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If you are looking forward to hosting an event in Delhi, one of the critical requirements that you will have is to hire quality caterers who can offer the best menu and food quality. Caterers in Delhi specialize in various forms like house party catering, corporate catering, marriage catering, events catering, and birthday party catering. You can choose one of the top caterers in Delhi as per your occasion. The best caterers offer a wide range of catering services in Delhi that are well-designed to cater to every culinary preference and ensure that your event turns out to be a feast of the senses. These caterers offer full-course meals, which include starters & snacks, beverages, main courses, soups & salads, and desserts. The caterers’ rates in Delhi are reasonable too. The caterers enrolled on our platform offer competitive rates and custom menus in various budget ranges. The food served by the top caterers in Delhi is exceptional in quality and prepared with the best ingredients. The menu is customized to the taste preferences of the clients, and the finest chefs prepare the delicious food they serve. Get more information about the top caterers in Delhi and relish the taste of their wedding dishes for your upcoming celebrations or events. 

Aaugritaa caterers Begumpur

Aaugritaa caterers

Begumpur, Delhi


₹ 700
Per Plate
Zaika Krishna Nagar


Krishna Nagar, Delhi


₹ 1400
Per Plate
XO Catering by Design Greater Kailash

XO Catering by Design

Greater Kailash, Delhi


₹ 1500
Per Plate
The Supper club catering Chattarpur

The Supper club catering

Chattarpur , Delhi


₹ 1599
Per Plate
The Purple Plate Catering Vasant Vihar

The Purple Plate Catering

Vasant Vihar, Delhi


₹ 1800
Per Plate
The Kitchen Art Company Chattarpur

The Kitchen Art Company

Chattarpur , Delhi


₹ 1250
Per Plate


Hauz Khas, Delhi


₹ 700
Per Plate
The Fork Luxury Catering Services Chattarpur


₹ 800
Per Plate
The Chaat Affair Rajouri Garden

The Chaat Affair

Rajouri Garden, Delhi


₹ 250
Per Plate
The Basil Kitchen Dwarka

The Basil Kitchen

Dwarka, Delhi


₹ 1250
Per Plate
Tandoori Nights Subhash Nagar

Tandoori Nights

Subhash Nagar, Delhi


₹ 1000
Per Plate
Satwik Caterers Paschim Vihar

Satwik Caterers

Paschim Vihar, Delhi


₹ 500
Per Plate
Satkar Caterers Hauz khas

Satkar Caterers

Hauz Khas, Delhi


₹ 1000
Per Plate
Om Corner Karol Bagh

Om Corner

Karol Bagh, Delhi


₹ 700
Per Plate

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Top Caterers in Delhi – Book a Professional Caterer in Delhi

What factors should you consider before choosing a caterer in Delhi?

No matter whether you are organizing a birthday celebration, a wedding, a business conference, or a retirement party, food is indeed one of the most crucial factors that needs proper consideration. The quality of the catering is one of the essential elements that play a vital role in making or breaking an event. 

The key considerations that should guide your choice of the catering service are: 

  • Checking the availability of the caterer on the event day – The very first aspect that you need to ensure is whether your shortlisted or chosen caterer is available to provide service on the day of the event. It is very vital to plan and prepare ahead when working with a catering service as they frequently get booked up several months before the date of the event. To minimize any kind of disappointment due to the unavailability of any of the top caterers in Delhi, book their dates once the date of your event is finalized. 

  • Checking whether the caterer under consideration can handle your event’s catering – It is a fact that not every caterer is ideal for all kinds of events. Even a caterer with the highest reputation might not turn out to be the best choice for your event as that caterer excels in some other areas of catering. For example, some caterers in Delhi are more boutique and are more used to catering to intimate social gatherings. In contrast, other caterers in Delhi provide their catering service for significant events with hundreds and thousands of guests. 

  • Testing their food is crucial – When you are about to finalize a caterer for your event, do not forget to try their food first. The ideal way is to test the menu options that you are planning to finalize for your event. It sometimes appears to be a burden on the caterer, but you should ensure that you do this before signing the contract with the caterer. 

  • Getting a recommendation – You may ask your relatives and friends for their recommendations in case they have opted for any of the catering services recently. This will give you a foolproof idea to choose the best caterer in your area. 

  • Considering the budget – To manage your expenses for the event, it is good to be open & honest regarding your finances while discussing with your caterer. Your caterer can customize the food menu for your event as per your spending limit. 

  • Inquiring about the hygiene standards – You should ideally choose a caterer in Delhi who thoroughly understands food safety & follows all the hygiene procedures. None would want the guests to fall ill after consuming tainted food or menus that are prepared in an unclean manner. You should ensure that the concerned catering company always uses high-quality ingredients to prepare the food for the guests. 

How can you contact and book a caterer in Delhi?

While you are searching for the top caterers in Delhi, you should leverage our platform as we aggregated the best caterers from the Delhi NCR region with our strategic approach of checking their backgrounds and works thoroughly. We boast of an exhaustive database that features several accomplished caterers, every one of them accompanied by reviews & ratings from their previous clientele. This makes it easier and hassle-free for you to choose a caterer in Delhi for every event or occasion right from the comfort of your home without any legwork. 

What types of services do various caterers offer? 

The term ‘catering’ simply refers to the process of preparation and serving of food for various events like weddings, birthday parties, house-warming parties, corporate gatherings etc. The events that are catered can either be onsite at the home or office of the client or offsite at a banquet hall, hotel, convention center, etc. The types of services that various caterers in Delhi provide are as follows:

  • Corporate catering – Corporate catering usually refers to the catering service offered in corporate and business functions. These may range from small gatherings in the office or a big gathering offsite in some hotel or an arrangement for an upscale dinner. The cost of a corporate catering event depends on the level and size of the function that is hosted. There can be different menu choices depending on the profile and preferences of the attendees/guests. The buffet may have options for a large assortment of vegetarian, non-vegetarian, Chinese, Thai, Jain, and continental dishes. If you are hiring a caterer for a corporate event, you should necessarily check if they have experience in this genre to receive the best service. 
  • Wedding catering – A wedding is deemed to be one of the significant events in a couple’s life. As a wedding is a lifetime affair and celebration, you should be extra cautious about hiring a wedding caterer in Delhi. Wedding catering does not just revolve around cooking & serving food to guests. A full-service wedding caterer is also responsible for table arrangements, décor & food presentation. There can be various types of wedding catering arrangements, like a sit-down plated dinner, a buffet-style dinner, a family-style dinner, a cocktail reception, and food stations. You may choose the format you desire from the options mentioned above. 
  • Social event catering – Social events include birthday parties, grand openings, retirement celebrations, baby showers, housewarming parties, etc. Due to the small nature of these kinds of events, social catering menus differ from one party to another. The top caterers in Delhi offering social event catering take care of the dietary needs, preferences, allergens & cultural beliefs of the guests and arrange the menus accordingly. For instance, if there are guests who only consume Jain food, then they keep Jain food menus that contain no garlic & onion, especially for these guests. The different types of social events catering are stationary platters, buffets, small stations & plates, outdoor BBQ, three-course plated dinners, etc. 
  • Concession catering – This particular category of catering includes several sporting events like seasonal competitions, sporting events & live concerts. Typically, the catered food consists of the right choices of menus that suit the audience. The intent is to provide a large assortment of foods & speedy service. 

Benefits of Hiring Professional Caterers 

Whether you are planning a corporate event, wedding, birthday party, or even some charity event, catering plays a big role in defining the success of the event. Hiring one of the top caterers in Delhi has several benefits compared to providing catering yourself. The primary benefits are listed below: 

  • Quality of food – Hiring one of the top professional caterers in Delhi can guarantee that they serve food of the highest quality. All guests will enjoy the food served by the and would be appreciated. 

  • Time-saving– When you opt to hire a professional caterer, you will save your time and effort on the stressful duty of arranging & preparing the catering all by yourself. If you hire one of the top caterers in Delhi, all you need to do is agree on the menu and the type of food that you want to include within your set budget. The standard rate offered by top caterers in Delhi is Rs. 1200 per plate. It varies to some extent depending on whether it is a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian plate. 

  • Professional service – The top caterers in Delhi also provide a professional waiting service to the guests. They serve the guests as per their requirements and give them a delightful dining experience. 

  • Food safety and hygiene – When you hire a reputable and professional catering company, they take care of your food safety and hygiene and ensure that the same is of the highest standard. No matter if the food is prepared off-site or on-site, you can trust the top caterers in Delhi when it comes to food safety and hygiene. 

  • Variety of menus – The professional caterers in Delhi offer the best variety of menus that suit the occasion. The range of the assortments they provide generally includes a full-fledged three-course platter, BBQ food, and buffet consisting of vegetarian, non-vegetarian, Jain, and Continental foods, etc. You should make sure to choose the menus carefully that would appeal to various tastes & preferences of the guests attending the party. 

Frequently asked Questions About Caterer in Delhi

What are the services provided by Caterers in Delhi?

Caterers in Delhi offer variety of services like menu planning, food preparation, delivery, setup, on-site service, and post-event cleanup. Additional offerings may include bartending, rental equipment, and event planning support.

What services are included with full-service Caterers in Delhi?

Full-service Caterers in Delhi provide comprehensive event support, including trained bartenders, service staff, kitchen personnel, waitstaff for serving, venue decoration, portion management, dish cleanup, and post-event packing. It's recommended to discuss the specific inclusions with Caterers prior to booking.

How far in advance should I book a Caterer in Delhi for my event?

Typically, it's advisable to book a Caterer at least 2 months in advance. Popular Caterers may get booked up quickly, especially during peak seasons, so securing your Caterer early ensures availability and allows room for better pricing negotiations.

How can I find and choose best Caterers in Delhi?

We handpicked some of the best Caterers in Delhi, showcasing their portfolios, customer reviews, and ratings on our platform. You can browse through their work, compare prices, and read testimonials from previous clients to make an informed decision.

Which are the top Caterers in Delhi?

We bring you top Caterers in Delhi and provide exciting deals and offers. Top 5 Caterers in Delhi include Aaugritaa caterers, Zaika, XO Catering by Design, The Supper club catering, The Purple Plate Catering.

Are there options available for budget-friendly Caterers in Delhi?

Explore our curated list of Budget-friendly Caterers in Delhi, offering competitive rates without compromising on quality. Here are some affordable Caterers in Delhi - The Kitchen Art Company, THE INDIAN CATERING COMPANY, The Fork Luxury Catering Services, The Chaat Affair, The Basil Kitchen.

What is the average rate of hiring a professional Caterer in Delhi?

The average rate of hiring a professional Caterer in Delhi depends on various factors, including the type of event. For small functions, the cost ranges from Rs 500 to Rs 1500 per plate. However, for grand events like weddings, the cost can go up to Rs 1500 to Rs 3500 per plate due to the variety of food options offered.

What Is the Average Cost of Catering Per Person?

The average per plate cost of catering in Delhi ranges from Rs 500 to Rs 5000, depending on the event type and services required For more detail contact us for personalized quotes tailored to your needs.

Is cutlery provided by catering services?

Caterers typically offer cutlery during the events they cater. It's advisable to confirm this detail when arranging your catering services.

Will Delhi Caterers provide extra food if guests exceed the Minimum Guarantee?

Delhi Caterers typically bring enough food based on your guest list to avoid any shortage, in case the guests exceed the minimum guarantee decided. You'll receive the services you've paid for, and it's advisable to discuss any surplus with your Caterer before the event

Do professional Caterers in Delhi cater to dietary restrictions and special requests?

Delhi's professional Caterers will Customize a menu based on your food preferences and choices, ensuring they only serve what you desire. Before booking, discuss any dietary restrictions or special requests with your Caterer, and they will make every effort to accommodate your needs.

Do catering services in Delhi provide food tasting?

Some of the catering companies in Delhi can offer you food tasting for certain dishes that you want to include in your menu. This also gives the catering companies a chance to talk about any kind of adjustments that need to be done.

What should I discuss with the Caterer before booking?

Before you hire a Caterer in Delhi, it's essential to discuss the price per plate and the type of occasion or event to ensure that the catering services align with your needs and budget.

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