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List of Best Birthday Party Venues / Places in Gtb Nagar, Delhi

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Best Places in GTB Nagar & Hudson Lane To Celebrate Birthday

Why GTB Nagar & Hudson Lane in Delhi is the best place to celebrate the birthday in North Delhi?


Located in a busy area of North Delhi, GTB Nagar is always bustling with people and activities. The place is surrounded by places of historical importance. This is why the party venues and the restaurants of GTB Nagar fare well among both the tourists and the locals for bringing business in the area. They are also the birthday celebration places in North Delhi. Thus, because of the increasing popularity, the area now has quite a few party venues and places to celebrate birthdays in North Delhi. Hudson Lane in GTB Nagar is the hub of all the cafes, restaurants, bars, and other party venues in North Delhi. So, you will be able to find the desired place to party within your budget range easily. This is why people prefer partying in GTB Nagar and Hudson Lane in Delhi.


Are there affordable cafes to celebrate birthday with friends, loved ones, family?


Hudson Lane in GTB Nagar has nothing but affordable cafés and restaurants for partying. Almost all of these party venues are family-friendly in nature. That is to say, you can easily organize a birthday party and invite your family, friends, and loved ones over. For instance, places to celebrate birthday in GTB Nagar like Encounter, Ministry of Café, Epic Kitchen N Bar, Qash Retro Bar, etc. are all budget-friendly and family-friendly. There are also a number of other affordable cafes for the birthday parties in North Delhi.
Besides these, Sloshout will also help you to get the best possible rate at your favorite venue. The venue experts at Sloshout are working day and night to make partying cheap for you. This means, our venue experts are constantly bargaining with the venue managers to keep the rates within your affordable range. Additionally, if you happen to book your party through Sloshout, you are required to pay just 15% of the total package for booking any venue. Thus the booking and the payment policy of Sloshout automatically make partying an accessible and affordable affair. So, you can throw the grandest of parties without worrying a bit about the expenditure of your party.


Places to celebrate birthday in GTB Nagar & Hudson Lane, Delhi with friends in low budget? 


GTB Nagar can surprise you with birthday party venues in North Delhi. Being the most bustling area of North Delhi, GTB Nagar has a ton of party venues, cafés, restaurants, etc. for you to choose from. A few of the places to celebrate birthday in GTB Nagar include:

1. Ministry of Café, GTB Nagar

If affordability is the prime criterion for your birthday party, then the Ministry of Café is the best place for a birthday celebration in North Delhi. The venue offers the right mix of affordability and amenities. The venue serves a multitude of dishes from the North Indian, Chinese, Continental, and Italian cuisines. Thus, your guests will never run out of options at your birthday party. Along with this, the venue also has exquisite offerings in beverages and alcohol. Ministry Of Café will thus satisfy both your alcoholic and non-alcoholic friends. The minimalist and yet modern ambiance of the venue adds a charm of its own. Along with this, the venue is also the most appropriate birthday party venue to have a themed party as the interior decoration is kept at a minimum. The bright and warm lights and the classy ambiance makes the Ministry of Café a gorgeous party place in North Delhi. So, party in Ministry of Café this birthday and rake up a storm in the party scene this year.


2.Shooters Lounge and Bar, GTB Nagar

If you are a big fan of Chinese cuisine, Shooters Lounge and Bar is the temple of Chinese food lovers. The venue has bright lighting which sets up the mood for the party. The seating arrangement of the venue is extremely luxurious. The inside of the venue is also pretty spacious and the venue organizes live music shows. There is also an in-house DJ in case if you wish to have the time of your life with your buddies. Shooters Lounge and Bar is another name for affordability in GTB Nagar. Along with Chinese cuisine, the venue serves North Indian cuisine as well.
There is a full bar available at the venue as well. The bar serves a truckload of a myriad of beverages from mocktails, cocktails, whiskeys, beers, vodkas, rums, wines, etc. Thus, Shooters Lounge and Bar has all the makings to supply the party with the right spirits. Shooters Lounge and Bar is also listed among one of the most affordable cafes for birthday party in North Delhi. So, give your guests a great time at your birthday party by opting to party in Shooters Lounge and Bar, GTB Nagar.


If you are specifically looking for cafes in Hudson Lane for birthday party, you are then flooded with options. Hudson Lane is, arguably, the most happening place to party. You will find a plethora of affordable cafes for birthday parties along with restaurants, bars, bistros, pubs, etc. To help you in your research for the best place for birthday celebration in GTB Nagar, we are listing below two famous birthday party venues in North Delhi and cafes in Hudson Lane for birthday party:


1. Epic Kitchen N Bar, Hudson Lane

If you are hunting for a vibrant party venue to celebrate your birthday in North Delhi, Epic Kitchen N Bar is all things fancy. From quirky color tones, colorful wall art, bright lights, Epic Kitchen N Bar has everything. The venue itself has the ability to brighten up your mood with its ambiance and its vibe. Epic Kitchen N Bar has all the nitty-gritty to make it the best place for birthday celebration in GTB Nagar. From the moody and bright lights at the bar to the quirky teal and orange color scheme of the dining area, Epic Kitchen N Bar nails the art of setting up the mood for the party. Moreover, different corners of the restaurant evoke a different kind of mood. Thus, if you wish to have a quiet time with your friends, the eating area with a transparent ceiling or the bar area is the perfect place to hang out with them. However, if you wish to go all out and dance your heart out, the bright lights and the teal and orange color scheme work the best.

Additionally, the venue serves finger-licking dishes from the North Indian, Chinese, Continental and Italian cuisines. The bar has all kinds of delectable beverages and alcohol in store for the guests. Moreover, Epic Bar N Kitchen remains open till midnight. Thus, with Epic Kitchen N Bar, you have at your disposal an affordable party venue with the advantage of partying till late in the night.


2. By The Bay, Hudson Lane

If partying with sophistication with a sprinkle of color is your style, then By The Bay will pleasantly surprise you. As is evident from its name, this party venue has a beach vibe. The wall murals, the paints, the décor, and the furnishings all evoke the aura of the beachside. If you wish to throw a themed birthday party this year, you should definitely consider partying at By The Bay. The restaurant is famous among all the beach bums in the city as well. This is mainly because Delhi is a landlocked state and visiting a beach will require quite a bit of effort and planning. By The Way, in this regard, has paid quite a lot of attention to details to make this place the closest substitute to partying on a beach. The venue has ample space for you to party with all your guests and even shake a leg with them.


Additionally, By The Way serves a number of dishes from The North Indian, Chinese, Italian and bar food items. Talking of the bar, By The Way has amazing offerings in both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Thus you can pamper your guests with the drinks which will complement their food and their mood perfectly. By The Way stays open till 12 in the night. Thus you can have a midnight cake cutting ceremony at the venue too. Have a rocking birthday party celebrating at By The Bay, Hudson Lane with your folks this year.


Role of Sloshout in Booking the venues?


Sloshout provides a number of party related services. Our website features all the happening birthday celebration places in North Delhi along with other party venues in Delhi. Thus Sloshout has all the venue related solutions under a single roof. Our website has a user-friendly interface that lets you find your desired venue with just a few clicks. Along with party venues, Sloshout also will provide you with party vendors and the resources for planning a birthday party. You can also take the help of our venue experts to plan the proceedings of the day. Thus, you can easily plan a themed birthday party with the help of Sloshout. Sloshout also works day in and day out to provide the best deals to the party lovers.


Can Sloshout provide us any Discount on venues Selection?


Sloshout works round the clock to provide the party lovers with the cheapest rates and rental charges on their preferred venue. You can get in touch with one of our venue experts or executives to get the latest quote for café booking for birthday party. Sloshout also has the provision of pre-booking a venue with just 15% of the total party package. Thus, along with providing you with discounted rates, we also give you the lowest rates for advanced payment. So, the more you party with Sloshout, the more you save.

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