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List of Childrens Party Venues / Places in Delhi

Children's parties are the most fun and creative parties that you can imagine. At a children's party, you get the opportunity to go completely crazy and make your child’s wildest dreams come true. Our Children's or toddlers birthday party venues, especially in Delhi, are listed below:

Ardor 2.1 Connaught Place

Ardor 2.1

Connaught Place, Delhi


Mocktails Package
Doodles Garden Punjabi Bagh

Doodles Garden

Punjabi Bagh, Delhi


Mocktails Package
The Sky High Khel Gaon

The Sky High

Khel Gaon, Delhi


Mocktails Package
Polo Lounge - Hyatt Regency Bhikaji Cama Place

Polo Lounge - Hyatt Regency

Bhikaji Cama Place, Delhi


Mocktails Package
736 A.D. Vijay Nagar

736 A.D.

Vijay Nagar, Delhi


Mocktails Package
Bistro 360 Bhikaji Cama Place

Bistro 360

Bhikaji Cama Place, Delhi


Mocktails Package
Pavitra Grand Dwarka

Pavitra Grand

Dwarka, Delhi


veg ₹800 per plate
non-veg ₹950 per plate
Brookwood Gardens Ghitorni

Brookwood Gardens

Ghitorni, Delhi


veg ₹1000 per plate
non-veg ₹1100 per plate

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Best Restaurants / Places / Venues for Children's / Toddlers Birthday Party

There are many awesome children’s birthday party venues in Delhi to choose from and you can find them all here.


Depending on the kind of party you want to throw, there are different types of venues available. There is a lot that goes into pulling off an amazing children’s party and you need a lot of time to plan every little aspect of it. The kid's birthday party places and venues will make a great difference.


Therefore, it is key that you don’t spend too much time just trying to find the venue because children's birthday party venues in Delhi are available at a great price.



That is where comes in. On sloshout, you can filter venues by location, the type of occasion and many other details such as the kind of package you are looking for. That is in this case you can put the filter of children's party places and look at the options. You can also look into the toddler's birthday party venues in Delhi of any age.


They also have a form that you can fill out with even more details. Based on all your specific requirements, sloshout can then suggest a shortlist of places for you to check out. This way you know that every single place you are looking at meets your needs. Our birthday celebration places would work effectively well for everyone in terms of services and hospitality.


This makes the process of party planning a lot more convenient and significantly time efficient.


This means that you will have more time to focus on the more fun details of the party.


In order to plan a fantastic birthday, there are a few things to keep in mind. Below is a list of things that you should consider while planning your child’s birthday party.




Catering is a huge concern for any children's party in Delhi or anywhere for that matter. This is because you need to find the perfect balance between delicious and practical. Most children’s parties typically take place during the day time. This means that you need to take care of feeding lunch to the children.


You can take one of two approaches for this.


You can either has one sit down meal with something simple like pizza or burgers. This way you know that all the kids have eaten and you can track it more easily. However, you can take a more tricky approach, if it is a party where the kids are constantly running around. You can have smaller snacks that are constantly being served.


This way you know that there is food around all the time and the kids will be fed for sure.


This is a little riskier because it is tough to track if all the kids are eating or not.


However, the parents tend to take care of it so it is not too much of a concern. The other problem that you may face is that it is difficult to keep a track of quantities When you have finger food being served it is often the people that get to it first that eat the most.



To counter this you can have the same food on multiple trays before you bring out the next item.


If your children are slightly older, you could go for an in-between option which is a buffet. This way you aren’t putting pressure on the children to leave their games and eat at the same time.


And you are also ensuring that there is a full course meal and that everyone is fed.




The decor is the next big thing that you need to consider. Usually, the decor is more important for indoor parties but it can also be key for outdoor parties.


Nowadays more and more people are hosting outdoor parties. However, that doesn’t mean that you have zero decors in fact sometimes you need even more, if it is outdoors.


You can have large life-size cartoon cut-outs if it is a cartoon themed party. You can have things like dream catchers and fairy lights around if it is a princess themed party.


If it is indoors, of course, you need to have things like streamers and balloons.


However, you can make it more customized depending on the theme. Having a theme is very important for these types of parties. It makes the decorations more cohesive and purposeful if there is a particular theme you are following.




Entertainment is key to having a fun and exciting birthday party. You can have magicians; you can have actors playing movie characters or cartoon characters.


There can be game runners or you can just have a lot of games around to entertain the kids. You could plan something like a treasure hunt all around the house or the lawn wherever you have the party. Having games planned in advance is key to ensuring that the kids aren’t bored.


You should also have a large variety of games planned because kids get bored.


There could be different stations such as an art and crafts station a video game station etcetera. You could also hire a temporary tattoo artist, kids love those. Basically have a bunch of different activities lined up so that there is something for everyone.


A few ways to make the day extra special


There are many amazing children party venues in Delhi to choose from. You could book a grand banquet hall so you can have full control of the party.



Booking a banquet halls means that you get to customize and plan the party however you like. You have enough space to accommodate all the guests and you have decorators and caterers available in-house.



This means that you can think of exactly the kind of party your child wants and make it come to life. You can choose the theme that suits your kid’s interests and really run with it.



There can be food which is on the theme; you can, of course, have crazy decorations to match the theme. You can truly go all in and make the party the way that your kid would want it.



You can make your kid's birthday special by really listening to what they want. It is not always about how much you spend on a party but rather what type of party it is.



For example, if they have been asking for pizza for a long time, make it a pizza party. If they are really into dinosaurs, make the party dinosaur themed.


If they have been missing their grandparents, take them to their house instead of throwing a big party.


You could even hire a children party planner to make your vision come to life.


The bottom line is, you can make the birthday special if you just pay attention to what they really want. Depending on how old they are, they may or may not remember this particular party down the line.


So the focus should really be on giving them the best day possible and making their wishes come true today. That being said, you need not even throw a birthday party to make their day special.


There is a lot you can do instead of a birthday party and that is a great approach to your child’s birthday. You can throw a birthday party any year so don’t worry about missing out on that for one year.



However, if you want to make this year extra special you can do something different. You can go on a one or two-day road trip with your kid or you could go do something extremely unique.


For example, you could go skydiving or river rafting, something which they would remember for the rest of their lives.


If they are smaller, something as simple as going to the zoo could be a wonderful experience. When they are older, apart from adventure sports you could do just about anything which they would love.



If it is their 21st birthday you could take them out for their first drink. When it is their 18th birthday you could take them for a driving lesson. The possibilities are endless but truly it is one of these birthdays that they will remember down the line. 


For pre-teen and teenagers, this type of birthday would be a great idea.



However, there are many other options if these aren’t possible. For example, if they just want to run around and play with their friends, you can have an outdoor party. You can have a bunch of gaming equipment lying around and they can just play all day long.



You can have yummy snacks and some juices served on the lawn itself and it will make for a great birthday. There are many fun places to celebrate the children’s birthday as well.


You could go to a video game arcade if they are really into video games and buy tickets for all the kids. If they are big movie fans then a movie theater is always fun, especially if a fun movie is out.



You could take them out for an activity like paintball too. On the other hand, if they love learning about nature and wildlife you could go to the zoo. There are many options to choose from, you just have to figure out what their interests are.



Frequently Asked Questions about Childrens Party Venues in Delhi

Which are some Budget friendly Childrens Party venues in Delhi?

We bring you affordable Childrens Party venues in Delhi and provide you exciting deals and offers on the same. Top 5 Pocket friendly Childrens Party venues in Delhi include Ardor 2.1Doodles GardenThe Sky HighPolo Lounge - Hyatt Regency736 A.D..

Which are the types of venues for Childrens Party in Delhi?

If you are looking for Childrens Party venues in Delhi, we deliver best rates and offers in Family Party Halls  for Childrens Party venues in Delhi, for Childrens Party venues in Delhi, for Childrens Party in Delhi, for Childrens Party in Delhi, for Childrens Party in Delhi and more. 

Which are the popular locations for Childrens Party venues in Delhi?

If you are planning your Childrens Party venues in Delhi, we cover many areas to help you find your best fit. The top-rated Childrens Party venues that we cover are located in posh and high-class locations like Connaught Place , Saket , Rajouri Garden , Punjabi Bagh , Dwarka  and so on.

What are the names of Popular Childrens Party venues in Delhi? Which are some Top Rated Childrens Party Venues in Delhi?

With the numerous options of Childrens Party venues in Delhi, we will garner you the epitome of beauty in these venues. We have handpicked the most popular Childrens Party venues in Delhi with pool side arrangement, scenic view, and beautiful open lawns. Here are a few highest rated Childrens Party venues in Delhi - Bistro 360Pavitra GrandBrookwood Gardens, , etc.

How to find reviews and ratings of Childrens Party venues in Delhi? What are the prices and menu for Delhi Childrens Party venues?

Our website,, will help you identify the Childrens Party venues in Delhi with the best ratings and reviews from real customers. We also provide with the negotiated prices and menus of all the Childrens Party venues in Delhi. The affordable Childrens Party venues in Delhi that we provide will ensure that every penny that is spent is worth the place. The venues in Delhi have varied price ranges, starting from Rs 700/- per person and going upwards to Rs 2000/- per person.

Which are some Childrens Party venues in and around Delhi for large gathering?

Here are some of the large and affordable Childrens Party venues in Delhi - . They can accommodate more than 1000 people.

How to find Childrens Party venues in Delhi for small gathering?

There are enough options for Childrens Party venues in Delhi to accommodate a small and intimate gathering. Some options are . These Childrens Party venues in Delhi come with an area for accommodating around 100 - 300 guests for a small function with affordable prices.

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