is no easy feat but it is also not impossible. While organizing a child’s birthday party, their comfort should be your highest priority.


The party can be hip and happening but the purpose of it falls flat if your child id uncomfortable, cranky, and crying throughout.


To make sure that you have it all under control and that nothing goes wrong, we suggest you start planning the party from at least three months before.


Everything starting from the budget, the venue, and the theme of the party down to the return gifts and what you're little birthday boy/girl will wear on their big day.


Then comes the part where you decide on the food and beverages you want to serve your guests and the décor that will go perfectly with the party.


When looking for ‘children’s birthday party venues near me’, it helps to keep the distance in mind so that you don’t have to spend extra time commuting to and fro with your child and while making preparation.


Make it simpler for you and your birthday boy/girl by looking for a venue that fits your requirements and is also close to your home.


Activities to Plan for a Kid’s Birthday


Every kid has their own demands, their likes, and dislikes. If they are toddlers, they will have their own choice of activities and games that they enjoy the best. Our alternative solution for first birthday party venues in South Delhi along with the games and party plan can only be availed here.


Every kid has a distinct personality and it is important to take their preferences into consideration if you want to make the party a hit for them.


In fact, if you ask, some may not even want to have a birthday party at all! While planning a kids' birthday party in kid's birthday party venues near me, talk to the staff of the venue beforehand to convey your demands.


That will obviously be followed by arrangements both from your end as well as the venue. Kids might tend to be confused and feel overwhelmed by the usual availability of options, so you can jump in make suggestions according to your budget.


For example, they might suggest having a jungle safari themed party that might not fit into your budget. There are ways in which you can accommodate their demand while also ensuring that your wallet isn’t draining entirely.


If it is a surprise party, you can easily predict what a 5-year old would want in terms of games and activities to enjoy with their friends on their birthday.


Choosing the venue which has an open, outdoor space also helps and minimizes the cost of hiring toys, slides, rides, etc. as they can simply head out and play ball, tennis, success, badminton, etc depending on the weather and the time of the year.


One sure shot way to win a toddler or a pre-teen’s heart is by getting someone to dress up as their favorite cartoon character at their birthday party.


Alternative Plans


If a full-blown party seems too much to you, or your kid is unwell or you have to be away from home, there are still so many things you can do that will excite them and make them feel cherished.


You can take them camping, have a birthday dinner at a restaurant of their choice with the food of their choice along with a handful of other friends.


If there is a certain place they have been asking to visit, you can take them there and spend a whole day with them.


Some families also prefer taking a trip somewhere nearby over the birthday so that kids can appreciate the outdoors and the importance of spending quality time with family.


You can also have them join the activity of their choice as a special gift and make them start it that day itself. If nothing works, a good old picnic in the park with close relatives and friends is always fun and exciting.


Our small birthday party venues in South Delhi are perfect for small kids and children.


Keep the Duration in Mind


Children’s parties should have the least duration amongst all birthday parties.


They should ideally last only 3-4 hours at the max, with 3 hours being the most desirable time span. If it’s an infant, the party should be no longer than 2 hours. If they do, make sure your kid is taken out of the chaos for it can become overwhelming for them.


A toddler’s party can last up to 3 hours and a pre-teen or teenager’s party for 4 hours.


While it is true that parties are for having fun and not adhering to rules, one should also remember that there should be some amount of basic restrictions.


Along with the above few questions, you should also be able to find answers to your space, budget, décor and F&B queries since kids’ birthday parties need special attention being paid to that.


Kids tend to be picky eaters and as a host, you should be able to accommodate that in the party as well and make sure they don’t leave hangry.


If it is marriage reception parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties that you wish to celebrate or simply gather your friends up for a much-awaited reunion, there is no better place than South Delhi.


This part of Delhi is home to some of the best and warmest cafes and themed restaurants which are great in terms of food, beverages, vibe, décor, and service.


They also take care of your entertainment needs with services like live music, live entertainment, sports screening, karaoke, etc.


All in all, in South Delhi, there will be no dearth of party places, no matter what kind of party it is that you are planning.


South Delhi also has Sainik Farms and Chhatarpur where most of Delhi’s best banquets are.


They also have places like farmhouses, villas, and apartments with facilities like a fully-functioning kitchen, well-furnished bedrooms, and even pools! What else can you ask for if you don’t want to get stuck in the loop of nightclubs and pubs?


Just head to Sloshout to find out which are the best farmhouses in South Delhi for a party and our team will help you find the one that fits the bill the best.


You don’t have to take a holiday to enjoy a calming environment and rejuvenate yourself.


All you have to do is simply look for farmhouses to party in South Delhi and find one that not only fits your budget but also your idea of the perfect house party. As it is, people nowadays favor house parties due to the fact that there are so many lush and beautiful houses which have opened up their doors to the people.


So, even if you don’t have the required facilities and space at home to host and plan a full-fledged house party from scratch, we have got you covered there as well.


We at Sloshout believe that if in the present times when our schedules are jam-packed and busy, if one finds the time to party with their loved ones, take a break, and celebrate, venue-booking shouldn’t be a hindering factor.


That is why we bring to you the best of the birthday party venues in Saket and all over South Delhi.


South Delhi is very close to Gurugram which is also the hub of headquarters and offices of MNCs which attracts a lot of the city’s and the country’s youth because of its career prospects.


All these people work hard all week long and head to one of the many amazing cocktail party places in South Delhi for a calming drink and a heavenly meal with the company of their choice.


It is our job at Sloshout to ensure that you find the preferred party place of your choice without any difficulty.


From a casual hang out to big parties like wedding receptions, we have venue solutions for it all.


You think of it, and we make it come true.


After all, who doesn’t want to be known as one of the best hosts in their friends’ and family circle, right?


Well, Sloshout takes the major burden of finding the best venue for the party off your shoulders.


Not only do we help you find your ideal party venue but also offer the best discounts that you can find anywhere, no matter how big or small the scale of your party.


Our team will assist you right from the beginning till the time you make your choice especially for selecting the birthday celebration places in south Delhi. 


We also send you a special list of the best of the best party venues tailor-made especially for your demands and requirements.


Celebrate and revel in the joy that is life, we will take care of the rest.




How can I organize a birthday party in South Delhi?

Start small and then make sure you take care of the budget, guest list, and most importantly, the venue. You can easily organize the birthday party in South Delhi.

What activities does everyone like to do on their birthday?

Everyone likes to indulge in group activities and games with their friends. You can include both indoor and outdoor games if possible.

If not a birthday party, then what can I plan?

You can take people for a fun ride in an amusement park followed by a picnic, visit your family and their grandparents or take them for a small holiday somewhere away from the city.

How long should a Bday party last?

It should ideally last for no longer than three hours.

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