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Doodles Garden

Doodles Garden

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Doodles Garden

Punjabi Bagh, Delhi


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Are you thinking of hosting a party in Delhi? Are you looking for an awesome party place in Delhi that will help you to organize a party like never before? If the response to the previous questions is a big "Yes", pal, you have reached the perfect destination. Our effective banquet halls in West Delhi are better to move on.


Delhi is home to an innumerable number of party places that are as beautiful as you proceed to the next. Thus, we know how difficult it can get to choose the perfect venue for a party in Delhi. Amongst a variety of other preparations for the party, it gets a little tiresome to go through all the good options in various regions. The small party halls in Punjabi Bagh would be perfect to book.


Therefore, here we are to take a load off your shoulder so that you not only focus on other major preparations for the event but also have an overall hassle-free experience with such a major the decision of selecting a venue.


When it comes to parties, venues are the single most crucial aspect that needs your immediate attention. Even before you have made the guest list and decided on the kind of catering and decor, the venue needs to be thoroughly sought out and booked. The small party halls in Delhi NCR would be nice and recommended to everyone.


The calendars of venues and especially popular good venues have a very tightly packed schedule. Thus, it is important to book the venues at a time that is way ahead to the actual date of the event. It also helps a great deal to book the venue as one of the first steps because the venue acts as the very base on which the other important decisions can be taken up.


The venue is the very skeleton of the entire event on which every small minor thing depends on. If the venue that you have selected does not come out to be right, no matter how much you have concentrated upon the other details, the entire event can fall apart. Thus, it is extremely crucial to find the right venue that will cater to all your needs and preferences.

The entire region of our National Capital is filled with a never-ending variety of mind-boggling party venues.


But there are certain regions in Delhi that are comparatively more popular and better in terms of party places. One such incredible place to find the best of party destinations is Punjabi Bagh in Delhi.

Punjabi Bagh is without a doubt one of the most popular party venues in Delhi that you cannot seem to ignore. If you are a resident of Delhi and yet have never been a part of terrific Punjabi Bagh parties, you are definitely missing out! Partying in Punjabi Bagh is something that is more like a mantra for all party lovers.


If you happen to be a party-goer yourself, you cannot miss out on the variety of venues to party that Punjabi Bagh in Delhi has to offer.


Punjabi Bagh is without a doubt one of the most brilliant and most appropriate Delhi places to party in general. The place not only comes with great party venues for all your events but also has a type of vibe that is different from other similar places in Delhi. Punjabi Bagh happens to be mostly a residential area where a posh culture is one of the most predominant factors.


Punjabi Bagh is home to a number of beautiful and huge bungalows owned by tradesmen and business owners. With the growing popularity of the locality, the area has also developed in terms of other additional needs. A range of brands and boutiques have chosen Punjabi Bagh as their ultimate location for their outlets. It also comes with a variety of recreational activities centers that give the people a wonderful time.


But Punjabi Bagh is not just about big houses and a posh society. There is more culture, tradition, and history that is involved in the origin of this place. The people, moreover, play a great role in making the city what it is. They are very warm and welcoming which therefore makes this place all the more comfortable for party lovers to choose this area over any other place.


Another very important reason behind Punjabi Bagh's success as a party destination in Delhi is its prime location. The place is very well connected by roads and railway through various interconnecting highways and metro railway lines. Thus, Punjabi Bagh is also a very convenient place to party and locate which gives the party-goers a hassle-free experience.


Punjabi Bagh is home to a great range of beautiful cafeterias, restaurants, and clubs but there is always that one venue for a party that is so good that it can hardly be contended with. That one place for party in Punjabi Bagh that you cannot miss out on is Doodle's Garden.


Doodle's Garden is one of the most beautiful multi-cuisine restaurants for parties in Delhi. With the very advent of this place, the guests have come to understand how great this space is. It has therefore been popular from the very beginning of its journey and has quite successfully maintained its vogue through brilliant customer service.


The staff and the management of this party venue in Punjabi Bagh make sure that you are having the best time of your lives here and therefore they keep no stones unturned to achieve just that.

With your very first step into this Delhi party venue in Punjabi Bagh, you will be mesmerized with its beautiful look and feel. The design of this restaurant is such that it is not just pretty with interesting decor items. It is beautiful in such a way that it will have an effect on your mood. If you happen to have a bad day in general, your first step into this restaurant for the party in Punjabi Bagh Delhi will transform your mood.


The interiors have a vintage and rustic feel to it with its wooden flooring and furnishings. The warm yellow lights play a big role in setting the mood of the place to a very comfortable zone. The seating area of this Punjabi Bagh party venue is comfortable and yet quirky with a mismatched style. This party place in Punjabi Bagh also comes with a number of indoor plants that make this place very homely.


The venue, therefore, plays a key role in making a party stand out. But an additional factor that makes good parties great is its food. Doodle's Garden Punjabi Bagh is just the ideal place to serve finger-licking good food that you have never tasted before. The Punjabi Bagh party restaurant boasts on their type of cuisine and their dishes and they have been a popular foodies' choice for the longest time.


They blend flavors like colors on a palette and make something that is nothing less of an art. The blend reaches the right flavor to satiate your taste buds and give you the kick of a distinct taste. Their food plating style is also something that is very quirky and interesting. They blend food and art to create something so beautiful that the very sight of it will make you feel content.

Doodle's garden is great for parties with friends and family. Along with the party halls, people can also book the banquet halls in Delhi with mind-blowing facilities and things.


Other occasions like anniversary parties and Roka ceremonies are also great to just at this Delhi party venue in Punjabi Bagh. It is great as an anniversary party places in Punjabi Bagh has it adds a very unique style to the kind of party you want to host. The homely and comfortable nature of this place also makes it a great party venue for Roka ceremony in Punjabi Bagh.


Thus, wait for no further and book your dates with Doodle's Garden which is a great small party hall in West Delhi today through Sloshout to get amazing deals and offers and most importantly have the best and memorable time of your lives.

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Recent Reviews for Doodles Garden


No words to define customer service here. They arranged the candles in no time. The complimentary anniversary cake was totally unexpected. Such a caring gesture.


Incredible food and ambience. We attended dinner buffet on Indian Wine Day. The executive chef came to talk to each one of the guests for feedback. It shows why they are one of the best in city.


We had our New Year's Eve dinner here last year. And we had a wonderful experience. The lamb dishes and chicken appetizers were too delicious to resist. It had the most extensive buffet spread I have ever seen. Wish I had the stomach to taste all the items.


The best thing about this restaurant is that the food is super delicious yet the least spicy. They use desi ghee instead of cooking oils in their preparations which make all the dishes healthy as well as tasty. You can eat here tension free without worrying about your cholesterol level.


The ideal party place in city. Spacious floor. Comfortable seating. Great background music. And yes, scrumptious meals.


This gorgeous restaurant with its luxury interior is a perfect place for family dinners, reunion party, birthday and bachelorette parties with a close group of friends. With expensive tableware, crockeries and cutleries and a plush interior, this magnificent place exudes class and aristocracy. This restaurant has a certain aura that makes you visit this place again and again.
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