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List of Best Birthday Party Venues / Places in Greater Kailash 1, Delhi

Browse through our top-rated birthday party venues in Greater Kailash 1 listed here on the website. Select one of the restaurants from our pool of lounges, rooftops, venues with private dining areas, bars, clubs, bistros, restro-bars, and many others for your birthday party.

Gastronomica Kitchen & Bar Greater Kailash 1


Very Good

BED Greater Kailash 1




Greater Kailash 1, Delhi

House of Tigers Greater Kailash 1


Very Good

House of Tigers

Greater Kailash 1, Delhi

KRE Greater Kailash 1


Very Good


Greater Kailash 1, Delhi

Dao Greater Kailash 1




Greater Kailash 1, Delhi

HUDBA Greater Kailash 1




Greater Kailash 1, Delhi

Depot48 Greater Kailash 1


Very Good


Greater Kailash 1, Delhi

S Bar & Restaurant - Shalom Greater Kailash 1



Londoners Greater Kailash 1




Greater Kailash 1, Delhi

Gray Global Kitchen & Bar Greater Kailash 1



Junglee Billee Greater Kailash 1



Junglee Billee

Greater Kailash 1, Delhi


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Birthday Party Places in Greater Kailash , Delhi

Birthdays too become extra special at these birthday party places in GK. Whether it is your parents, your friends, your partner’s, your child’s or your birthday party, you can have a gala time at these places to celebrate kid’s birthday in Delhi with family in low budget.

Courtesy these birthday party places in Greater Kailash, you can have memorable moments with your near and dear ones which you can cherish for your entire life. So gift yourself a birthday party this year and celebrate togetherness with your people.

Birthdays are the most vital events in a person’s life. But as we grow older, we gradually tend to start paying more attention to the other events in our lives. As a result, birthdays slowly recede into the oblivion in our lives and even more so when you start going to work and get married. With age comes responsibilities and with more responsibilities, we tend to prioritize more the needs of others than the little joys in our lives.

So, to help you celebrate the little things in life with your loved ones, you can organize get-together parties at the party venues in Greater Kailash. These party venues in Sloshout give you the opportunity to plan your reunion parties, weekend parties, Sunday brunch parties, game nights, kitty parties, along with all other kinds of formal and informal parties.



Why should I go to Greater Kailash to celebrate birthdays in Delhi?


Greater Kailash is situated at the heart of South Delhi, South Delhi is the best and the most proficient district to live in Delhi. Not only is the district the most affluent district in all of Delhi but it also is the capital of commercial activities in Delhi. Businessmen, working professionals, and employees from all over the city as well as the country throng to South Delhi. South Delhi even has a fair share of the population of students studying in the esteemed colleges and universities in the city. Therefore, people of all ethnicities and cultures live in South Delhi. As a result, South Delhi has an array of restaurants and party venues that can cater to people from all over the country.

And Greater Kailash being at the center of South Delhi houses people from every nook and cranny of India. Not only do they have pan-Indian cuisines and dishes but they also offer vibes that will make the guests feel close to their homes. The restaurants also serve an array of traditional and local dishes. So, if you wish to pamper your guests to the fullest at your birthday party in Greater Kailash and treat them with a familiar taste or with international food, look for birthday celebration places in GK.

Besides this, Greater Kailash has an array of birthday celebration places. They range from grand banquet halls in South Delhi to cafés, bars, and rooftop lounges. So, Greater Kailash offers a diverse range of birthday celebration places for a party lover. Moreover, all of these birthday party venues in Greater Kailash are affordable and are cheaper than the other birthday celebration places. So, partying in Greater Kailash won’t punch a hole in your pocket.


What are the trending venues in GK to celebrate your birthday?


Greater Kailash has a number of restaurants, bars, pubs, microbreweries, bistros, lounges, party halls, banquet halls, resorts, hotels, etc. as birthday party celebrations. Along with flooding you with this many options, Greater Kailash also upkeeps its ever long promise of affordability. In fact, if you search for the keywords ‘places to celebrate birthday in Delhi low budget’, you will be redirected to the birthday celebration places in Greater Kailash. Moreover, Greater Kailash has the maximum number of family-friendly and pocket-friendly birthday celebration places. So, gift yourself or your friend a birthday party this year in Greater Kailash and party without a worry in the world.

If you are looking for the best place for birthday celebration in Greater Kailash, you can consider the following party venues in Greater Kailash:


1. Gray Global Kitchen & Bar, N Block Market, Greater Kailash 1


If you are a fan of classy and sophisticated décor, Gray Global Kitchen & Bar will surely enamor you. With intricate wall murals, gray walls, white furniture, and intricately manicured interior decoration, the venue looks straight out of a curator’s dream. The color tone of the venue is limited to white, gray, and the rich color of wood which gives off a rich and elegant look and feel to the venue. The grand chandeliers, the beautiful and warm wall and ceiling lights, all contribute towards creating a certain mood in the venue.

Apart from the rich and invigorating ambiance, Gray Global Kitchen & Bar serves a multitude of dishes from the Italian, North Indian, Continental, Thai and Asian cuisines. Thus, enjoy a night of feasting at your birthday party with the best of global and regional cuisines. You can offer your guests a tad bit extra with the dishes from the fully loaded bar at the venue. So, choose your fuel from the night from a range of beers, rums, scotches, whiskeys, vodkas, gins, wines, champagnes, cocktails, etc. Therefore, at Gray Global Kitchen & Bar, you could also have a cocktail party on your birthday. So choose to spend your birthday with your folks in one of the most picturesque and luxurious birthday party places in Greater Kailash.


2. Hudba, M Block Market, Greater Kailash 1


How does the idea of having a karaoke night at your birthday party sound to you? Are you looking for the ultimate family party place in Greater Kailash? If your answer is yes to any of the above questions, then you should definitely consider Hudba for your next birthday party. Hudba redefines the way people party and celebrate their birthdays because it is not just any other birthday celebration place. At Hudba, you can celebrate your birthday by singing songs out loud with your friends and family. The venue pays an ode to the good old days of karaoke and tries to upkeep the spirit of togetherness with karaoke nights. In addition to the karaoke, the venue has wide screens for live sports screening, live band performances and a residential DJ like the rest of the venues.
Moreover, the venue serves flavorsome dishes from the Italian, Chinese, North Indian, and Continental cuisines and remains open till 1 AM in the night. Thus by choosing to party at Hudba on your birthday, you will be celebrating your birthday party at one of the most sought after nightclubs in Delhi.The full bar serves an exquisite range of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Furthermore, the ambiance of Hudba is extremely inviting and invigorating. So, sing the night away with your loved ones at Hudba, the best place for birthday celebration in Greater Kailash.


3. Roadhouse Café, Main Market, Greater Kailash 1


Are you fond of a minimal and chic décor? Do you have vegan friends in your circle and are, therefore, clueless where to feed them at your birthday party? Roadhouse Café in Greater Kailash 1 will certainly come to your rescue. The café is one of the most loved birthday celebration places in Greater Kailash. Thus, rather than just being visited by vegans, Roadhouse Café is a haven for food lovers. The café has the perfect ambiance for a party. The sophisticated and minimal décor of the venue makes sure that you have ample space for hosting your party, along with giving you the perfect backdrop to have your themed birthday celebration party.
Roadhouse Café has a romantic ambiance and is an ode to the Parisian cafes of the 70s. Thus, if you cherish great food with beautiful music, Roadhouse Café should surely be your first choice. Furthermore, the venue serves an array of café food, pizzas, and Italian and Asian food. So, your guests will never run out of options here. So, lose yourself to the aura of beautiful music and an engaging ambiance at your next birthday party at Roadhouse Café. A bonus point of Roadhouse Café is that it is one of the most picturesque and insta-worthy cafés in South Delhi. So, make sure that you make the most of the opportunity and click tons of photos.


Why should you choose Sloshout for your birthday celebration in Greater Kailash?


Sloshout could make your birthday party planning simpler and easier for you. With its resources and connections, Sloshout has grown exponentially over the last few years to partner up with the coolest party venues in Delhi NCR. That means if you are hunting down places to celebrate kids birthday in Delhi with family in low budget, you can easily find them in Sloshout. So, Sloshout has saved you from the effort of looking for birthday celebration places in a budget in South Delhi. Moreover, all the venues listed under Sloshout are at their cheapest rates. This is achieved majorly because our venue experts constantly are in the loop with the concerned managers of the venues. To state it in easier terms, Sloshout will help you in the following ways:

1. Sloshout has listed all the names of all the trusted and professional birthday celebration places in Greater Kailash on its website. You can easily get access to them by filtering out the venues from the drop-down menu present at the top of your computer screen.

2. The venue experts can also curate a list of possible places to celebrate birthday in Delhi in low budget for your ease and convenience. You can then look through the listed ones to select a venue that best suits your interests. Thus days of venue scouting get reduced to a matter of just a few minutes or even seconds.

3. Sloshout will give you access to all the party vendors in your area. You cannot have a complete partying experience even at the best place for birthday celebration in Greater Kailash without the assistance of the right party vendors at your birthday party.

4. The advisors in Sloshout will extend their helping hand especially if you are organizing a birthday party for your parents or your child. They will also shower you with birthday party ideas and themes so that you can a fun and a memorable outing with your loved ones on your birthday.


The payment procedure at Sloshout:


5. Lastly, Sloshout will monitor all your expenditure on your birthday party. Therefore, you will not be able to overspend at the party. Additionally, Sloshout just charges 15% of the total party package as advanced payment for reserving a venue for your birthday party in Greater Kailash, You can pay the rest conveniently at easy installments well after the party.

So, indulge in some self-love this year and gift yourself a birthday celebration with your friends. Sloshout has made organizing a birthday party easy and accessible with its flexible booking and payment procedures. Therefore, you can have a grand birthday party too without a worry in the world. To know more about the availability of the birthday celebration places in Greater Kailash and their current deals, call us directly at (+91) 85888 26881 or start by planning your party by clicking on the ‘Plan your Party’ tab on your screen.

Here’s wishing you a very happy and memorable birthday party in advance!





Which are the top birthday party venues in GK2 /Greater Kailsh 2 New Delhi?

Like Greater Kailash 1, Greater Kailash 2 will also shower you with birthday celebration places. Some of the top birthday party venues in Greater Kailash 2 are Headphones, The Visaya, Alpine Hotel & Suites, Paparazzi, Hotel GTC, etc.

What can I do to celebrate my birthday?

The amount that you are required to pay as advanced amount is just 15% of the total package, provided you book through Sloshout. You can easily pay the rest of the amount at your convenience.

How can I celebrate my birthday alone?

Celebrating your birthday alone is actually the most underrated form of birthday celebrations. There are many amazing birthday ideas for celebrating your birthday alone. When you choose to be alone on your birthday you won’t be disappointed because you have already set your expectations. This is actually possibly the one way you can be sure that you will have an amazing birthday with no mishaps. You can treat yourself to some delicious food and you can have an entire day of relaxation. Warm baths are a great way to detox and calm your nerves if you have a stressful job. Basically, you can use your birthday as an excuse to spend quality time with yourself.

What is the pricing range of party venues?

The birthday party places in Greater Kailash are varied in nature. From grand and luxurious party venues to budget-friendly ones, you will find them all in Greater Kailash. However, to state an approximate value, the average price range of the birthday party venues in Greater Kailash range from 600 INR per person per plate to 900 INR per person per plate.

Can we get any discount when booking through Sloshout?

Yes. Sloshout always arranges for the cheapest rates at any birthday party venue. Thus, the venue experts work day in and day out to keep in touch with the managers of the concerned venues and bargain with them to give you the best possible discount on your favorite birthday party place in Greater Kailash.

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