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Best Childrens Party Venues / Places in Delhi NCR

Check out the great list of toddlers or children's birthday party venues in Delhi NCR:

Regal Palace GT Karnal Road


Very Good

Regal Palace

GT Karnal Road, Delhi

D Imperia MG Road


Very Good

Hilton Garden Inn Saket


Very Good

The GranDreams Shivaji Marg



Windsor at Mallu Farms Chattarpur


Very Good

Holiday Inn Mayur Vihar


Very Good

Fraser Suites Mayur Vihar



Essex Farms Hauz Khas


Very Good

Flora Farms Chattarpur


Very Good


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Children’s Birthday Party Places in Delhi/NCR | Birthday Party Venues Near Me

A child’s birthday is an important day, not just for the child but also for the parents. It signifies another year of parenting and another year that parents have been able to raise their child well. For Indian parents nowadays, birthdays are a big deal and they go all out in making it the best day possible. Birthdays are a great way to mark another year gone by and make memories that you can look back on. They are a great reminder of our happy childhood once we grow up so parents want it to be perfect. Indian kids always have huge parties as to the entire neighborhood and all the school classmates are invited. It is an excuse to laugh and play all day long and spend time with your friends. It is always a grand event in an Indian household.

What goes into organizing a children’s birthday party?

Since these children’s birthday parties are of such a large scale, parents often face difficulties in organizing it on their own. There is a lot that goes into planning an event like this one. First, you need to find the right venue, caterers, decorators, etcetera. However that is not the end of it, in fact, it is only the beginning. Once you have all these vendors in place, which itself is a tall feat, you need entertainment. What is the point of a party with so many people and in a great location, without entertainment?

Keeping children occupied is perhaps the biggest task. If you don’t budget well, you can’t even hire entertainment. Therefore you will have to come up with games and party ideas yourself. Negotiating prices with all these different vendors is another huge headache to deal with. On top of that, you have to manage so many kids at the party itself and take care of them. This can get quite overwhelming for anyone.

Why you should hire a venue expert?

With so many different things to keep in mind and so many different people to pay, you will definitely lose your mind. An easier, convenient, and more cost-effective option is to consult a venue expert. Venue experts will be able to find a venue for you that is not just amazing but is also economical. Birthday parties come every single year, and if you aren’t careful you’ll end up spending a bomb every time. Therefore, if you hire a venue expert, they can keep your best interests in mind and ensure you get the best deal. Often people run from one place to another trying to find three different facilities in different places. However, venue experts will be able to get you a packaged deal so you just have to pay one person at the end of the day.

They can find a venue that comes with in-house decorators and caterers as well as friendly staff. That way you can have everything taken care of in one place instead of losing money everywhere. This also makes things much more convenient and time-efficient and saves you a lot of effort.

How can Sloshout help you?  

Sloshout is the venue expert that you have been looking for and they are experts in planning children’s parties. They have a wide variety of venues for children’s birthday parties of all ages. Whatever kind of venue you want, they can find it for you without any hassle. From the comfort of your own home, you can find a venue that suits your needs. They even allow you to look for locations in your preferred locality and as per the specific occasion. This means that you are not wasting time looking at venues that don’t suit your requirements. With Sloshout finding a venue becomes easy and money-saving.



How can I organize a children’s birthday party?

As we mentioned before, we understand it is no easy feat but it is also not impossible. You need to prioritize your child and their comfort and wants over that of the objective of the party. It is important to remember the whole point behind this party. Then, it makes sense to start planning from at least 3 months before the party, like your budget, the theme of the party (if any) the venue of the party, and sending out invitations before making further nuanced arrangements for the décor, food, and drinks. Keep in mind that when looking for ‘children’s birthday party venues near me’, you should take the distance into consideration so that you don’t have to commute with your child to the venue over and above all the existing worries and tension.

What activities do children like to do on their birthday?

The personalities of kids are very different and despite what we may commonly know, they have different likes and preferences. Some kids may not even want a birthday party at all. If you are planning a kid’s birthday party in kid’s birthday party venues near me, remember to ensure that you are also asking your kid and possibly even the friends what they want to do. While it is true that they often tend to be confused, it goes on to show that you care about what they want in a party. If they are infants or toddlers, there are only so few things you can explore. However, kids of 5 years or above, until 11 are often easy to predict. They usually want you to treat them on their birthdays and let them do things they would otherwise be forbidden to do. Like, having as much as they want, playing around with their friends without being called to do homework, have their favorite cartoon character dress up and play with them at the party, or play fun games like Lego or hide and seek. It depends on what your kid is like and it is best you tailor fit the activities according to their age, your party budget, the party venue, and how long the birthday party will last.

What can I do instead of a birthday party?

If a full-blown party seems too much to you, or your kid is unwell or you have to be away from home, there are still so many things you can do that will excite them and make them feel cherished. You can take them for camping; have a birthday dinner at a restaurant of their choice with the food of their choice along with a handful of other friends. If there is a certain place they have been asking to visit, you can take them there and spend a whole day with them. Some families also prefer taking a trip somewhere nearby over the birthday so that kids can appreciate the outdoors and the importance of spending quality time with family. You can also have them join the activity of their choice as a special gift and make them start it that day itself. If nothing works, a good old picnic in the park with close relatives and friends is always fun and exciting.

How long should a child’s party last?

Children’s parties should have the least duration amongst all birthday parties. They should ideally last only 3-4 hours at the max, with 3 hours being the most desirable time span. If it’s an infant, the party should be no longer than 2 hours. If they do, make sure your kid is taken out of the chaos for it can become overwhelming for them. A toddler’s party can last up to 3 hours and a pre-teen or teenager’s party for 4 hours. While it is true that parties are for having fun and not adhering to rules, one should also remember that there should be some amount of basic restrictions.

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