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List of Best Kids Birthday Party Venues / Places in Punjabi Bagh, Delhi

Punjabi bagh have many great kids birthday party places to celebrate your child’s birthday. Here at Sloshout, you can find and book the best Kids Birthday Party Venues In Punjabi Bagh, Delhi. We have a list of a wide range of hotels, banquet halls and other party places for kids Birthday Party celebration. You can browse Kids Birthday Party Venues with Prices, Contact details, Images, Reviews, availability, Address,  Menu Packages, etc. Get upto 30% Off on kids Birthday party venues.


World Art Dining Banquet Punjabi Bagh


Very Good

Bawa Natha Singh Vatika Punjabi Bagh


Very Good

Doodles Garden Punjabi Bagh



Mehak Banquets Punjabi Bagh


Very Good


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Best Kids Birthday Party Places in Punjabi Bagh

There are many great kids birthday party places in Punjabi Bagh to celebrate your kids birthday. There are venues for small and simple parties as well as for loud and large ones. For example, there is a World Art dining banquet which is a huge space for hosting a party of any kind. On the other hand, there is Doodles garden which is better for smaller sized parties.

There are many great venues to choose from, Mehak Banquets and Blue Heaven by Kawatra Tents are among the best. When it comes to planning a kids birthday party, parents tend to pull out all the stops. Therefore, you also need to find a venue that will truly give you everything that you are looking for.


When you are looking for kids birthday celebration places, you should keep a theme and vibe in mind. This will make it easier to choose a venue because you will already have an idea of what you are looking for. A kids' party should be about fun and games and delicious food. So long as you have all their favorite people and a few great games, the party will be a hit. It can be both easy and at the same time extremely difficult to plan and pull off a great kid's birthday. However, you have come to the right place to understand how you can do this!

Best Kids Birthday Party Places in Punjabi Bagh

 If you live in West Delhi and you are looking for birthday party places in Punjabi bagh, look no further. There are several awesome venues in this locality which makes it convenient if this is where you live. Especially for kids birthdays, finding a venue that is close to your house is the best-case scenario. You don’t want to have to travel long distances with your kids and it makes it easy for the guests as well. Therefore, below are the three best party venues in Punjabi bagh for you to choose from.

 1.  Bawa Natha Singh Vatika

This outdoor venue is one of the best places for kids birthday parties in Punjabi bagh. This is because an outdoor venue is always a great idea when you are hosting a kids' party. This means that children will have space to just run around and play and do what they like. They can just play team games or you can plan activities for them. You can also hire entertainers such as magicians or game runners. This way you can also have a slightly short birthday party because the kids will tire out quickly. It is a simple way of having a party in a controlled environment while still allowing the kids to have fun. Furthermore, their decorators are skilled in making the venue look beautiful and magical so that it feels like a special day.

2. Blue Heaven by Kawatra Tents

This is another one of the great kids party venues that looks absolutely incredible. If you want a venue that looks classy and refined but still one that is ideal for kids, this is the one. They have great service here and a staff that is understanding and quite helpful. It can be quite difficult to manage kids parties however the staff here is experienced with that. They also have incredible in house caterers which is great because food is always very important. There is also in-house decorators as well so you would not have to worry about any of it. Hosting parties like these can be quite stressful however with a venue like this one it becomes quite easy.

3. Mehak Banquets

Mehak Banquets is another great spot for hosting kids birthday parties. If you are looking for small party halls in Punjabi Bagh then this is the one for you. This hall has all the amenities and facilities that you could possibly need. If you are looking for a banquet hall that you can customize according to your needs, this is it. The staff here is courteous as well and they are quite helpful with making sure the party runs smoothly.

Why hire Sloshout?

1. You can look for venues from the comfort of your own home.

2. You get the best deal possible so you save money.

3. You can find a venue for any occasion in your preferred locality.

Price range

The price range for the venue you are booking will depend on the size of the party. That is, when you are looking for kids party venues, the price will vary according to the number of guests. For example, if you have a party of 10 kids, the overall cost of the venue and the party will be cheaper. However, if you have a party with 50 kids, you would have to book a larger hall and therefore the costs would be higher. That being said, if the venue does not have a per person pricing, it might be cheaper to have a larger party.

When you are booking a medium size banquet hall, they will charge you by the hour. Irrespective of how many people you fit in there, the price will be the same. However, the price goes up in things like catering because those costs are usually per plate. However, it is safe to say that a smaller party will cost you less overall, even if it is higher per head cost.

 Types of venues for kids party

 There are many different types of venues that you can choose from when trying to plan a kids party. Places fo kids birthday parties in Punjabi Bagh include cafes, restaurants, banquet halls etcetera. Whatever type of venue you are looking for, you can find it here.




How can I take a look at the birthday party venue before booking?


On Sloshout you can take a look at the pictures of the venue before you book it. You can look at multiple venues before choosing one.


How many guests can a birthday party venue agree to accommodate?


Depending on the venue this can vary from 50 to 500 people.


Can I engage my own decorators or do birthday party venues offer them?


Most birthday party venues offer in-house decorators. However if you request them, sometimes they let you bring your own.


Are parking services available at birthday party venues in Delhi?


Some banquet halls have parking services but it is a limited one.


Do birthday party venues offer catering services? Can I bring my own caterer?


Yes. Most birthday party venues have in-house caterers. You will save money by including it in the package.


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