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List of Childrens Party Venues in Gurgaon

In the modern era, parties are almost synonymous with having fun. Parties give us a chance to get together with friends and family and have a wonderful time in our lives. In other words, parties come in various types for various types of people.

Aravali Vista Aravali Retreat

Aravali Vista

Aravali Retreat, Gurgaon


veg ₹800 per plate
non-veg ₹950 per plate
Aravali Greens Resort Aravali Retreat

Aravali Greens Resort

Aravali Retreat, Gurgaon


veg ₹1200 per plate
non-veg ₹1300 per plate
Jungle Adventure Retreat Aravali Retreat

Jungle Adventure Retreat

Aravali Retreat, Gurgaon


veg ₹1000 per plate
non-veg ₹1200 per plate

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Popular Children Party Places / Venues in Gurgaon

Top 6 Party Places for Kids:

There is a varied range of parties and events that take place on a day to day basis that keeps us all busy and entertained. From corporate events to even engagement parties, these occasions are a great opportunity to spend some quality time with the people who actually matter. But there is one aspect of partying that we seem to care much less about.


Parties are a very important aspect of adult life. They are therefore a primary means of entertainment and relaxation in the fast pacing 21st-century life of adults. But parties are not something that only adults find entertaining. It does not matter how old you are, parties will always turn out to be fun and exciting.


So even more than adults, parties are a much more exciting subject for the kids. Moreover, there is a wide contrast between the way adults party and the kids do.


The adult parties are about some decent music and more about taking a break from the daily monotonous routines. Whereas, the parties and events involved with the little ones usually involve a lot of activities and games that keep them occupied.


Children’s parties are so colorful and full of energy. They usually involve a lot of games and recreations that they do not usually come across on a daily basis. These parties also act as a great recess from their academic lives and provide them with a day of fun and amusement.


Children’s parties are not only important because they get to be a part of a lot of outdoor activities but also they get to be social and meet a lot of same-aged friends.


There are certain aspects of a children’s party that one must keep in mind when hosting one. Children are innocent souls and it is therefore very important to take extreme care about their health and security while they are out there making memories.


Here are some of the key pointers that must be followed when organizing a fun yet safe children’s party:


Safety First:


· There should be proper safety measures, emergency medical kit and a doctor on board so that during any emergency, the kids get adequate care.


· The security of the kids should be something that is of prime importance. It is absolutely mandatory to arrange for proper nannies and security guards who will be able to protect the kid when the adults are busy.


· The food or the menu that is to be planned for the party should definitely be healthy and not bad quality. The junk food might make a certain child sick.


· Proper CCTV cameras should be installed everywhere on the premises.


· There should always be an expert supervisor to look after the kids when they are taking part in new activities.


There happens to be an innumerable number of party venues for kids in Gurgaon.


These venues are so pretty and vibrant that it is very hard for even the adults to hold back their excitement. The following list gives you an overview of the most wonderful kid’s party venues in Gurgaon that your child will absolutely adore:


1. Bounce Fitness:


Like the very name of this place suggests, Bounce Fitness is one of the most unique children’s party places in Gurgaon. The place is a unique combination of both fitness and fun.


It is the most popular indoor trampoline park in Gurgaon that involves a lot of jumping which is entertaining and great for health at the same time.


Come; experience the weightless of bouncing, flipping in the air and jumping into a pit full of 10,000 square foams.


The place has been awarded some of the best titles and it also takes all the safety measures into consideration making sure that your kid is in good hands. The place is however not just for kids. There is a separate section for adults who too can take part in the fun activities. Thus, the place provides the best of both worlds and brings the kid out of adult life.


2. Chanda Mama:


The very name of this children’s party venue in Gurgaon brings a lot of childhood nostalgic memories into play. If you are someone who is looking to host a children’s party in Gurgaon, this venue has to be your best choice.


Here, children not only get to have a lot of fun but also learn through exciting games and activities. The place comes with an indoor and outdoor area that is perfect for the child to take part in a series of recreations.


Activities like the magic show, cupcake decoration, art and craft and many more will not only give your kid a chance to enjoy but also learn new things.  Thus, Chanda Mama has to be one of the most perfect venues for children’s parties in Gurgaon.


3. Celesta Fiesta:


If your kid’s birthday is around the corner and you have been looking for that perfect venue, look no more.


Celesta Fiesta is without a doubt one of the best places to host children's birthday parties in Gurgaon.


Space is reputed for organizing themed birthday parties for children Gurgaon.


They have an amazing set of decorators who can make any fantasy of the little one into a reality.


The place is well equipped with amenities that are required to make any usual party an exciting one.


From an indoor movie theatre to a special photo booth, this kid’s birthday party place in Gurgaon has it all.


Therefore, if you are in for making some of the best memories that your child could ever have, this place for children’s birthday parties in Gurgaon is just the perfect spot.


4. The Fun Box:

The Fun Box in Gurgaon is possibly one of the most convenient yet best places to throw a kids' party in Gurgaon.


The place is spread across 15000 sq ft and houses every small thing within its indoor premises that a child might need for their entertainment. There are multiple levels to this kid’s party place near me.


Space also comes with varied colorful areas with multiple gaming options, a trampoline park and even facilities for edutainment classes. The place, therefore, is not just all about games and fun but also about learning.


Children learn more when they are taught through the medium of playing games. Therefore, The Fun Box utilizes this scenario to not only provide your child with a wonderful opportunity to have a great time with friends but also to master on different topics.


5. Monkey Business:


Different ages of a child need a different type of requirement.


There are essentially three major age groups in which children are divided into. The infants, the children up to 7 years and the ones who are older.


But there is one thing amongst the three groups that are entirely common. All of them love to have a fun and entertaining time with friends, games, and activities.


There are very few party places & venues in Gurgaon which actually concentrate on every small need of a child from every small group. Monkey Business in Gurgaon is one such place that takes care of all the party needs of every group of the child. 


It does not matter how old your kid is, they are sure to have a wonderful time at this Gurgaon venue for kid’s parties.


The place is beautifully designed and spread across two floors that deem perfect for all the party needs for the children. The games, the toys and the activities that are thoughtfully curated by experts for your children’s well being cater to every possible demand and preference. Thus, Monkey Business is one such place that takes care of every nook and corner to make your kids' party extra special.


6. Play O’ Cafe:


This children’s party place in Gurgaon is a family-owned children's birthday party venue Gurgaon.


Space is an indoor play area for kids that give them a chance to have fun and be fit at the same time. It comes with a number of gaming areas that are exciting and safe for your children.



The activities have also been curated with fitness in mind. These games and recreations help your child to develop basic motor skills and get a lot more fit while having a fun time with their peers.


It is one of the best birthday celebration places in Gurgaon. Thus, your search for the ideal children's birthday party place in Gurgaon ends here.


Like the very name of the place suggests, the spot also comes with a café that serves mouth-watering delicacies that you and your child can enjoy. Book your dates with Play O’ Café today to make your child’s birthday party extra special.



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