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List of Best Birthday Party Venues / Places in Nehru Place, Delhi

List of Attractive and Best Birthday Party Places & Venues in Nehru Place. These Celebration venues are awesome. Check below:

Lord of the Drinks Forum Nehru Place


Very Good

Nehru Place Social Nehru Place


Very Good

The Chatter House Nehru Place


Very Good

The Irish House Nehru Place


Very Good

FIO Cookhouse and Bar Nehru Place


Very Good

The Flying Saucer Cafe Nehru Place



The Flying Saucer Cafe

Nehru Place, Delhi

Alcoholic Package

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Birthday Party Restaurants in Nehru Place & Epicuria

Birthday Party Venues in Nehru Place / Epicuria


Is your best friend’s birthday coming closer? Is it your significant other’s birthday? Is it an office colleague’s birthday? More importantly, has the responsibility of organizing the birthday party fallen on you? Is your preferred area for the party in Nehru Place? Fear not! Nehru place has some of the best venues for birthday parties. With a lot of options to choose from, you will certainly organize the best birthday party ever.


Organizing a party can be really stressful, even more, when it is of a loved one’s. However, if you compartmentalize and have a clear list of preferences in your mind, it will be much easier. Start out with a list of what the birthday boy/girl loves. If it can be converted into a theme, then go all out on that idea! Theme-parties can be really tricky to pull off but are immensely fun. Speak to the others and make a full plan. However, we all know that a great venue can already do half of your job for you. So it is important that you choose the best Birthday Party venue in Nehru place that will wow all the guests! The party places in Nehru place ordinarily give you top choice. The birthday party venues in south Delhi having top quality restaurants to organize the parties.


Nehru Place has a bunch of cool restaurants, bars and nightclubs to choose from. It is okay if you are working on a tight budget, the venues are all affordable as well! If you want a late-night celebration, these venues stay open till late night to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ as the clock strikes 12. The birthday party packages in Delhi are differently available at different-2 sites. At Sloshout, we have discounted deals available for you.  Whether you are celebrating the first birthday of your child or any bday. You can book the top economical first birthday party venues in south Delhi with exclusive offers.


Interior decoration of the venues:


These venues have starkly different ambiances and interior decorations to fit everyone’s needs. Some have a sleek, elegant, minimalistic design. Some venues have rusty, quirky, wooden-themed décor for people who like a homely feel. Rest assured, these venues are so photogenic, everyone will want to take photographs all night! You can also choose the venue as per your theme. Some venues also have a royal, luxurious feel with extravagant curtains and chandeliers. This will be a great idea for the birthday celebration of a friend who has a fine taste in everything. For a classy, yet raw ambiance, these venues are the best option.


Birthday party dinner menu:

The dinner is an important part of the celebration as good food will always lift everyone’s moods up! If some of the guests are vegan or vegetarian, these venues also come with vegan options. All of these venues have excellent food choices to pick from. With delicious cuisines like Italian, French, Continental or just plain good North Indian – there is something for everyone. Whether you want finger food or proper dinner, these venues will have everything.




Great drinks will set any party apart especially if it’s a friend’s birthday! Refreshing punches with fruity flavors are always a hit. If someone wants plain hard drinks, then make sure the bars and restaurants you choose also have them. If the venue can provide quirky, exotic cocktails and mocktails – it makes the party more fun. Fun accessories like cute straws and umbrella are a nice tiny detail to look after.



No good party can happen without some rocking beats and all-night dances! Ask the entire guest list to carry their dancing shoes because the venue you choose should have a crazy set-list. Whether it is EDM, Hip-Hop, Bollywood beats, Global Top 10 Pop music – a great DJ can set the night apart. All the night owls and party lovers in your guest list will appreciate the constant music for them to dance to. Keep some refreshing drinks nearby and finger food available so the tired guests can recharge their energies.


It would be a really nice personal touch if you can create a playlist with the birthday person’s favorite songs and play it during their cake cutting.


The party venues in Nehru place will also be ready to help you with anything special and unique you need. Set up a karaoke arrangement to hear some lovely renditions from your friends. Ask for a separate mic stand for everyone close to the birthday boy/girl to deliver wonderful speeches about them. After all, the birthday celebration has to have unique touches to make it really warm and personal.


A birthday celebration is an intimate, special affair – something to be remembered for life. So choose a venue that will be spacious. The venues in Nehru place are quite big so that the dance lovers can dance but you will also have space to just sit and chat with each other. While the party should be fun, it should also provide space for the ones who want to sit and talk.


These venues will also be perfect for a small party who just wants to have a delicious meal and spend quality time. The wonderful menu and unlimited choice of beverages will keep the conversation going as everyone has a full stomach.


Keep in mind that the food served in your venue is preferred or liked by the one whose birthday you are celebrating. If possible, ask the venue to prepare a fun, beautiful cake to be presented when the party starts.


A beautiful cake will immediately make the celebration much happier, joyful and delightful!


If you are looking for such great birthday celebration venues in Nehru place, Sloshout is your one-stop destination! Organizing a birthday in a separate venue can be stressful but with Sloshout it is easier than ever.


From selecting the venue based on preferences to arranging everything perfectly – you will have a lot of help.


Birthdays are a special occasion. Especially if it is a milestone birthday. The banquet halls are also there to celebrate the bday party. Your search for searching the kids birthday party should come to an end here only also.


It can be your friend’s 18th or 21st birthday party or your father’s 50th.  If you have to organize a celebration, make sure that you go all out and give them a memorable night. Keep their likes and dislikes in mind as you slowly create a unique party.  At Sloshout, you may check the banquet hall for birthday party in South Delhi also.


With a good venue that will take care of the décor and the food, your work will become very easy. Have a delightful birthday celebration with your loved one and revel in the party that you organized.



Which are the top Party Halls in Nehru Place, New Delhi for birthday celebration?

Nehru Place in New Delhi is one of the best places for celebrating a birthday. It has a number of great venues with excellent facilities and amenities that make organizing birthday parties here an absolute breeze. In addition to that, the party halls here are also top-notch with great interior décor with a stylish and aesthetic vibe. Consequently, the best party halls in this region would be: Lounge and Bar – Eros Hotel as well as FIO Cookhouse and Bar. Both of these halls are great for your birthday celebration or a close friend’s surprise birthday party. The spacious halls will also ensure that you can have a big bash with a huge guest list easily.

What is the starting price per plate in Reaturants / Bars in Nehru Place?

The starting price for dinner plates in the party halls of Nehru place will differ for each venue. There is a range of party halls each with their own specifications and a starting price they have set according to that. The starting price however would be approximately Rs. 2000 per plate. Consequently, if you choose more variations or modify the menu, the price may increase or decrease accordingly.

What is the advance amount I have to pay to Venue?


The advance amount to pay for booking a venue in Nehru Place depends on the venue you choose. All of the venues in Nehru place are hot favourites and always in demand. After all, they make amazing birthday party celebration venues. Consequently, if you want to book one for celebrating your birthday or for someone you are close to, paying an advance amount to confirm the venue would be a smart move. So go ahead and talk it out with the owner of the venue and negotiate on a final amount for the advance payment.

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