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Best Pre Wedding Mehendi Party Venues / Places in Delhi NCR

Regal Palace GT Karnal Road


Very Good

Regal Palace

GT Karnal Road, Delhi

D Imperia MG Road


Very Good

The GranDreams Shivaji Marg



Windsor at Mallu Farms Chattarpur


Very Good

Holiday Inn Mayur Vihar


Very Good

Fraser Suites Mayur Vihar



Essex Farms Hauz Khas


Very Good

Flora Farms Chattarpur


Very Good


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Pre Wedding Mehendi Party Places / Venues / Banquet Halls / Restaurants in Delhi NCR


Lagoona Emerald: The Mehendi function is one o the most exciting pre-wedding festivities in the series of customary occasions in a wedding. It is not only great to indulge in traditional customs like these but also a great way to [party with friends and family. The Mehendi ceremony includes ritual like staining the hands and feet of the bride and the groom with the red-orange Mehendi as it is considered very auspicious. In recent times, this traditional festivity is combined with various other aspects to make it entertaining. Lagoona emerald is undoubtedly one of the finest Mehendi ceremony venues in Delhi. Their management and staff provide you with the ideal quality of service that is sure to make any event a success. This banquet hall for Mehendi ceremony in Delhi is located at a very prominent setting making it very easily accessible to your entire guest list. The place is divided into various sections to promote organizing multiple functions simultaneously. The place is reputed to serve some of the best mouthwatering delicacies in order to indulge you in a beautiful culinary experience. You can also opt for external catering services and get your own alcoholic drinks to add your own personal touch. The decorators at this Mehendi ceremony banquet hall in Delhi are very skilled and they will work with the expertise to make all your ideas and designs come alive.


Imperial Ball Room at Hotel Haut Monde: Indian wedding ceremonies include a number of events that lead you up to the main function. There are various exciting functions and ceremonies that take place before the wedding. The Mehendi function is one such ceremony that takes place before the day of the wedding. This ritual includes staining the hands and feet of the bride and groom with the auspicious color of Mehendi. It is a traditional belief that darker the color of the henna on your hands, the happier you are going to be with your beloved in your married life. Venues play an important role as they act as backdrops to the whole event. Imperial Ball Room at Hotel Haut Monde is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places to organize your Mehendi ceremony in Gurgaon. The beautiful interior decorations, the designer seating arrangements, and the spacious lounge area make this place exquisite. The staff and the management do not keep any stones unturned and go that extra mile to make your Mehendi ceremony an absolute success. The place is very well equipped with all the necessary amenities and facilities that you can possibly need to make your Mehendi occasion in Gurgaon is all the more special. The place is quite spacious and can accommodate at least 250 people which therefore make this banquet hall for Mehendi ceremony ideal for comparatively small functions.


Hall 1 and Hall 2 at Saffron Banquet: To organize an event as fun and entertaining as the Mehendi ceremony is a huge task. The small function may appear to be easy to organize for but all the ideas and decision making can suddenly turn out to be very overwhelming. The guest list, the décor, the theme, the catering services and every small detail of the ceremony includes undivided concentration so as to make the Mehendi function in Noida an absolute success. Venues are one of the most important aspects of such events. If that is confirmed, you have already won the game. But it is also important to make a good choice while selecting the venue as it has the potential to make or break an event.  Hall 1 and Hall 2 at Saffron Banquet is one such banquet hall for Mehendi ceremonies in Noida that will never disappoint you. It is well equipped with all the necessary amenities that you may need. The management is very helpful and will take each speciation under consideration so that you get to have a memorable time. Space can accommodate at least 500 people which makes it quite a comfortable space for the guests. Their food, live music, and bar arrangements make this space complete and absolutely perfect for your Mehendi celebrations.


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