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List of Conference Venues in Delhi

Ocean Pearl Banquet Chattarpur

Ocean Pearl Banquet

Chattarpur, Delhi


veg ₹1500 per plate
non-veg ₹1800 per plate
Tivoli Grand GT Karnal Road

Tivoli Grand

GT Karnal Road, Delhi


veg ₹1000 per plate
non-veg ₹1150 per plate
Zeenat Motel & Resort Alipur

Zeenat Motel & Resort

Alipur, Delhi


veg ₹800 per plate
non-veg ₹900 per plate
Ocean Pearl Gardenia Chattarpur

Ocean Pearl Gardenia

Chattarpur, Delhi


veg ₹1000 per plate
non-veg ₹1150 per plate
The Manor Friends Colony

The Manor

Friends Colony, Delhi


veg ₹900 per plate
non-veg ₹1100 per plate
The Palace Greens Alipur

The Palace Greens

Alipur, Delhi


veg ₹1000 per plate
non-veg ₹1200 per plate
Atrio A Boutique Hotel Rajokri

Atrio A Boutique Hotel

Rajokri, Delhi


veg ₹900 per plate
non-veg ₹1100 per plate
Zorba Entertainment MG Road

Zorba Entertainment

MG Road, Delhi


veg ₹1100 per plate
non-veg ₹1250 per plate
vardaan by sandoz Pitampura

vardaan by sandoz

Pitampura, Delhi


veg ₹1100 per plate
non-veg ₹1250 per plate
Radiance Motel Chattarpur Chattarpur

Radiance Motel Chattarpur

Chattarpur, Delhi


veg ₹1000 per plate
non-veg ₹1150 per plate
Crowne Plaza Mayur Vihar Mayur Vihar

Crowne Plaza Mayur Vihar

Mayur Vihar, Delhi


veg ₹1200 per plate
non-veg ₹1350 per plate
L Elegant Royal Mayur Vihar

L Elegant Royal

Mayur Vihar, Delhi


veg ₹1100 per plate
non-veg ₹1250 per plate
Hotel Saga Green Park

Hotel Saga

Green Park, Delhi


veg ₹1400 per plate
non-veg ₹1700 per plate
Hotel JPM East of Kailash

Hotel JPM

East Of Kailash, Delhi


veg ₹900 per plate
non-veg ₹1100 per plate
JPS Residency Anand Vihar

JPS Residency

Anand Vihar, Delhi


veg ₹1200 per plate
non-veg ₹1400 per plate

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Conference Venues / Halls / Rooms in Delhi For Party and Meetings

Finding the best conference venues in Delhi can be a difficult task because there are many great options to choose from.


Sometimes too many options are actually a bad thing because you don’t know which one is the right fit. When there are so many venues and places it can seem quite overwhelming.


However, the key to finding a venue for an event of any kind is to have a checklist in place. There are a few things which you need to consider when you are looking for a conference room in Delhi.


The menu and food are, of course, an important factor, the decor and ambiance, and the size of the venue.


Let us consider some of these factors below in order to understand what makes for a great venue.




When you are looking for a conference venue in Delhi,  space itself is an incredibly important factor.


Conferences or corporate parties can be of various types and therefore you need the right space.


For example, if you are having an annual company party then you need a huge hall with a buffet and bar set up.


However, if you are looking for a venue for a board meeting, the room needs to be much smaller. You need to have a table that is conducive to discussion and making important decisions.


Similarly, for a meeting with a client or striking a deal, you need a smaller more intimate space. However, for a company meet where you are going over the quarter’s figures you need a large space.


You will most likely need equipment for presentations like a projector and a good sound system.


Therefore you need to find conference places in Delhi which have all the essential facilities.


There are many luxuries as well as smaller budget venues in Delhi to choose from. Depending on how important the event is the company will sanction funds. Therefore you should use them wisely and find the best venue on that budget.


There are many conference venues near Delhi that would be priced lower than Delhi venues. You can get something of the same quality at a lower price if you go a bit far from the city.


Sometimes that exclusivity is what you need to make an event work. This is especially a great idea for corporate retreats and team-building trips.


The menu


Food is the end-all and is all of every event ever. If the food isn’t great then the event won’t be. Luckily, there are many conference party venues in Delhi that have amazing in-house caterers to satiate your food needs.


The good thing about in-house caterers is that you don’t need to spend time and energy looking for someone else.


They can customize the menu as per your needs or you can pick a cuisine for them to stick to. Since they cater to such events on a daily basis you can trust that they will know what they are doing.


You can have an open buffet or you can have a fixed plate system depending on the type of event. Although in corporate events the work can sometimes be quite hectic it is always a good idea to have food. That way people can eat before they leave the venue even if they don’t during the meeting itself. It just creates an environment for people to interact with one another in a casual setting. This can be key to striking important deals in the future.


The decor/ ambiance


When it comes to conference parties you need to find the balance between fun and professional. This can be difficult to do at times however corporate party venues are skilled in pulling this off.


The decor has a lot to do with this because it sets the mood for the event. Conference party places in Delhi is versatile and have a variety of decor options to choose from. The decor can be the make or break of an event because it sets the tone.


Especially for important meetings and presentations, the clients will judge you from the second they walk in. Depending on the client, a strip down basic setting with white chairs and a clean table can work wonders. However, if the client wants to see something that is a bit customized then you can get creative.


That is, you can decorate the room in a way that reflects the client’s brand. Especially if you are a public relations or marketing agency this is a great tactic.


Because this will let the client know right from the get-go that you understand their vision and you know how to implement it.


However, if it is a company meeting, then you can keep it simple and classic because it should not distract from the work. While a board or company meeting should not be distracting, a team or corporate retreat is the complete opposite.


The purpose of such events is to let go and be casual so you can get to know each other. For such an event more fun and entertaining decor is appropriate.


Since most conference party venues in Delhi come with in-house decorators, they know what to do.


Therefore you can leave it up to them to set the mood of the place after you tell them what type of event it is.


However, if you have any specific requirements, most of the time the decorators are open to personalizing it. That means that you can have the space set up according to your specific requirements.


How sloshout can help


Finding the perfect venue for a conference party or a corporate event can be a difficult task.


However, with the help of, you can find the ideal venue with ease. For a corporate event, everything needs to be well planned and perfect. On sloshout, you can look for venues based on the occasion for which you need it.


In this case, you can filter by conference party places in Delhi and see all the venues that fall in that category.  


For example, you can put in south Delhi and all-conference hotels in Delhi in that area will show up. They also allow you to select the type of package you are looking for to narrow down your choices further.


They also have a form that you can fill out in order to get a list of venues.


That is, you can put in all your party details into their questionnaire. This includes the type of party, the number of people, the purpose of the event, the food requirements, etcetera.


Depending on all your needs and requirements they will then send you a shortlist of venues that would be suitable for you.


Therefore you don’t even need to do the task of browsing through venues and finding ones that work for you. They will do that leg work for you and all you need to do is pick one.


Since all the venues they send you will already suit your needs, you cannot go wrong with whichever one you choose.


This makes the process of finding a venue much more convenient and much less time-consuming.


Therefore you can find the ideal venue from the comfort of your own home.


You can spend more time and energy focusing on the smaller details of the event which makes it grand. If your boss has put you in charge of pulling this conference party then you can impress them.


All you have to do is look up conference party venues in Delhi on sloshout and pick the venue that works best. You will definitely earn some brownie points with the help of



Frequently Asked Questions about Conference Venues in Delhi

Which are some Budget friendly Conference venues in Delhi?

We bring you affordable Conference venues in Delhi and provide you exciting deals and offers on the same. Top 5 Pocket friendly Conference venues in Delhi include Ocean Pearl BanquetTivoli GrandZeenat Motel & ResortOcean Pearl GardeniaThe Manor.

Which are the types of venues for Conference in Delhi?

If you are looking for Conference venues in Delhi, we deliver best rates and offers in Banquet Halls  for Conference venues in Delhi, Corporate Meeting Halls  for Conference venues in Delhi, for Conference in Delhi, for Conference in Delhi, for Conference in Delhi and more. 

Which are the popular locations for Conference venues in Delhi?

If you are planning your Conference venues in Delhi, we cover many areas to help you find your best fit. The top-rated Conference venues that we cover are located in posh and high-class locations like Connaught Place , Saket , Rajouri Garden , Punjabi Bagh , Dwarka  and so on.

What are the names of Popular Conference venues in Delhi? Which are some Top Rated Conference Venues in Delhi?

With the numerous options of Conference venues in Delhi, we will garner you the epitome of beauty in these venues. We have handpicked the most popular Conference venues in Delhi with pool side arrangement, scenic view, and beautiful open lawns. Here are a few highest rated Conference venues in Delhi - The Palace GreensAtrio A Boutique HotelZorba Entertainmentvardaan by sandozRadiance Motel Chattarpur, etc.

How to find reviews and ratings of Conference venues in Delhi? What are the prices and menu for Delhi Conference venues?

Our website,, will help you identify the Conference venues in Delhi with the best ratings and reviews from real customers. We also provide with the negotiated prices and menus of all the Conference venues in Delhi. The affordable Conference venues in Delhi that we provide will ensure that every penny that is spent is worth the place. The venues in Delhi have varied price ranges, starting from Rs 700/- per person and going upwards to Rs 2000/- per person.

Which are some Conference venues in and around Delhi for large gathering?

Here are some of the large and affordable Conference venues in Delhi - Crowne Plaza Mayur ViharL Elegant RoyalHotel Saga. They can accommodate more than 1000 people.

How to find Conference venues in Delhi for small gathering?

There are enough options for Conference venues in Delhi to accommodate a small and intimate gathering. Some options are Hotel JPMJPS Residency, . These Conference venues in Delhi come with an area for accommodating around 100 - 300 guests for a small function with affordable prices.

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