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Sheraton Hotel

Sheraton Hotel

Saket District Centre, District Centre, Sector 6, Pushp Vihar, New Delhi, Delhi 110017

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Sheraton Hotel

Saket, Delhi



Saket District Centre, District Centre, Sector 6, Pushp Vihar, New Delhi, Delhi 110017

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Sheraton Hotel, Saket

South Delhi district is one that is known not only in the city but all across the country as the place where Delhi’s posh reside. From the best houses that will leave your jaws on the floor to restaurants, cafes, and nightclubs that attract people from all over the city and beyond, South Delhi truly has it all. One of its most affluent localities is Saket. It is located very close to everything you could possibly ask for including the most amazing hotels, the best malls and cinema halls, and even the airport. Hence, it is no surprise that people often look for party halls near Saket or banquet halls in Saket during celebrations and special occasions. Even if you are a business traveler who is visiting Delhi, there is one place you can rely on- Sheraton Hotel. Located in Saket District Centre, Sheraton Hotel Saket is one place where both business and leisure travelers, as well as locals, come together for its multifaceted services.


Often, a lot of us find ourselves in situations where we have to plan a party from scratch by inviting all the important and relevant people, looking after the itinerary, the food, décor, beverages, music, location, etc. It often turns people away from the absolute joy that hosting a party is. After all, it is no child’s play to plan a whole party from scratch. But, if you have the support of a great staff and a fail-safe venue which can never disappoint any of its guests, what can possibly go wrong? Sheraton Hotel Saket New Delhi is one such venue that has long been trusted by the locals for its world-class service.


A Class Apart


As far as the décor, the exterior, as well as the interiors, go, Sheraton Hotel Saket Delhi is one that is the epitome of elegance and masterful architecture. Looking at the Sheraton Hotel, you won’t be able to guess that you’re standing in a corner of New Delhi, such is its appearance. The interiors welcome you with a grand, spacious, and beautifully decorated lobby, replete with golden light and artworks by renowned artists.


It has a pool right outside, a view which most of its rooms enjoy, other than looking out at the city. Sheraton Hotel Saket is where both people vacating with their families and the businessman looking to combine leisure and work meet. Sheraton Hotel Saket Delhi is a place where there is something in store for all. 


The food and beverages


Can it be that a 5-star hotel of such high repute doesn’t do well when it comes to the food? When it comes to Sheraton Hotel Saket New Delhi, there isn’t one or even two dining options-there are 3! The cuisines served in these award-wining destinations attract foodies from all across the country. Spanning the length and breadth of the country, the Dakshin, Yi Jing, Delhi Pavillion, and the Lounge Bar pretty much cover everything that you might want in a dining destination.


At Dakshin, as the name might suggest, the kitchen serves authentic South Indian fare with recipes that go back to the very roots. Yi Jing brings Chinese delicacies from the Sichuan and Hunan provinces of China.


The dishes are made following the traditional and authentic recipes and even techniques, ensuring that you get to experience some of the best Chinese preparations that you will try in a lifetime.


The Delhi Pavillion is all about what Delhi represents-diversity in its love of food. The place offers an interesting mix of dishes to choose from all the while preserving Delhi’s infallible spirit in it. As far as The Lounge Bar goes, this is your go-to destination for all the spirits and beverages that you enjoy the best. The collection of alcoholic beverages, wines, and champagnes is quite vast and impressive, making it one of the most covetable experiences that Sheraton Hotel Saket offers its guests.


The Accommodation


Sheraton Hotel Saket boasts of some of the most luxurious rooms and deluxe suites on offer for the guests. Each room is tastefully decorated with the best and top-of-the-class amenities. Teamed with sweeping views of the city right from the window, these rooms and suites are some of the best you can find in Delhi.


They are also equipped with state-of-the-art technical facilities along with a workstation, sitting area, and active, fast wifi for all the business travelers.


Their 220 rooms are divided into categories of Deluxe, Executive Club, Sheraton Club, Executive Suite, and Presidential Suite. As may be already understandable, each room has its own perks and advantages.


The deluxe room is on the 4th floor and has a maximum occupancy of 2 adults, like all the other categories of rooms. The Executive Club Room is on the 5th floor and is equipped with everything that a well-traveled business traveler can think of having in their hotel room. The Sheraton Club takes it a notch further with the exclusive check-in, lounge benefits, business center board room, and much more on the 6th and 7th floor.


Sitting high up on the 8th floor is the presidential and executive suites, the former has a maximum occupancy of 4 and the latter 3, making it perfect for families traveling to India.


If it is your first time in Delhi, the views of the city from your window will enthrall and entrance you. The Presidential suite even has a private butler service. The décor in all the room and suite categories are chic, elegant, minimal, and highly appealing to anyone and everyone.


The Luxury


The hallmark of a truly amazing hotel is in the holistic services it offers its guests. Irrespective of how long you stay in the hotel or even if you are only there for a few hours, the hotel should be able to accommodate and pamper you just as well.


Apart from Sheraton Hotel Saket having one of the best banquet halls in South Delhi and wedding venues in Saket, it also has a host of other luxuries to offer its guests.


Starting from a gym and a pool, to an overall calming ambiance, there is nothing better than checking in to a hotel which knows all your wants, beyond just your needs.



At Sheraton Hotel Saket New Delhi, you will have access to an outdoor swimming pool with a sun deck where you can order yourself glasses after glasses of mocktails to refresh and rejuvenate every bit of your body and soul.


After a head on to Salon Di Wills which offers a wide range of cosmetic treatments and hairstyling options for both the sexes, in case you are dolling up for an event.


If not, head straight to the multi-functional, state-of-the-art gym which has all the machines and pieces of equipment that a well-functioning, high-quality gym should have. It is great for anyone who likes to keep their training intact even when traveling.


The Takeaway


If you are looking for nothing less than the best party venues in Saket or small anniversary party venues near me, or even conference venues in South Delhi, you ought to make sure that the venue can accommodate and respond positively to your needs and demands. Sheraton Hotel Saket does just that by putting everything a guest, domestic or international, may need on a silver platter.


If you are looking for roka ceremony places, you might have a quiet, romantic place in mind where your friends and family can come together for an intimate celebration, Sheraton Hotel Saket is the place to be in.



Even while planning birthday parties, no matter who it is for, it is important to ensure that you take into consideration the likes and dislikes of the person’s birthday you are about to celebrate. When booking party halls near Saket, make sure you convey all your requirements to the staff before putting your money and time on the line.


This applies to food, beverages, and even décor. Sometimes, the staff may back out of a certain service at the last moment which may break your party and the ambiance you wanted to create.


When you resort to Sheraton Hotel Saket Delhi, you are not only making sure that you get the best of every service but also that all of them are fulfilled till the very end to make the party a grand success.


The décor of a party venue matters a lot when you are inviting guests like your friend and family. While other details may fade into the background, what does remain in everyone’s memory is how the venue looked and what kind of food was served.


The first glance they have of many party halls in Saket or even banquet halls in South Delhi for that matter is not always the most appealing.


At a time when everyone keeps Instagram pictures in mind while arranging a party, the aesthetics of a venue go a long way in making sure that your guests are satisfied with how it looks on their ‘gram’.


The décor at Sheraton Hotel Saket is done up by the best of interior decorators and planners who have meticulously planned its appearance out in a way that it gives out only the most welcoming and charming ambiance. It is well-lit, poshly accessorized with the best of artworks, and doesn’t fail to grab eyeballs.


If it is the food and beverages you give the most importance to, Sheraton Hotel Saket will not leave any scope for complaints.


The kitchens here are run by the chefs who are some of the best in business and can pull off pretty much any cuisine. They also serve mocktails, cocktails, and an impressive collection of wines, much to the pleasure of the guests.


At parties, not only is it important to ensure that there are enough food and beverages for every guest but also the fact that the build is great.


This is to say that the whole menu of any event should start with the perfect appetizers, the most fitting main course, and the flawless dessert, punctuated with drinks that complement every bite of the sumptuous food. And that is exactly what you will be offered at one of the best banquet halls in South Delhi at Sheraton Hotel Saket.


Sheraton Hotel Saket Delhi has 3 meeting rooms and two banquet halls, meaning that it can accommodate multiple events at one time.


The banquet halls can entertain a maximum of 400 people at once while the meeting rooms can go up to a maximum of 20 people.


The venues are great for corporate, semi-official, and casual/personal events.


From a birthday party to the bachelorette, roka ceremony to an anniversary party, business conference or a family reunion, there is no celebration or purpose that Sheraton Hotel cannot fully accommodate. Its service has always been laudable and is only getting better every day, as per its loyal guests.


So, don’t think twice about turning to Sheraton Hotel if it is the best of the best you have your mind and heart fixed on. Once here, there will be no turning away for Sheraton Hotel will make a place in your heart and make you want to look for excuses to come back again and again.


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