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Best Haldi Ceremony Venues / Places in Delhi NCR

Haldi Ceremony is definitely one of the most important functions leading up to the main wedding day. If you are looking for a place to host this function, look no further. Below is a list of great banquet halls in Delhi which you can use to host your haldi function.

Regal Palace GT Karnal Road


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Regal Palace

GT Karnal Road, Delhi

D Imperia MG Road


Very Good

Hilton Garden Inn Saket


Very Good

The GranDreams Shivaji Marg



Windsor at Mallu Farms Chattarpur


Very Good

Holiday Inn Mayur Vihar


Very Good

Fraser Suites Mayur Vihar



Essex Farms Hauz Khas


Very Good

Flora Farms Chattarpur


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Haldi Party Places / Venues / Halls / Cafes / Restaurants Near Me

1. Atrio a Boutique Hotel


Atrio Boutique Hotel is one of the amazing Haldi ceremony venues in Delhi because it is beautiful. They have all the essential services to make sure that your haldi function runs smoothly. They have in-house decorators and caterers who take care of everything to make your haldi function spectacular. Their decorators are amazing and they know how to make the place look magical. Their caterers serve a variety of cuisines so that the menu fits perfectly with your tastes. They have multiple outdoor venues and lawns in case you prefer hosting the function outdoors.


2. Celebration Gardens


Celebration Gardens is one of the grand Haldi ceremony places in Delhi. The venue is very gorgeous and the decor is larger than life. They have beautiful flower decor and other interesting decor options to choose from. They have multi-cuisine restaurants and stylish cafes so you can rest assured that the catering is top-notch. The hall is very large and they can accommodate up to 1000 people at once. They also have air-conditioned rooms that you can prepare in before you enter the main hall for the ceremony.


3. Cp 65


CP 65 is one of the great halls for Haldi ceremony because it is perfect for pre-wedding functions. They have in-house decorators and caterers who know how to pull off a haldi function effortlessly. They have alcohol served if you want to serve drinks at your ceremony. It is easily accessible by public transport which is always convenient.


4. Manaktala Farm


Manaktala Farm is great if you prefer hosting functions outdoors. For a Haldi ceremony, it may be a good idea to have the function in the open air because it can get dirty. They have amazing gardens and lawns which can be decorated according to your preferences. Their floral decoration is very beautiful and they have many decor options to choose from. They also have rooms available if you need to prepare for the function or need extra space for guests. They also have changing rooms for the bride or groom to change their clothes after the function.


5. TryFena


TryFena is great for Haldi functions because it is ideal for hosting pre-wedding ceremonies. The hall isn’t very large but it is large enough to accommodate your guest list for a haldi function. They have many services that will make it easy for you to organize the function. They have great caterers who know how to make food which everyone loves. They also have decorators who know how to make the place look grand for this function.


6. A Square


A Square is actually a restaurant that can be used as a haldi function hall because they rent it out for ceremonies. Since it is a multi-cuisine restaurant you can be sure that the food would be amazing. They often rent out the space for pre-wedding functions so you can rest assured that the services will be great. The staff is quite helpful and friendly which is a bonus. You can bring in a decorator to make the place look extravagant and special for the ceremony.


7. Hotel Sewa Grand


The banquet hall at Hotel Sewa Grand is often rented out for weddings and pre-wedding functions. The decor is brilliant and breathtaking and it definitely makes you feel special. They treat the bride and groom like royalty because a wedding is a once in a lifetime occasion. They are fully staffed and ensure that there is a team of people working to make sure your function goes smoothly. The catering is also great and they have multiple packages for you to choose from depending on your likes and dislikes.


8. Hotel Golden Grand


Hotel Golden Grand is an amazing hotel for hosting a wedding and pre-wedding functions. Their banquet hall is very elegant and beautiful even without decoration. However, once you get the decorators in, the hall definitely transforms into the hall of your dreams. They also have great caterers who know how to cook food that everyone would love. They also have staff on call that is welcoming and takes care of all your needs. They care about making your wedding functions amazing because they know how much it means to you.


9. City Park


City Park is another great hotel for hosting pre-wedding functions. A Haldi ceremony is one of the most important functions leading up to your wedding so you need to ensure it goes well. They also have wonderful caterers who know how to make food that you would love. If you have some special requests they would willingly take them into account. The staff as well is quite friendly which a great plus is. Their decorators are some of the best that you will come across. They know how to take your vision and actually make it come to life.


10. Ragalia Banquet


Ragalia Banquet is one of the Haldi ceremony places you should definitely check out. They have all the services and facilities you might need. The banquet is truly magnificent and looks very glamorous. Their decorators are definitely experts and they know how to make your dreams come alive. They have caterers who prepare delicious food for your pre-wedding function. They have rooms as well which you can use for changing or for storing items before the ceremony. This is also one of the halls that are reasonably priced which is always a plus.


When you start looking for places to host your Haldi event, you know what the best options are.

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