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List of Best Birthday Party Venues / Places in Punjabi Bagh, Delhi

Headphones Punjabi Bagh


Very Good

Pub Ji Punjabi Bagh


Very Good

Pub Ji

Punjabi Bagh, Delhi

Dubliner Punjabi Bagh




Punjabi Bagh, Delhi

Badhsha Punjabi Bagh


Very Good


Punjabi Bagh, Delhi

My Bar Punjabi Bagh Punjabi Bagh



Doodles Garden Punjabi Bagh



The Backyard Punjabi Bagh


Very Good

Andhaadhun Punjabi Bagh




Punjabi Bagh, Delhi

Non-Alcoholic Package
Take Off Scarlet Punjabi Bagh


Very Good

Tornado Cafe & Resto Bar Punjabi Bagh



Mafia 2.0 Punjabi Bagh



Mafia 2.0

Punjabi Bagh, Delhi

Non-Alcoholic Package
Drinks at MRP Punjabi Bagh




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Birthday Party Planning Places / Venues in Punjabi Bagh, Delhi

Why Punjabi Bagh is the best place to celebrate birthday in West Delhi?

Considered to be one of the poshest locality in West Delhi, Punjabi Bagh is a town in West Delhi that houses the most prolific businessmen and tradesmen. The area has thus grown to become a major commercial center of West Delhi. Following suit, Punjabi Bagh in West Delhi has become one of the busiest party havens in the city. Punjabi Bagh is loved equally by the residents of West Delhi and the Delhiites and it has acquired the status of being the party capital of the western section of the city. If you are looking for the perfect place to celebrate a birthday this year, the party places in Punjabi Bagh will definitely impress you.
Your kids birthday party in Punjabi Bagh will also become a hit affair courtesy the happening party venues in Punjabi Bagh which range from restaurants, pubs, cafés, bars, lounges, banquet halls, wedding lawns, microbreweries, and many more.

You can answer multiple restaurants & bars and also get the option depending upon the budget. For instance, you can pick your appropriate restaurant for birthday party in West Delhi from among Raftaar – The High-Speed Lounge & Bar, Tornado Café & Resto Bar, Doodles Garden, My Bar Punjabi Bagh, Andhaadhun, Le Pacific Banquet, etc.


Is there affordable venues to celebrate birthday with friends, loved ones, family?

West Delhi has pretty affordable, family-friendly party places in Punjabi Bagh. So, you can easily have a kids birthday party in Punjabi Bagh with friends, loved ones and family members in a restaurant for birthday party. You can, therefore, have a successful birthday celebration party without worrying about the space and the accommodation capacity of the birthday party places in Punjabi Bagh. For example, if you wish to have a grand kid’s birthday party in Punjabi Bagh or are looking for the perfect place to celebrate birthday in West Delhi, Le Pacific Banquet is the show-stealer. The venue has all the amenities of the best party halls in Delhi and will be able to cater to 600 guests easily. On the other hand, if you are looking to have a grand cocktail party on your birthday, Tornado Café & Resto Bar has the perfect chic rooftop ambiance for the birthday celebration.

Additionally, whichever restaurant for birthday party you choose, you will be promised affordability with Sloshout. The birthday party places in Punjabi bagh listed under Sloshout come with the advantage of being the cheapest possible rates courtesy the efforts of our venue experts. Additionally, you can pre-book a venue with the payment of just 15% of the party package as advanced payment. Thus affordability is a constant companion if you choose to party with a little assistance from Sloshout.


Places to celebrate birthday in Punjabi Bagh, Delhi?

Punjabi Bagh has its fair share of super cool birthday party places. These will not only help you save your precious hard-earned money, courtesy their affordability factor, but will also instantly please your guests the very moment they walk in. If you wish to have a rocking birthday party in West Delhi, you should definitely consider the following two places to host your birthday bash:

1. Le Pacific Banquet, Rohtak Road, Punjabi Bagh

If you wish to pack in affordability and regality in the same venue, Le Pacific Banquet can then fully live up to your wishes. The venue has amazing state-of-the-art facilities and chic décor to dazzle your guests the moment they step in. If you wish to host your kid’s birthday party in Punjabi Bagh, Le Pacific Banquet is one of the most ideal party venues to do so. The venue can easily cater to 50 to 600 guests. Thus the venue can cater to both a small gathering as well as a considerably large one. You can please your guests with the fanciest decorations and a multitude of cuisines and dishes at Le Pacific Banquet. The banquet hall also allows outside alcohol in its premises and has the provision of hosting a DJ too. Thus have a super cool birthday party gathering at Le Pacific Banquet.

2. Doodles Garden, Punjabi Bagh

How does the idea of cutting your birthday cake at the stroke of the midnight hour sound to you? Yes, at Doodles Garden, Punjabi Bagh, you might just be able to fulfill your wish. The restaurant for birthday party remains open till 1 AM at night and has an amazing ambiance for live music. Thus you can have a musical birthday night with your friends and relatives at Doodles Garden this year. Doodles Garden serves a plethora of dishes from the North Indian and Continental cuisines and has a fully stocked bar. So, you can expect to lighten up the mood of the party with both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. You can also up the mood of the party by opting for the in-house DJ. Thus have a colorful night at Doodles Garden, Punjabi Bagh with your near and dear ones on your birthday and make tons of great memories.


Role of Sloshout in Booking the venues?

The venue experts at Sloshout will help you to look for the perfect place to celebrate birthday in West Delhi. Along with finding all the amazing birthday party places in Punjabi Bagh on our website, our venue experts will customize a list of venues for you which will be perfectly congruent with your needs and your budget for your birthday party. The executives at Sloshout will help you in each step of the way so that you can host the most happening birthday party in Punjabi Bagh.


Can sloshout provide us any Discount on venues Selection?


Sloshout has redefined the way people perceive partying by bringing affordability in the scene. Sloshout helps you get the cheapest possible rates in any restaurant for birthday party. Besides this, you can reserve the perfect place to celebrate birthday in West Delhi with the payment of a meager 15% of the total party package. Thus, along with showering our customers with deals and discounts, Sloshout just asks you to pay 15% of the total amount. So, you can party whole-heartedly with your buddies without a care in the world. To sum up, the more you party with Sloshout, the greater will be your savings.


Tips for booking a party venue!

We are the market’s number one venue expert. We have a detailed list of Punjabi Bagh’s best party venues suitable for all occasions –

  • Decide on the size of your party.
  • Choose what kind of party you'd like to have.
  • It’s a resto-bar party? Call our experts, and give them your budget along with a number of guests.
  • We will suggest you one of the best party places in Punjabi Bagh which will be perfect for your birthday.

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