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List of First Birthday Party Venues / Places in Noida

Is your little one turning one year old soon? How are you planning to celebrate this big day? Do you have any particular venue in your mind for the party? If not then, would you like us to suggest a few venues for your baby's first birthday party in Noida?

SS Grand Sector 70


Very Good

Top In Town Sector 29


Very Good

Gaba Corporate Suites Sector 70


Very Good

Hyphen Hotel Sector 62


Very Good

Awadh Greens Greater Noida


Very Good

Expocentre Sector 62


Very Good

Cytrus Clarks Inn Sector 66


Very Good

City Stay Hotel Sector 22


Very Good

Park Ascent Sector 62


Very Good

Stardom Convention Sector 16


Very Good

Cavendish Hotel Sector 104


Very Good

Saffron Sector 51


Very Good


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Best restaurants for 1st / First Birthday Party in Noida

Be it a fine-dine restaurant, casual dining restaurant, resto-bars, rooftops, bistros, venues with private dining area, outdoor venues, bar, lounge, clubs, etc. or any other party restaurant in Noida. The birthday party places in Noida especially for first bday or your kid's birthday party then you can go ahead.


You name it, and our venue experts will get you the best-negotiated prices for your little one’s first birthday party venue in Noida.


If you are running out of time and you need to book your party venue as soon as possible then, you can directly call our venue expert on the number mentioned on our homepage.


Our venue experts will try their best to find the perfect venue for the baby’s first birthday party in Noida within your set budget.


Best First Birthday party venues in Noida


If you are looking for a first birthday party venue in Noida, look no further. Noida has many amazing restaurants and banquet halls which would be ideal for such an occasion.


A first birthday party is an event which is not just for the children but for the adults as well. It is an opportunity for parents to celebrate one year of their child being born.


It is a party attended by friends and family members alike as they celebrate this new member of the family.


A child’s first year is something that parents would never forget and it is important to celebrate it. In order to celebrate it, you need a venue that is perfect. The venue should have amazing food and decor and should be able to cater to both children and adults. Below is a list of some great first birthday party places in Noida to choose from.


1. Redisston Hotel


Redisston Hotel is one of the popular places to host a first birthday party.


They have wonderful lunch and dinner menus to choose from. The atmosphere here is ideal for the first birthday.


You need a spacious venue which can accommodate all your guests and this is ideal for that.


They have enough room for everyone to be able to sit down together and share a meal. If you want to dance and party all out then they have enough room for a dancefloor as well.


They have wonderful in-house caterers who can cook up a storm for your baby’s first birthday.


Where: Sunview Road, Shramik Kunj, Sector 66


2. City Stay Banquet and Hotels


If you want to go all out and book a banquet hall for this momentous occasion, this is the one. The benefit of booking a banquet hall is that you can decorate it how you like.


There are two ways you could go with the decor. You could keep it kid-themed and go for decor based on a popular cartoon.


On the other hand, you can keep it chic and classy with floral decor and balloons. In either case, the photos will look fantastic.


They also have great in-house caterers who prepare food as per your tastes.  Once you book this banquet you can be carefree because they will take care of it all.


From catering to decorators and everything in between, they’ve got you covered.


Where: Sector 22


3. Worlds of Wonder


Worlds of Wonder is another great choice for a first birthday party, it has wonder right in the title! However, beyond the title as well it has a lot to offer.


What could be a better place to celebrate your child’s first birthday than at an amusement park! It is an interesting story that you can tell them when they have grown up.


In fact, you can make a day of it and go all around the amusement park with family and friends. Then at night, you can move to the worlds of wonder catering area and stage.


Therefore you can have the best of both worlds. They also have a stage in case somebody wants to perform or you want to hire entertainment.


Their decorators are experts and they really work well with themes. Themes are always a great idea for parties like this one. Their caterers, of course, are amazing as well and great food is a must.


Where: Entertainment City, Sector 38


4. Legends Barbeques


Live Barbeque is something that can make any party exciting.  The mood and lighting here make this venue interesting as well. The ambiance here overall is very cool and classy at the same time.


The smells of live Barbeque will already leave you drooling. It is a great concept that will make the guests intrigued and excited.


This is definitely a unique idea that not many people would go for. As always, it is a great idea to stand out.


The venue is spacious as well so it is perfect for an occasion like this one. Apart from wonderful food and brilliant ambiance, the staff is extremely courteous as well. With occasions like these,  helpful staff is a must and they definitely cater to that.


Where: Spice World Mall, Sector 25


5. The Magik Kitchen


If you want to host your child’s first birthday party at a luxurious restaurant, this is a great option.


First birthday celebration Noida is a special occasion and this the restaurant understands that.


They have food to die for and as they say home is where the food is.


Let’s face it, the baby can’t actually understand any of this. This event is more for the parents so it is only right that they have amazing food on the occasion.


Magik is literally in the name so they definitely provide you with a magical experience.


The ambiance of this restaurant is fun and casual which is great for a chatty party. It is the perfect environment for people to enjoy each other’s company and celebrate this special day.


Where: Sector 63


6. Flavor Pirates


Flavor Pirates is a wonderful venue that can be used for a baby’s first birthday.


They have many different dinner and lunch packages to choose from. However, you must keep in mind that they serve only vegetarian dishes. That being said all the food served here is incredibly delicious.


They have an indoor as well as an outdoor venue so you can choose the one you prefer.


The outdoor venue looks especially beautiful at night with all the lights. However, if you prefer being indoors in a controlled environment, that is beautiful too. This place is called flavor pirates for a reason.


Their food truly is incredible and what could be a better way to celebrate than with amazing food.


Where: IHDP Business Park, Sector 127


Noida has many amazing venues to choose from for a special occasion like this one.


However, these are among some of the best first birthday party venues in Noida without a doubt.


When your baby’s first birthday party rolls around, you now have some amazing options.

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