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List of Childrens Party Venues in Noida

Organizing any sort of event in and around Noida is a challenging task in itself. When the event is a kid’s birthday party, it becomes all the more difficult because of the intense challenge that kids present in organizing a party which would be to their liking. 

Moire Lounge and Bar Sector 38

Moire Lounge and Bar

Sector 38, Noida


Mocktails Package
Barish Moon Bar and Brewery Sector 38

Barish Moon Bar and Brewery

Sector 38, Noida


Mocktails Package
Spellbound Sector 38
Temporarily Closed


Sector 38, Noida


Mocktails Package
Ali Baba Caves Reloaded Sector 38
Temporarily Closed

Ali Baba Caves Reloaded

Sector 38, Noida


Mocktails Package
The Bar Company Sector 38

The Bar Company

Sector 38, Noida


Mocktails Package
Soiree Sector 38
Temporarily Closed


Sector 38, Noida


Mocktails Package

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Children's Party Places / Venues in Noida

So you must have been fretting a lot about hosting a children's’ party in Noida and you must have at some point typed in your computer kids’ birthday party near me in desperation. But don’t worry Sloshout is here to make sure that your kids have the perfect birthday party they deserve.


The venue for Children's Party In Noida


For starters, there are some great birthday party places & venues in Noida, but the problem is that they are not always conducive to kids. Which is where Sloshout comes in. With a shortlist of all the kid's birthday party venues in Noida, Sloshout is bound to have a venue or two of your choice. But you have to understand something very basic. The same venue would not work for a kid who worked for a child. And which worked for a child won’t work for a one-year-old baby. So let’s walk you through it categorically.


Birthday party venues for babies


Now I know this one is a toughie. I mean you may have typed baby birthday party venues near me and came up with nothing. But trust us, there is a place which makes for amazing venues for baby birthday parties in Noida.


There are a few criteria which the place must match for the venue to make for good 1st birthday party venues in Noida. The venue should be baby proof. So there should be no sharp edges or objects lying around.


Moreover, there shouldn’t be a carpet covering because babies may tend to swallow the carpet particulates and a carpet accumulates dust which may cause an allergic reaction to babies.


So a floorboard is preferable. Moreover, the venue should have adequate parking space for family vehicles as bringing a baby to a party requires a lot of care and precaution and a baby seat which can only be installed in a big car.


A baby's birthday party place in Noida should also have a clinic or dispensary situated nearby for babies require constant care. These are the factors that you should take into account before going ahead and choosing a birthday party venue for an infant.


Birthday party venues for kids


Kids are the most energetic ones among the lot and hence while finding a suitable kids' birthday party venue in Noida, you should keep that in mind. The first and foremost prerequisite is that the venue should be spacious. So that the kids have ample space to run around and play together.


But the venue is not everything for kids.



They are in the developing phase of their lives and which is why they need something interactive and interesting to capture their imagination and concentration. Organize some games and competitions. Games like bursting the balloon, guess who is very popular for kids' birthday parties in Noida.


While choosing a kids’ birthday party venue in Noida you should keep in mind that the venue should have a spacious surrounding and should be away from the din and bustle of the main city because if there are crowded and busy roads around then one runs the risk of the kids running on to the roads and getting injured.


Sloshout has a comprehensive list of all the places which are conducive to organizing a kids’ birthday celebration in Noida.


And for the rest of the celebration, you have to brainstorm ideas. Find something that all the kids love, or organize a magic show or have a professional joker over to have a great time. Whatever it is, you have to be highly imaginative because engaging the attention of kids isn’t really an easy task. And it is even more difficult when there happens to be a bunch of them.


Birthday party venues for children


For children, almost any birthday party would do. There are way fewer restrictions that you need to keep in mind while organizing a party. Almost all the party places in Noida are fit for organizing a children's’ birthday party in Noida. But one thing that you do need to keep in mind is that make sure that the venue doesn’t serve alcohol. Though a lot of places would promptly exempt alcohol from the menu for the time of your booking on prior notice.


What you can do while planning a birthday party for kids is to have some innovative ideas. Maybe you can organize a themed costume party. We all know that children are very invested in particular pop culture media they like. So if your kid is an Avengers fan make it an Avengers costume party. If your kid loves football, make it a footballer costume party. You get the idea right? The point is that your children should have fun because after all, you are going to such great lengths only to ensure that your children have fun on their special day along with all their friends.


But what you should stress upon is the security of the venue because as long as children are involved we have to ensure utmost safety and precaution because after all, they are the future of this world.


Safety and Security


Sloshout has the best venues in and around Noida. But that is not the only reason why you should go to a venue by Sloshout. All the venues that are affiliated to Sloshout have been thoroughly checked by our team of experts so that there is no security risk whatsoever in any of them so that you and your children may enjoy a safe and sound kids’ birthday party celebration in Noida.




Now that you have got the hang of it, go on and book the venue of your choice to make your kids’ birthday special. Just remember that in the future, if there is any birthday party in Noida, be sure to avail of the services of Sloshout.

Frequently Asked Questions about Childrens Party Venues in Noida

Which are some Budget friendly Childrens Party venues in Noida?

We bring you affordable Childrens Party venues in Noida and provide you exciting deals and offers on the same. Top 5 Pocket friendly Childrens Party venues in Noida include Moire Lounge and BarBarish Moon Bar and BrewerySpellboundAli Baba Caves ReloadedThe Bar Company.

Which are the types of venues for Childrens Party in Noida?

If you are looking for Childrens Party venues in Noida, we deliver best rates and offers in Family Party Halls  for Childrens Party venues in Noida, for Childrens Party venues in Noida, for Childrens Party in Noida, for Childrens Party in Noida, for Childrens Party in Noida and more. 

Which are the popular locations for Childrens Party venues in Noida?

If you are planning your Childrens Party venues in Noida, we cover many areas to help you find your best fit. The top-rated Childrens Party venues that we cover are located in posh and high-class locations like Sector 135 , Sector 18 , Greater Noida , Sector 62 , Sector 104  and so on.

What are the names of Popular Childrens Party venues in Noida? Which are some Top Rated Childrens Party Venues in Noida?

With the numerous options of Childrens Party venues in Noida, we will garner you the epitome of beauty in these venues. We have handpicked the most popular Childrens Party venues in Noida with pool side arrangement, scenic view, and beautiful open lawns. Here are a few highest rated Childrens Party venues in Noida - Soiree, , etc.

How to find reviews and ratings of Childrens Party venues in Noida? What are the prices and menu for Noida Childrens Party venues?

Our website,, will help you identify the Childrens Party venues in Noida with the best ratings and reviews from real customers. We also provide with the negotiated prices and menus of all the Childrens Party venues in Noida. The affordable Childrens Party venues in Noida that we provide will ensure that every penny that is spent is worth the place. The venues in Noida have varied price ranges, starting from Rs 700/- per person and going upwards to Rs 2000/- per person.

Which are some Childrens Party venues in and around Noida for large gathering?

Here are some of the large and affordable Childrens Party venues in Noida - . They can accommodate more than 1000 people.

How to find Childrens Party venues in Noida for small gathering?

There are enough options for Childrens Party venues in Noida to accommodate a small and intimate gathering. Some options are . These Childrens Party venues in Noida come with an area for accommodating around 100 - 300 guests for a small function with affordable prices.

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