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List of Party Venues / Places in Ashok Vihar Phase 1, Delhi

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The Mohans Resto Bar Ashok Vihar Phase 1



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Party Halls in Ashok Vihar

Delhi is without a doubt one of the most wonderful places when it comes to partying. There is this distinct sense of energy, excitement, and vibrancy in the air of Delhi that keeps this Union Territory always on its toes. The party halls in Ashok Vihar are going to be the best suitable venue option for you.


The need for parties in the current lifestyle of ours is more than just leisure. With passing time, parties have, however, turned into something more of a necessity. These parties give us a chance to take a break from our daily monotonous and tedious lives. In addition to that, the parties also help us spend some great quality time with friends and family. However, party halls at Ashok Vihar Phase 1 would give you a chilling atmosphere.


If you happen to be someone who is more inclined towards having a more simplistic small party in Delhi with a small number of guests, you have come to the right place. Delhi and the region of Ashok Vihar, in particular, come with a long chain of party halls that are great for organizing small parties. These party halls in Ashok Vihar are smaller versions of banquet halls with a difference in size and budget. They come with beautiful decor and essential amenities that help in making the party great. Thus, here we present to you a list of all the handpicked party halls that you must take a look at before choosing your favorite Ashok Vihar party halls in Delhi for small parties.


Ashok Vihar Phase 1 is highly recommended for the selection of the party halls in North Delhi with extensive facilities and services also.


Let us discuss the Mohan Resto Bar


This restaurant for small parties in Ashok Vihar is one of the most popular joints for all kinds of festivities. The venue for Ashok Vihar's small parties comes with a beautiful story of how two friends left their lives behind to initiate this startup business where their only motto was to serve people with some beautiful and authentic flavors for people to enjoy.


The capacity of the Mohan Resto Bar is a maximum of 50 people at a time which makes it one of the most ideal venues for small parties in Ashok Vihar especially for those people who occasionally search for anniversary party places near me. The interiors are simplistic and they take every possible measure to maintain the sanitation and quality of the place.


There is no particular phrase or expression that can really express the beauty of this rooftop small party place in Ashok Vihar and for those who are making the search for Roka ceremony places near me or near their areas. The rooftop space in Mohan Resto Bar is one of the most beautiful venues that you can ever come across. It is a throbbing piece of art where you can actually go, sit with your friends and family and enjoy a delightful meal.


The architecture, the designs, the setting, the lights, the menu and every small aspect of this place is just perfect. The experience to dine with close friends and family under the open sky and close to nature is yet again a feeling that is absolutely out of this world. The rooftop space can accommodate up to 150 people making it very comfortable for a group of people looking to organize a small party in Ashok Vihar Phase 1.

There is nothing new that can be added to the already greatly reputed Mohan Resto Bar chain of hotels. The hotel comes with various venue options under the same roof and the nice Room in this hotel, in particular, is a great option for organizing a small party in Ashok Vihar.


The place is perfect for various occasions like conference meetings, birthday parties, and even cocktail dinner events. The budget for the place can be little on the costlier side but that is completely worth it when it comes to the quality of services that are being provided at this Party hall in Ashok Vihar. Thus, stop thinking any further and book your dates with the Mohan Resto Bar today!

The very name of this party hall in Ashok Vihar makes the guest quite interested about the existence of this place. From the very advent of BOA village, it has constantly managed to be a people's favorite.


Visiting the Mohan Resto Bar for a small party in Ashok Vihar is more than just an outing. It is more of an experience that the venue promises you with. The interior decorations, the food, and the entire vibe of the place make the overall experience of the guests very unique and memorable. The place possibly serves the town's best Asian cuisine with all the authentic flavors that are too delectable to miss.


Stunning Outlook at Party Halls in Ashok Vihar:


Are did you bore with all the party places? Are you looking to try something very new with your close friends and family? If so, party halls in Ashok Vihar will be the perfect place for you.


The bar is extremely beautiful and comes with a great ambiance. It has all the essential aspects that can make a casual party turn into a grand affair. The venue is homely, comfortable and yet at the same time, gives you the space to go crazy with your entire party checklist. This bar for small parties in Ashok Vihar also comes with a beautiful outdoorsy area which is great for all the other parties that you want to host.


Great Amenities at top party halls in Ashok Vihar Phase 1


If you are someone who is tired of visiting pubs and night clubs, like this one which comes under the best party halls in Ashok Vihar, New Delhi. These venues not only give you the chance to host a party with only your loved ones but also give you a lot of freedom. You can invite whoever you want, you can have unlimited control of the music playlist, the kind of food you serve.


All in all, it will be you according to whom this party will be functioning. Thus, party halls are great for organizing small functions. The property is beautiful with minimalistic designs, a beautiful rooftop area and a lot of greenery. This place for small parties provides you with the opportunity to turn a mini party into a mini vacation with peace and tranquility.

So those were some of the best party halls in Ashok Vihar that you can take a look at. To explore even further, you can visit our other sections to have an unforgettable experience.


Frequently Asked Questions about party halls in Ashok Vihar

Which are the best party halls in Ashok Vihar?

The Mohans Resto Bar comes under the best party halls in Ashok Vihar.

Which party hall in Ashok Vihar Phase 1 should I book for my parents’ 25th anniversary?

There are so many small-2 party halls in Ashok Vihar Phase 1 where you can book this party. The one is Mohan Bar.

What is the cost of party hall in Ashok Vihar?

The starting cost is Rs 500.

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