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Mor Bagh

Mor Bagh

4th Ave, Junapur Village, Radhey Mohan Drive, New Delhi

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Mor Bagh

Chattarpur, Delhi



4th Ave, Junapur Village, Radhey Mohan Drive, New Delhi

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Mor Bagh


There are many places in Delhi that people eye for their house parties. But, first things first, why would people want to plan a house party from scratch anyway? Especially in the present times when you can just get everything done by an efficient team of experts at a club, lounge, bar, or a banquet hall? Isn’t planning house parties a total no-no since it puts your house on the potential danger of catching fire? Okay, no but seriously, how can you even fit all those guests in comfortably? We have just one answer to solve all those questions for you, and that is to find the perfect farmhouse for a party in Delhi.


Like everything else in the city, there is no dearth of options, no way you cannot find the house you can throw a party in without it feeling like a banquet hall. They feel just like home, except with much, much more space and a lot more amenities to allow a party. No matter what you are celebrating, if you are on the hunt for a farmhouse for a party in South Delhi, then you must be on the lookout for something, private, intimate, and definitely more closed that a club party. And why we suggest for you to look for house party places in south Delhi is because of the sheer options it has to offer.


Be it the size, the number of rooms in the farmhouse, whether it has a lawn or not, the amenities it offers, or the budget group it falls within, you will always find enough options to choose from. And that is why we also have just the right place for you, in South Delhi.


Going for a place that has been on everyone’s good list is the safest idea when it comes to looking for house party venues in the capital. That is why we suggest you check out the multiple options available when it comes to the farmhouse for a party in Chhatarpur.


Located in the south of Delhi and close to the much-renowned temple of Katyayani, Chhatarpur is a popular choice when it comes to the farmhouse for a party in South Delhi. You can have multiple different options to choose from, and by that, we mean in all its categories.


Looking for a space big enough to accommodate your family of 40? Or do you need a smaller space for a weekend staycation in the city for your anniversary party? Is it your best friend’s birthday party and you want a friend’s union with everyone in our class? Chhatarpur has all the options for you, in all budget categories. You can go ahead and let go of the fears and doubts one has related to planning a party for the very first time, all by themselves. However, if you choose a place like Mor Bagh in Chhatarpur, Delhi, you can be sure that all the boxes on your checklist can be ticked off.


Be it an amazing anniversary party with your close family and relatives or a bachelorette party with just your best friends and cousins, whatever you have in mind, the property is perfect for all your needs. And it fulfills all those while looking as appealing as it does. One of the best things about farmhouses in Chhatarpur is that they are all surrounded by an ample amount of greenery.


The same is the case with Mor Bagh which has all the good vibes and positive energy, thanks to its amazing surroundings.


When you choose the Mor Bagh farm in Chhatarpur, you already set the mood of the party. You are letting your guests know that this party is meant to be one they remember for a long time. Just by the virtue of its gorgeous ambiance and surroundings, Mor Bagh encapsulates every one. Going by its name, it’s not difficult to understand that MorBhagh means peacock garden, indicating at the royal birds who frequent the property. It is truly all things exquisite.


The beautiful lawns of Mor Bagh are perfect for parties irrespective of which season it is. Be it a summery brunch for a reception party or a late-night barbeque for a birthday party, you get to decide what party you want the place to host.


The décor team at Mor Bagh will help you transform the place with their amazing creative ideas to look just how you want your party to look. After all, no party is the same in its spirit, energy, and fervor, and shouldn’t look so either.


This is why their in-house décor team works closely with you so that you can take care of all the details without doing the handiwork. The lawns also have a remarkable seating capacity and the number of guests it can accommodate. Whilst floating guests can go up to 1500, 1000 people can be seated comfortably at any given point of time. This only indicates just how massive the venue is.


If you have earlier had any complaints about how most lawn venues tend to be super small with very limited seating facility, the Morbagh farm in Chhatarpur does away with all the doubts. All you have to do is choose the right place and you’ll be all set to host the party of your dreams.


Amongst the many facilities that Mor Bagh extends to its guests, one is its food. And it is not just basic catering food. The F&B service at Mor Bagh is taken very seriously by the team in the kitchen. You get to choose from a host of dishes from all cuisines, in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian varieties.


You can also opt to get your own catering team from outside, in case there’s something very specific you wish to serve your guests. Nowadays, weddings hardly get over by 10 or even 12.


The trend is to party all through the night. And that is why the MOR bagh farm in Chatarpur allows overnight wedding parties so that you don’t have to wrap your celebrations by midnight. No one’s Cinderella here, right?


Keep the music on, keep your dancing shoes on and groove to the beats at your best friend’s wedding or your sister’s anniversary, whichever the case may be. It is all about the infectious energy and the people dancing on the floor to celebrate the occasion that makes a party truly successful.


When you can have fun yourself, you can be sure that the guests you are inviting will also have a lot of fun. And that’s everything that anyone remembers from a party.


When it comes to the appearance of the lawns in MOR Bagh, Chatarpur, one word that describes it the best is soothing and tranquil. Not every party venue is overdone with shimmering, glittery lights.


Some have the privilege of excellent geographic location take nature in to make for the most wonderful vibe and naturally gorgeous décor.


That is exactly the case in Mor Bagh. Our eyes are starved of ample greenery most part of the weeks due to the fact that we live in the buzzing capital of the city.


To make a party a sensory treat for your guests, take that into consideration and instead of choosing another four-walled venue, go for a lawn like Mor Bagh. It makes people feel the wide open of the blue sky and instantly lifts the mood up. That is half of the work done in making your guests feeling welcome and comfortable.


So, when it comes to looking for a farmhouse for a birthday party in Chattarpur, don’t forget to check out the lush lawns of Mor Bagh Chatarpur. The venue is making a lot of buzz amongst locals and claims to be one of the best choices when it comes to organizing a party that is anything but casual and ordinary.


Sloshout can help you with more information about the place as well as booking it with great discounts. We pledge to make party venue booking easy and hassle-free for everyone, and everything we do is a step towards that goal.


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