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List of Lohri Party Venues in Delhi

Celebrate the auspicious day of Lohri at Delhi’s best Lohri party venues with your loved ones.

Farmhouse 696 Chattarpur

Farmhouse 696

Chattarpur, Delhi


per night
Farmhouse 2200 Kapashera

Farmhouse 2200

Kapashera, Delhi


per night
Farm 818 GH Ghitorni

Farm 818 GH

Ghitorni, Delhi


per night
Farmhouse 303 Kapashera

Farmhouse 303

Kapashera, Delhi


per night
Farmhouse 380 Chattarpur

Farmhouse 380

Chattarpur, Delhi


per night
Farmhouse 1010 Chattarpur

Farmhouse 1010

Chattarpur, Delhi


per night
Farmhouse 3232 Chattarpur

Farmhouse 3232

Chattarpur, Delhi


per night
Farmhouse 5262 Alipur

Farmhouse 5262

Alipur, Delhi


per night
Farmhouse 606 Chattarpur

Farmhouse 606

Chattarpur, Delhi


per night
Farmhouse 2425 Chattarpur

Farmhouse 2425

Chattarpur, Delhi


per night
Farmhouse 439 Alipur

Farmhouse 439

Alipur, Delhi


per night
Farmhouse 582 Alipur

Farmhouse 582

Alipur, Delhi


per night
Farmhouse 2244 Chattarpur

Farmhouse 2244

Chattarpur, Delhi


per night
Farmhouse 5959 Chattarpur

Farmhouse 5959

Chattarpur, Delhi


per night
Farmhouse 505 Chattarpur

Farmhouse 505

Chattarpur, Delhi


per night

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Best Restaurants / Places / Venues for Lohri Party in Delhi

Sloshout has one of the best Lohri party venues in Delhi under its hood that you can book at super affordable prices.


So, when are you planning to book your restaurants for the Lohri celebrations?


Pick your Lohri party venue from the pool of affordable restaurants Delhi like clubs, lounges, bistros, bars, rooftops, fine-dine restaurants, etc.


You can also choose one of our house party venues where you can rent out a private property for 24 hours.


Don’t run around whole city bargaining with party venue owners over your party package prices.


Reach out to our venue experts, and let them handle the negotiation part on your behalf.


You focus on finalizing your Lohri party venue in Delhi, and the rest will be taken care of by us. It sounds like a good affordable way to celebrate your Lohri party in Delhi, right?


Lohri Party Venues in Delhi


One of the most wonderful characteristics of our country is the fact that throughout the year, we have an occasion to celebrate.


It can be something as personal as someone’s birthday or a national festival like Eid, Diwali, or Christmas.


There is always enough reason to forget about your routine and your work stress and simply spend an amazing time with friends, family, and everyone celebrating.


There is no cap on who can celebrate or when as long as you are respectful to the cultural traditions if it is a religious occasion.


As far as birthdays and all kinds of private parties go, you have all the liberty to plan it just how you like it without anyone’s intervention.


However, there are certain celebrations which are part cultural and part personal, meant to be celebrated in your own way while obeying the traditional rules of it and one of them is Lohri.


Lohri is a festival that essentially originated in Punjab and is celebrated every year during the month of January. This year, it is scheduled to be held on 13th January.


But, what is Lohri, why is it celebrated, and by whom? It is a folk festival celebrated in Punjab by both Sikhs and Hindus from the region.


The celebration is essentially that of the winter solstice and is celebrated with a lot of jazz. This is to say that Lohri marks the end of winter and draws to an end longer days and short nights.


It is celebrated just the night before Makar Sankranti, also known as Maghi.


How is it celebrated?


Lohri is traditionally celebrated by lighting a big bonfire. The January sugarcane harvest is celebrated during the Lohri festival. Nuts harvested in January are as important to the celebration as is jaggery (guurh) and gachak.


It is traditional to eat Sarson da saag, Gajak, Makki di roti, groundnuts, and jiggery during Lohri as it includes the crops and nuts that are harvested from the month of October to January.


What makes Lohri even more of a community celebration is the practice of young, teenage boys going around the village to collect the logs for the Lohri bonfire.


The entire village comes together on the day for Lohri and celebrates with music, bhangra, and gidda with the whole community.


A lot like Halloween trick and treating, children go around from door-to-door on the day of Lohri, singing folk songs and collecting sweets, savories, and sometimes even money.


And it gets even more fun for them since turning the children empty-handed on the day of Lohri is considered inauspicious, especially in houses with newly-weds or newborns.


It is these collections gathered by the children that are called Lohri which is then distributed amongst the people itself. It consists of til, gajak, sugar (jiggery), mungphali or groundnuts, and phuliya or popcorn.


In some parts of Punjab, the Lohri is celebrating by worshipping an idol of the Lohri goddess (made of cattle dung) while in some parts the Lohri fire consists only of cow dung and wood.


The celebration starts from sunset which is when the bonfire is lit at the main village square. The villagers sit and dance around it till the fire lasts.


Some say a prayer in reverence to the element of fire and throw til (sesame seeds) or sugar (jaggery) in the fire. People also offer milk and water around the fire to thank the sun god.


Lohri is celebrated as Lal Loi in the Sindhi community and besides Punjab, is also observed in Delhi, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, and Kashmir.


If you are in Delhi, looking for ways to celebrate without lighting a bonfire, but with your loved ones nonetheless, we have for you some of the best and most convenient Lohri party places in Delhi to lighten the occasion up. Bring your Lohri celebration in Delhi, from house parties in lush farmhouses to an evening full of drinks, food, and good the company, you will find it all:


Sainik Farms Villa 1003


The closest you can get to celebrating a Lohri party in Delhi like it was back at home is by arranging a house party.


It might not be possible to fulfill all the traditional practices of Lohri but think about all the advantages.


You can invite all your family members-parents, cousins, and all without worrying about space.


You can have a home-cooked, authentic Punjabi meal of Sarson da saag, Makki di roti with some gajjak and mungphali to celebrate Lohri.


At Sainik Farms Villa 1003, you will have access to all the comforts and luxuries that make every house party a successful one. You will have three bedrooms, one huge farm area for the meals and perhaps a small bonfire as opposed to the big, community-sized one, one huge common area and ten sleeping beds.


Invite your close friends and your relatives for a party that is with family, for family, and in the family.


Vapour Bar Exchange, Hauz Khas


The Vapour Bar Exchange in Hauz Khas is the ultimate place to go-to for the Lohri celebration in Delhi if you cannot go home and spend it with your family.


It is not everywhere that the festival can be celebrated as elaborately. So, go to a bar that always ensures a good time without exceptions. Located in Hauz Khas, Vapour Bar Exchange is one of the places which always lives up to the expectations of its loyal guests.


From a well-stocked bar that guarantees all your favorite drinks to cuisines that are loved by one all, Vapour Bar Exchange has been one of the trusted Lohri party venues in Delhi for people who celebrate this joyous festival within the bounds of a metropolitan city.


You will have everything you want to fill and satisfy your appetite and your senses. All you have to bring is your own company. The staff of Vapour Bar Exchange will take care of the rest.




Also located in the always happening Hauz Khas Village, Masha is for those who like to wine and wine while staring out into nature.


Facing the deer park and the lake, Masha is quite the place to be in if you wanting your Lohri 2020 in Delhi to be relatively lowkey.


After all, it is important to change up your plans, right?


At Masha, you will have both indoor and semi-outdoor seating, which means you can enjoy the winter sun if you are there during the day and also warmth by sitting indoors when you visit after sundown.


They have a DJ to mix Bollywood music and a menu that is great for lovers of pizza, pasta, and even Middle Eastern food. Grab yourself a drink, and lose yourself in nostalgic conversation with your friends and family during this Lohri at Masha.


My Bar Cafe, Greater Kailash 1


Greater Kailash is one such neighborhood in Delhi that is studded with amazing party places.


We found one of the most fitting Lohri celebration places in Delhi in My Bar Café for everyone who is busy and working on Lohri but would definitely not miss out on grabbing a bite with their loved ones.


And if the party is that of Lohri, how can it be ordinary, right?


My Bar Café in Greater Kailash is one of those Lohri celebration venues in Delhi which offers its guests the comfort and warmth of their private hanging out space and the luxury of a café-bar with its abundant palatable resources.


They have live sports screening, a live band, and even a live DJ to keep the spirit of your party always high and up.


Enjoy delicacies from multiple cuisines in both veg and non-beg forms and hang out with friends to celebrate the essence of Lohri- that of coming together as a community.


The Townhouse Café, CP


Right in the heart of Delhi is located Connaught Place- one place in Delhi which will always have a strong crowd and a very energetic vibe. Be it winter or summer, it is always a delight to be in CP. And if you are looking for Lohri party venues in Delhi, there is no way you can skip considering CP. With places like The Townhouse Café in its shelter, CP knows how to offer a mean party and Lohri is one of those times.


With a well-stocked bar and a menu that has something for everyone, The Townhouse Café always exudes a vibe of community and togetherness and is hence of our top picks for places to celebrate Lohri in Delhi.


Much in the spirit of India, Delhi also embraces all occasions and celebrates it with pomp, thanks to its cosmopolitan population. They have a sumptuous menu of North Indian and Continental cuisine and equally amazing Martinis and Margaritas that are sure to kick start any party on an energetic note. So, fuel yourself up and get ready for Lohri 2020 in Delhi.


Unplugged Courtyard, CP


Yet another place which has long been making roars amongst party-loving locals are the Unplugged Courtyard in Connaught Place.


The popularity of Unplugged Courtyard doesn’t come as a surprise given that the place has such high energy that reverberates with the energy of the youth.


They have a décor that is extremely visually appealing and can lure in any and every guest.


You can kick start or even your Lohri here at Unplugged Courtyard to get a feel-good, home-away-from-home vibe as you gulp down drinks and delicious food with your friends.


They have an outdoor seating arrangement which not only works great for winters but also for people coming with big groups of friends.


So what if you couldn’t make it home for Lohri this year, you can still enjoy and celebrate this wonderful festival with your loved ones!


Ikka- The Ace Bar, Rajouri Garden


For those spending Lohri 2020 in Delhi away from home, we have a Lohri party venue that will simply blow your mind. At Ikka-The Ace Bar, there is nothing that is out of reach.


It's the eclectic vibe and the forever high spirit makes it one of the best picks for Lohri party venues in Delhi for anyone looking for a smashing celebration.


As we said, it is not possible to have a bonfire in the city so we must look for alternative ways to come together with our family and take the festival’s tradition ahead anyway.


The best way to do it is by simply staying together like a family.


Come to Ikki's-The Ace Bar and dine and wine like a big family!


With drinks to impress and food to make you want to keep coming back, Ikki's in Rajouri Garden is one of the places to consider for any and every party-loving person spending their Lohri in Delhi.


Lohri celebrations in Delhi comes with packages of different services and prices. We at Sloshout aim to bring it all to you served on a silver platter so that it is easy for you to pick that which benefits you and the purpose of your party the best.


The aforementioned places are all perfect for parties of different kinds and sizes, including the ones that are as intimate as for Lohri.


Invite your Sikh OR Punjabi friends and your relatives for an evening of fun at your home away from home in the city of Delhi which celebrates all the festivals with just as much enthusiasm and fervor.


Frequently Asked Questions about Lohri Party Venues in Delhi

Which are some Budget friendly Lohri Party venues in Delhi?

We bring you affordable Lohri Party venues in Delhi and provide you exciting deals and offers on the same. Top 5 Pocket friendly Lohri Party venues in Delhi include Farmhouse 696Farmhouse 2200Farm 818 GHFarmhouse 303Farmhouse 380.

Which are the types of venues for Lohri Party in Delhi?

If you are looking for Lohri Party venues in Delhi, we deliver best rates and offers in Banquet Halls  for Lohri Party venues in Delhi, Farmhouse  for Lohri Party venues in Delhi, Wedding Lawns  for Lohri Party in Delhi, for Lohri Party in Delhi, for Lohri Party in Delhi and more. 

Which are the popular locations for Lohri Party venues in Delhi?

If you are planning your Lohri Party venues in Delhi, we cover many areas to help you find your best fit. The top-rated Lohri Party venues that we cover are located in posh and high-class locations like Connaught Place , Saket , Rajouri Garden , Punjabi Bagh , Dwarka  and so on.

What are the names of Popular Lohri Party venues in Delhi? Which are some Top Rated Lohri Party Venues in Delhi?

With the numerous options of Lohri Party venues in Delhi, we will garner you the epitome of beauty in these venues. We have handpicked the most popular Lohri Party venues in Delhi with pool side arrangement, scenic view, and beautiful open lawns. Here are a few highest rated Lohri Party venues in Delhi - Farmhouse 1010Farmhouse 3232Farmhouse 5262Farmhouse 606Farmhouse 2425, etc.

How to find reviews and ratings of Lohri Party venues in Delhi? What are the prices and menu for Delhi Lohri Party venues?

Our website,, will help you identify the Lohri Party venues in Delhi with the best ratings and reviews from real customers. We also provide with the negotiated prices and menus of all the Lohri Party venues in Delhi. The affordable Lohri Party venues in Delhi that we provide will ensure that every penny that is spent is worth the place. The venues in Delhi have varied price ranges, starting from Rs 700/- per person and going upwards to Rs 2000/- per person.

Which are some Lohri Party venues in and around Delhi for large gathering?

Here are some of the large and affordable Lohri Party venues in Delhi - Farmhouse 439Farmhouse 582Farmhouse 2244. They can accommodate more than 1000 people.

How to find Lohri Party venues in Delhi for small gathering?

There are enough options for Lohri Party venues in Delhi to accommodate a small and intimate gathering. Some options are Farmhouse 5959Farmhouse 505, . These Lohri Party venues in Delhi come with an area for accommodating around 100 - 300 guests for a small function with affordable prices.

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