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List of Popular Party Places in Noida

Looking for party places in Noida? Explore from around 40+ lounges + bars + Pubs and resorts where you can plan your next party at reasonable price.
The Smoke Factory Sector 38


Very Good

Cheenos Sector 18


Very Good

Club Ice Cube Sector 38



Geoffrey's Sector 18



LIT Ultrabar Sector 18


Very Good

Chicane  Sector 25


Very Good

RPM - Zanzi Bar Sector 18



Latitude - Mosiac Sector 18


Very Good

SkyHouse Sector 32


Very Good

Malt n Brew Sector 62




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Best Party Places/Restaurants/Cafe/Bar/Lounge/Venues/Pubs in Noida

What you earlier knew as the hub of many important offices and corporate companies is now a place which is likely to give the Delhi and Gurgaon a run for their money when it comes to party places. Party places in Noida range from innovative themed cafes to outdoor seating restaurants. You will also find pubs, microbreweries, high-end restaurants and everything and anything to suit your taste. For that, you also have to have an access to the information of these awesome places, don't you? That is where we come in and play the role of providing you with arguably the best party venues in Noida.

Sloshout is the most trustworthy and efficient party planning organisation which its services not just limited to the Delhi NCR but also in the major cities of the country. This has made Sloshout grow exponentially over the years to become the top party booking platform in the entire country and the go-to solution to thousands of people for all things party. Along with giving our customers the access to the best party venues in Noida, Sloshout helps you in the arrangement and the designing of the party by taking into account all the little details you wish to incorporate in the party.

So, whether you are planning a themed party, a casual Sunday Brunch get-together, a big reunion, a family function, a corporate event, a bachelor/ bachelorette party, a kitty party, your birthday or your anniversary party or even get-togethers for the big annual events like Holi, Lohri, Diwali or Christmas, Sloshout has associated with venues which can cater to all your needs. Along with providing you with all the top notch party places in Noida under one single roof, Sloshout also makes sure that you never have a single moment of boredom in the party with the live entertainment amenities that are on offer in the venues. There are provisions of live sports screening, live band performances and a residual DJ. Thus, if you are planning to have a big friends get-together to watch the finals of the IPL, World Cup or the UEFA Champions League, the big, wide screens in the venue will keep you on the edge at all times and you can cheer for your favorite team with your friends. So, if the question of getting a match ticket is out of your hands, you can be assured of the next big way to cheer for your favorite team with your friends at one of our party locations in Noida. Even if you have a family function but want to keep a close eye on the live scores of a much anticipated match, the live sports screening at the venues will keep you updated.

The best music acts in the town and the country are featured in all the party location in Noida which includes the party lawns in Noida and the Noida party clubs. Along with playing their tunes and a few crowd favorites, the music performances are sure to leave you enchanted and in complete trance. And if you want to keep the spirits of the party goers high at all times and have the best time with your family, friends and colleagues, the DJ is sure to bring you all to the dance floor. Along with all the dancing and frolicking, you will make countless memories with your loved ones.

Along with all the North Indian delicacies on offer, the venues serve mouthwatering dishes from the cuisines the world over along with barrels of exquisite beverages to compliment your dishes and your mood perfectly. The ambience of the venues range from moody and classy to quirky and vibrant, therefore giving you ample choices to opt for a location which will best suit the mood and the theme of the party. If that is not all, Sloshout gives you all of these in the best deals possible.

So, go ahead and plan such a party with the best in the business among all the Noida party organisers that will be cherished by your friends and family alike for ages. To know more about our deals and discounts and the availability of the party locations in Noida, simply give us a call or put in the required details on the right hand side of the screen in the ‘Plan your Party’ tab.

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